Trivia Recap – April 26, 2016 (Powell’s Pub)

A solo player from the ‘Pods/Generation Double X visited Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti for a My Trivia Live jaunt on Monday. Finished in first with 116 points (58 of which count toward league standings), and a $30 prize. It was kind of like that test you studied for in high school that actually tested you on the subjects you either studied or already knew about. In other words? It was a very friendly mix of questions for this particular player! And the questions….
Round One
1. Autos – What make and model was Herbie the Love Bug? five points.
2. Beverages – What soft drink company produced the Puppy Monkey Baby Super Bowl ad in 2016?
3. Weather – What is the name given to a tornado that forms over water? Heather’s partner-in-crime Mike would have known this, miss for 1.
Round Two
1. Classic TV – What late ’70s-early ’80s TV show featured the theme song “We’re Going to Make Your Dreams Come True?” Five points.
2. Toys – In what decade was Barbie’s boyfriend Ken introduced? Three points.
3. Movie Toons – What 1988 film is the only time Bugs and Daffy ever appeared onscreen together? For extra point, what is the name of the orange hairy monster with a heart-shaped face who wore sneakers? Got the extra point, but the host initially didn’t see the answer written on the slip. He announced that “no one got the bonus point..” Uh, yeah, someone did! Unsure how many extra points given out here.
Round Three
1. Trophies – What sport are you playing if you win a Harry Varden trophy? Nope miss for 1.
2. Flags – Debunked by, what is rumored to be the only state allowed to fly their state flag at the same height as a U.S. flag? Good guess for 3.
3, Artists – What artist had a “blue period” and a “rose period?” Five points.
Halftime – Name four of the eight original Jelly Belly flavors released in 1976. Got two or three of these right (there was some leniency on the flavor names, orange was accepted for tangerine, and lemon may have been accepted for my guess of lemon-lime). Really, though – is lemon-lime really that ridiculous of a flavor? That actually sounds kind of good! Sprite-flavored Jelly Bellys? Yes please!
Halftime standings: Combat Wombats, 19; Says Who, 23; World Travelers/One is the Loneliest Number, 26; Ham Wallets, 28 (tied with another team), Generation Double X, 32, and Nerd Alert, 34,
Round Four
1. Cars – Which car company has a model called Vanquish? Newsletter answer, six points.
2. Scientists – What did James Watson and Francis Crick discover? Miss for 2.
3. Geography – Russia and what other country have the most unique land borders with other countries with 15 and 19 respectively? Four points.
Round Five
1. Shakespeare – What Shakespeare play has a character named Hero? Nope, miss for 2.
2. Industries – Murano is a series of islands linked together by bridges in Venice known for what industry? Nope, it’s not tourism, miss for 4.
3. Capital Cities (dear lord I have a six pointer left, commence praying to trivia gods) – Bamako is the capital of what West African country? Yes! Six points. A good game for our “Africa” expert to be in attendance, lol!
Round Six
1. Planets – Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in the solar system and is located on which planet? Six points.
2. Bridges – In what U.S. state would you find the former London Bridge, which was dissembled and sold to the U.S. in 1968? Four points.
3. Siblings – Who is younger – Venus or Serena Williams? Flipped a coin, but miss for 2.
Heading into the final: Says Who, 47; Ham Wallets, 52; One is the Loneliest Number, 54; Generation Double X, 58, and Nerd Alert, 66.
Final Category: Film
The American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest movies of all time last updated in 2007 includes what movie at #4 on that list, which is the top ranked sports-themed movie of all time? Some trivia knowledge is like that fine china you keep stored away in the cupboard which seldom gets used, but you still keep it around. Kind of like names of EGOT winners, titles on the AFI lists, obscure Looney Tunes characters. And even if you have to dust it off a bit? It’s all good! Yup…
Final standings: ??? 54; One is the Loneliest Number, 58 and Generation Double X, 116. Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bar Wednesday. Go Generation Double X!

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