Trivia Recap – April 3, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse (debut show)

In the pub trivia world, sometimes it doesn’t really matter WHY or HOW you know an answer, just as long as you know it. “According to the title of a book in medieval Arab Literature, how many thieves were associated with Ali Baba?” If the only way you know the answer was from a Beastie Boys song from a 1986 album? It’s all good, it’s all good! Two ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse Sunday for Sporcle and Shine with Emily. The duo snagged two prizes – one first place/ $20 and one second place $10. Representative players this time included Heather and Mike. And on to the questions…
Game One
1. Apps – What mobile app acquired by Twitter in 2012 allows users to post six-minute video clips to other social media sites? Miss for 4.
2. Video Games – When playing the traditional video game Pac-Man, what is the first fruit to appear? Six points.
3. War Movies – What 2001 war film used the tagline “Leave no man behind?” The film was primarily set in Africa. Got this for 10.
4. Newspapers – What French daily newspaper is named for the main character in “The Barber of Seville?” For nerd point, who composed “The Barber of Seville?” Got the nerd point (thanks to Heather), but missed the main points. What? Another Mozart tie-in? Really? Hangs head in shame… Miss for 1.
5. National Parks – Carslbad Caverns National Park is located in which U.S. state? Nine points.
6. Authors – In 1912, author Edgar Rice Burroughs published the first in a series of what books featuring what title character, who was also the name of a Disney character in an animated film? Eight points.
7. Advertising – “We Fit America” was an ’80s slogan for what apparel company known for their underwear? FB clue for 7.
8. Album Covers – Which band member is barefoot on the album cover of The Beatles’ album Abbey Road? Five points.
9. Politics – The government commission that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy was unofficially named after what man? Three points.
10. Guitars – In standard tuning on a a six-string guitar, which two notes are not part of that tuning? And one half of our duo just happens to play guitar, easy points here. And they played the guitar just hours before the game, lol!
Mystery: Anagrams – Identify the NFL AFC team based on the following anagrams. Which we didn’t do so badly at even despite Mike hovering over Heather’s shoulders (ahem!). Don’t be that guy! 🙂
1. Blesses putter girth
2. Naked Railroads
3. Bland screw novel
4. Haunts stone ox
Missed #3. And Dave K. will hate us for missing it (cough) eternal optimist. Why you still root for that team? (Cough). We jest, of course! 🙂 It’s cute how you still root for them despite moving all of your other sports loyalties to Michigan! It really is…
Final standings: Five teams, scores ranging from 37 to 61, with us in the top spot.
Final Category: World Capitals
Miami, FL is located closer to two national capital cities than it is to its own capital city. Name both.
Got ’em.
Final standings; Team Two, 66 (who wagered six points); ‘Pods, 81.
Game Two
1. Fictional Presidents – What actor played President Thomas Whitmore in the 1996 film “Independence Day?” Ten points.
2. National Anthems – What is the title of the national anthem for the United Kingdom? Nine points.
3. Games – Audio clue of hot woman in video game commercial, got it for 8.
4. Native Americans – What is the name of the Native American nation that governs a large part of Northeast Arizona? Mike the hero for three points.
5. Popsicles – What flavor is the white section of the red, white and blue “bomb” pop? Miss for 2.
6. SCIENCE! – What man is credited for the discovery of the polio vaccine? Seven points.
7. Songs of the ’70s – What musical group hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with “You Sexy Thing?” Six points.
8. U.S. States – Which Midwest state was the start of the Pony Express, Oregon Trail, and the Santa Fe Trail? For nerd bonus, which city was the starting point in the video game Oregon Trail? got four points, but not the nerd point.
9. Literature – According to the title of medieval Arab literature, how many thieves are associated with Ali Baba? Heather for five points.
10. Artifacts – Which artifact discovered in 1799 allowed historians to decipher hieroglyphics? One point.
Mystery: all but #3. Bully…
Heading into the final: Seven teams scores ranging from 39 to 65, with Team Two taking the top spot. We were in third with 56 points.
Final Category: MLB Pitchers
As of 2016, five MLB pitchers have recorded more than 400 saves in their careers. Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman are the top two. Name any one of the other next three who retired in either the ’90s, ’00s or the ’10s.
We wagered zero, had no real sports players here.But we did put in our standard guess of Roger Clemens (hey sometimes he is the correct answer).
Final standings: Team two, 51; ‘Pods, 56; and Wild Bills (did not record their points, but they got it correct). Until next time, which will be Wednesday for the venue tournament at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsi for Sporcle With Tim, Go Pods!


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