Trivia Recap – April 7 ,2016 – Corner Brewery (venue tournament)

Shout out to Your Resume Sucks for winning the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery venue tournament Wednesday! This means they will go to the Sporcle Live League Championship Sunday, April 17. The ‘Pods were in attendance primarily as spectators, as we seemed to enjoy the experience of playing in a venue tournament with no pressure, no griping about blowing nine points on the Terry McMillan question and seven points on an elements question (shrugs). Since we took the “barhop” route all last season, trivia nights have become decidedly more laid-back for our team. Most nights we didn’t even field a full three players. Will we do this again? Being the trivia “whores” that we are, it’s not likely we will ever be an exclusive “one-venue team.” we will see where our trivia adventures take us next season! Thanks to YRS for providing the questions! We’ll see if we can fill in any blanks for their re-cap. Representin’ Pods were Heather, Mike, Brad, Dave and John.
Round One
1. What color describes a seared steak that is quickly cooked and yet remains rare?
2. What 1991 Metallica song was pitcher Mariano Rivera’s entrance music?
3. Which Fashion house has collections named Exchange/Colleroni/Empirio/Casa.
4. Name the Terry McMillian novel and ’98 film about her marriage to a younger Jamaican man? Big miss for 9.
5. In 1985, what classic toy had several write in votes for mayor of Boise, Idaho?
6. Regarding Manhattan, what does Soho stand for? Miss for 1. Need to assign someone to study New York boroughs, landmarks, streets, yada yada. These questions almost always get us.
7. American Idol is based on what British T.V. show? Miss for 2, our reality TV expert Dave only knows U.S. reality TV stuff.
8.Heaviest element with a one letter atomic symbol? Miss for 7, though we discussed the right one.
9. Also known as the laying down game what was the name of the 2010 fad?
10. *2 singers had a hit with the song “How do I live” for an extra point name both. Missed the nerd point.
Mystery Round – Given the year and the song title with a “number” in it, name the artist.
1. 1982- 867-5309Jenny
2. 2009 – 21 Guns
3. 1993 -500 Miles
4. 1975 -One of these nights
Missed #2, Heather knew all of the others.
Heading into the final: Nineteen teams with scores ranging from 32 to 66, with the Ennui “B” team taking the top spot. Ennui was one of two teams splitting into two, the other one being new league team Macho Nachos. We were in 16th place with 45 points, and in any other tournament, would be pretty grim about that, but not on this night!
Final Question: There were 3 movies from Disney Animation Studios in the 1960 that were based on stories written by British Authors, name two of them. We came up with one correct one. YRS was the only team to get it right.
Game one final standings: Money Badgers, 41; Ennui’s “B” team, 46; and YRS, 80.
Round two
1. What First Lady had an AA clinic opened in her name, extra point name the state.
2. What Queen song charted twice, first in 1976 and again in 1992 after it was used in a movie?
3. What ailment is Halcion prescribed for?
4. What year did Michael Phelps win his first medal? Miss for 3.
5. What country is only 16 miles away from Greenland?
6. What HBO T.V. show is based on the writing of Candace Bushnell?
7. Brown University was closed for 6 years during which war? Miss for 5.
8. Who has the slogan “The toughest job you’ll ever love”
9. *Movie quote “ In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Miss for 1.
10. *Who was the oldest sister in “Little Women?”Miss for 2.
Mystery Round – compound words
1. A sudden 100 foot deep hole.
2. Pedestrian walk way and Drifter’s song
3. Writing using symbols
4. Vodka and Orange juice drink
Heading into the final: Eighteen teams with scores ranging from 48 to 64 with Peter Pipers taking the top spot, tied with Consistently Inconsistent.
Final Question – What was the only 8 seed team to win the NCAA finals? We bet zero, and so did YRS, who amusingly put down “Miskatonic University” as their answer.
Final standings; Two Trivias to Paradise, 106; Ennui, 116; and YRS, 144.
And so with this we say “goodbye” to this as a regular trivia spot. Though occasional “cameo” appearances are not being ruled out. Next week, our team captain Heather and a partner in crime from a competing team will begin playing weekly at Wurst Bar on Wednesdays, while we continue playing in a couple of other Sporcle spots on other nights. We began playing at “The Corner” regularly in 2012, and continued to do so until November, 2015. Then the allure of the “road” beckoned, and we began seeking out new trivia spots and boldly going where no trivia teams had gone before. We did that literally, whenever we visited a new spot! Going the “barhop” route has definitely had its ups and downs, and we’ve enjoyed most of the resulting adventures. Until our next trivia outing, which will be the venue tournament at Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor on Sunday, where the competition will be decidedly lighter. Or will it? Who will venture out there to join the “gunfight?” We shall see! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy Ypsilanti!


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