Trivia Recap – Aug. 11, 2016 – Wurst

Myself, Mike, Brad, and John visited the The Wurst Bar for our regular dose of trivia hosted up by StacyWednesday. Finished in first for the night with 69 points going into the final and won a $30 gift card. Turned out to be a much better mix of questions for us than the questions we had on Monday at Powell’s Pub! Read on…
Round One
1. Tennis – What is the term used to describe a score of 40-40 in tennis? Brad for 3, this is a question we’ve had before and missed, so woot!
2. Animals – What marsupial has fingerprints similar to a human? 1
3. Music – Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, how many brothers were from the group the Bee Gees? 5
Round Two
1. Words – What word meaning double or look-a-like was first used in the 1820 drama Prometheus Unbound? 5
2. Reality TV – Debuting in the U.S. in 2010, what reality TV show features CEOS and executives working undercover as new hires to study the inner workings of the company? 3
3. Quotes – What did the sign on Harry Truman’s desk say? For an additional three bonus points, Hell is what, according to Sartre in “No Exit?” Got this for 1 plus the three, yay Mike the misanthrope!
Round Three
1. Radio – The longest-running speech radio show in the world was called letters from where and ran on BBC for 58 years? Nope, miss for 1.
2. Movies – Around what activity did the 1965 film ‘The Cincinnati Kid” involve? Brad for 3.
3. Plants – Carageenan is extracted from what type of plant? John for 5. Aside from the Bee Gees question, I was starting to think I shoulda stayed home since my team was doing so awesomely without me! 🙂
Halftime – Name four of the five states that have produced the most tobacco in the past two years. Managed to get three.
Standings: Ten teams, scores 4 to 35, with us in the top spot.
Round Four
1. Earth – What layer of atmosphere is the farthest away from the earth’s surface? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Irony – Ironically, the El Ray Theater in Manteca, CA burned down while showing what film in 1977? And this sparked a lively conversation about one of the hard-living actors in the film and irony…4.
3. Music – Bornin 1946 and dying in 1991, Farrokh Bulsara was the lead singer of what rock band? Yay, my team finally needs me for an answer! Saw his leather pants in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum. They were very tiny. And oh, if they could talk…definitely something that can never be un-seen, got this for 2.
Round Five
1 Medical Conditions – What is allergic rhinitis more commonly known as? Yay, glad I came out! 6
2. Politics – What is the name of the solution that would provide for Congress to be represented with a number representative of population and the same number per state? 4
3. Television – Though never seen on “Diff’rent Strokes,” what was the name of the bully who picked on Arnold? Nope, miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Movies – What 1996 movie starred Jerry O’Connell and a lot of singing cockroaches? Years ago I was living in Saline and had my wisdom tooth pulled. Mike was sent to the video store (yes they used to be a thing) to rent something “funny.” This is what he rented, and it wasn’t very funny! Even on pain killers…got this for 2. Original question was thrown out, will edit the post later and put in the other question.
2. Countries – Name two of the three countries that had the most immigrants come through Ellis Island. 4
3. Sports Dimensions – What is the length (in meters) of an Olympic swimming pool? Brad for 6 points.
Standings; Ten teams, scores 20 to 69, with us in the top spot.
Final: What historical event does Black 47 refer to? This question is abbreviated from what was asked, but this is pretty much it. Brad and I knew it for completely different reasons…I remembered Black 47 as being an Irish inspired band from the early ’90s (thank you MTV and your show “120 minutes.”)
Standings: 3, 58; 2, 76; and ‘Pods, 111. Did not recognize the teams coming in second and third. So we won $30, woot! Until next time, which “could” involve a solo player going on the hunt tonight. If so, look for a recap on Friday! We’ll also be playing in the My Trivia Live semifinals Saturday at the Woodstone Grill in Belleville. Go GDX! Go Pods!


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