Trivia Recap – Aug. 12, 2016 – Original Gravity

Not all hunts are fruitful, and sometimes the thing you’re hunting ends up taking a bite out of you and robbing you of your weapons, lol…I went on a solo hunt for gift cards Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co., which was a semi-regular trivia spot last season. Finished with 52 points for the night after missing both final questions. Still a fun night out, the drive to and from Milan is always an adventure through farmlands and Suburbia! Game one was a Greek tragedy…put so much energy into answering a question, that I did not realize that I hadn’t answered the question as it was asked and as I had it written down…until after I handed in my slip. If Cthulhu demands sacrifice? Hopefully that will suffice! More about that in a bit, and here are the questions.
Game One
1. Novel Settings – Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” is partially set during which war? 3 And as a nod to Mike and his enduring crush on one of the actresses in the film version of the movie? Photo tie-in!
2. Lakes – Covering 730 acres, Lake Okeechobee is a large freshwater lake located in what warm weather state? 10
3. Business Acquisitions – What telecommunications company is poised to acquire Yahoo for $4.8 billion? Lucky guess for 4.
4. TV Comedies – What sketch comedy show ran for 14 seasons on Fox and recently returned for its 15th season? Tried watching it, and did not laugh at all in the first 10 minutes. They went with a sketch taking a jab at Bill Cosby with his “Cosby Show” character offering dating advice to Theo. Painful…I think there were pudding pops laced with Rufies.
5. Auto Racing – Ray Harroun was the first winner of what inaugural race in 1911? We had a question about the first woman winning this race in a My Trivia Live game Monday, so I went with the same race on this one for a very lucky guess of 1. Starting to think the game was going TOO good…don’t want to be on too much of a hot streak in a game leading up to a tournament on Saturday 🙂
6. Disney Films – In the original “Pete’s Dragon” movie, what was the dragon’s name? No? Not Puff the Magic Dragon? For nerd bonus, in what year was the original “Pete’s Dragon” released? Miss for both for 2.
7. South America (this is when my game goes south of the border in terms of points) – What South American capital city on the Atlantic Ocean has a name that means “I see a mountain” or “sixth hill?” And I put down the country name instead…amateur hour…amateur hour. MISS FOR 8. Are you paying attention, Cthulhu?
8. ’80s Song Lyrics – What color are the houses mentioned in a song by John Cougar Mellencamp? 7
9. Scientific Studies – Conchology is the study of what? 6
10. Mobile Apps – What mobile video game app released by Half Brick Studios in 2010 features watermelons and pineapples being sliced as they fly through the air? Not very apt on apps, apparently…miss for 5.
Mystery – Before and After
1. Brand of deodorant that is a sponsor of the NHL and another name for a manual transmission
2. Wide receiver who won three Super Bowls with the 49ers and a cereal featuring three cartoon characters
3. First Beatles movie and teleporting member of the X-Men whose real name is Kurt
4. Beautiful Mind director and former Vermont governor and chair of the DNC in 2000
Got them all. Even the wide receiver’s name, which surprised even me…
Out of 14 teams playing, I was in the middle of the herd with 52 points heading into the final. A team called IT Manager was in first with 66 points.
Final Category – The Space Program (drat – and my space experts Mike and Brad were both enjoying a guys night elsewhere…oh well, wager 20 anyway!!!)
The Space Shuttle Enterprise was unveiled as the first Space Shuttle in 1976, but it never achieved spaceflight.
Between 1981 and 2011, five other Space Shuttles DID go into space. Name all five of those Space Shuttles.
I managed to name two. Yep, this is why it’s a “team” game! Better to play with others and not yourself sometimes…sometimes.
Game Two (fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a bumpy round)
1. Reality TV (as if to prove my point…) – What reality TV series aired for five seasons and featured contestants dating five different singers until only one remained? So my guess of Groupie Whore Extravaganza was not right? Miss for 1.
2. Football – According to the rules of arena football, how many players can be on the field at a time for each team? Nope, miss for 3.
3. Manufacturing – In 2013, what foreign auto company became the first to produce 10 million vehicles in one year? Got it, but for only 4.
4. Music Videos – “Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond made a cameo appearance in a 1999 video for “I Do” by what boy band? Reality TV? Boy bands? Nope, not my round so far…miss for 5. Though my guess was one of three boy bands I’d written down.
5. Pro Wrestlers – audio, got it for lucky guess for 2.
6. Card Games – In which card game are players identified by cardinal directions? 10
7. Earth – Earth is closest to the sun in what month – January, April, July or October? got this for 6.
8. Fictional Characters – David Seville is the manager and adopted father of what singer group introduced in 1958? Nope, miss for 7.
9. Nine-letter words – What nine-letter word describes the pronouncing of a word in a clear and concise manner? 9
10. Advertising – Since 1948, what four-word phrase has been used by DeBeers to advertise diamonds? The whole concept sickens me, but I digress…gross materialism. So much fuss for what is essentially a clear shiny piece of freaking carbon. Miss. By this point I’d all but escaped this sinking ship of a game via lifeboat!
Visual Mystery Missed #1
Standings…I had 40 points going into the final. Big Heads Big Hearts was in first with 68 points.
What is the most common two-letter ending to a U.S. state capital name?
Nope. Until next time, which will be My Trivia Live semifinals on Saturday, where four of us will be vying for a finals spot. Go GDX!


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