Trivia Recap – Aug. 18, 2016, Corner Brewery

Ah, trivia nights at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, hosted by Sporcle With Tim. Where if you don’t arrive by 6:30 p.m. or earlier? You might not get a decent table. If you have any chairs at your table not being occupied by other humans? They will be eyed as voraciously as a glass of cold beer and nice plate of fish ‘n chips after a weekend backpacking trip where you subsisted on Mountain House dehydrated vittles for one too many meals.Yes, backpacking trips almost always trigger massive greasy food cravings (it MUST be science). Yes, this is a popular trivia spot, and every week it fills up with “regular” teams who’ve played for years, such as the Corn Fritters, Your Resume Sucks, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, Ennui, Two Trivias to Paradise and the Money Badgers (among many, many others). Lots of newer teams have been added to the weekly mix since this place starting serving up trivia in early 2012. Though our team has since moved to the The Wurst Bar for our weekly trivia fix? A solo player will continue visiting for at least one game Wednesdays this season. Why? Because it’s there! And because there’s never a dull moment on trivia nights here! On that note? Here’s our “recap” of the first game of the Sporcle Liveseason! Game one only…
1. Weapons – What flammable liquid commonly qassociated with the Vietnam War was developed by Harvard University in the 1940s? It smells SO good in the morning…10
2. Computers – What company offers the Inspiron line of laptops? 3
3. The Moon – At its farther point, how many miles are between the moon and the earth? 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, or one million? Miss for 2.
4. ’60s Film Roles – Who played Fanny Brice in a 1964 Broadway musical and a 1968 film for which she won an Academy Award? 9
5. Cable TV – Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm are reality TV series that air on what network? Screw reality…gimme surreality TV, dammit! 8
6. Road Names – Peyton Manning Pass is the name of a road near the football stadium of what campus? For extra point, what number did Manning wear through most of his career? Nope and nope, miss for 4.
7. Unique Borders – Which European country shares two separate land borders with Morocco due to having two autonomous cities on the North African coast? 7
8. Michael Jackson – audio clue of 8-bit version of an early solo song, had to identify the album, 6.
9. Video Games – What five colors were the buttons of the controller of the original version of Guitar Hero? Yay, I named five correct colors, woot! 1
10. Authors – Bram Stoker, James Joyce and Jonathan Swift were all born in what is now what country? Love Swift’s “Modest Proposal.” Must re-read it…(pssst…don’t read it when you’re hungry and hanging around a baby, lol…), 5.
Mystery: Twisted Titles – Identify the title of a Ben Affleck film with one letter changed, based on the clues.
1. Jay and Silent Bob appear in an Affleck film about a girl who has irritation of the skin due to repetitive friction.
2. Affleck appears in a film about a young lady who is a huge supporter of the 45th vice president of the U.S.
3. 1992 film features Affleck as a college student who learns how to bake delicious desserts with fruit and cream fillings
4. Affleck appears in a film that is about a man who performed the 1972 classic song “City of New Orleans.”
Missed #2 and #3. Old enough to have a mom who was a fan girl of the singer in #4 (the photo tie-in is for you, Mom!)
Standings: Twenty teams, scores 21 to 64, with Money Badgers and Brutality tied in the top spot. I was in 10th with 56 points playing under the name “Gentlemen: You Can’t Fight In Here, It’s the Trivia Room.”
Final Category – Holidays
What holiday, named for the date on which it falls each year, celebrates the ending of slavery in the U.S. and shares its name with a 1999 posthumous novel by influential writer Ralph Ellison?
I have a co-worker who was talking about this thing recently. But since he talks a great deal pretty much all of the time, it obviously didn’t sink in enough for me to have remembered it at this very pivotal moment. C’est la vie…guess he talks about important things sometimes, lol! Missed this, went down to 36 points. Until next time…which will be tonight, another solo adventure! Read about it on Friday morning, as always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!



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