Trivia Recap – Aug. 18, 2016 – Wurst

Four ‘Pods made their weekly jaunt to The Wurst Bar for a Stacy-hosted game Wednesday – didn’t fare so well in terms of total points, but managed to snag a $10 gift card after battling several teams – all tied with zero points – in an end-of-game tiebreaker question which asked – in what year did the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco open? Ten bucks! That’s worth at least five well whiskey drinks on “Whiskey Wednesday!” ‘Pods in attendance this time were Heather, Mike, Brad and Joel, playing in his first My Trivia Live game.
Round One
1. Astronauts – I arrived when the answer to this question was being revealed and did not get the full question…but the answer was Buzz Aldrin, so it was something about him and his nickname, I think!
2. Meanings – The word “ternary” means how many parts? 3
3. Races – In what month of the year is the Tour de France traditionally held?
Round Two
1. Births – According to a University of Chicago study that looked at statistics of people born between 1880-1885, in what season are people most likely to be born in if they live to the age 100? Me with the right guess, have lots of older relatives born this time of year. 1
2. SCIENCE! – The singe-flame gas burner often used in student labs is named for whom? 5
3. Automobiles – What car manufacturer has an ornament called “spirit of ecstasy?” For an extra three points, which Toyota model name means “to come before” in Latin? Had such a good guess on the bonus, but didn’t want to risk and lose. Got the main question for 3.
Round Three
1. Stones – What color is lapis lazuli? 5
2. Provinces – Newfoundland and what other region in Canada is named for a dog breed? 3
3. Movies – The 1983 film “Stayin’ Alive” is a sequel to what 1977 film? 1
Halftime – Identify the states in which you’d find the following caves.
1. Mammoth Cave
2. Niagara Cave
3. Jewel Cave
4. Merrimack Caverns
Nope, Only got #1,
Seventeen teams with scores ranging from 15 to 31 in the first half. We were in third with 28.
Round Four
1. Diseases – Quinsy affects which part of the human body? Newsletter, 6.
2. Literature – “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller is set during which war? 4
3. First Names – What was Martin Luther King Jr’s given first name? Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. Diseases – Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen discovered the cause for what disease in 1873? D’erp, I knew that name was familiar, but only made the connection after they revealed the answer. Miss for 4.
2. Court – Scotland is unique in that only how many jurors are used in court? Miss for 2.
3. Side Effects – If you were to take an ametic, what would it cause you to do? This was subbed for another question that was thrown out, will provide that question later this afternoon…
Round Six
1. Art History – Gustav Klimt painted what portrait of a man and a woman in 1907? Nope, miss for 2.
2. Measurements – What unit of ancient measurement extended from the elbow to the end of the middle finger? 4. The middle finger is the absolute best finger of all, lol…
3. Currency – What president, frequently photographed by Matthew Brady, is on the $5 bill? 4.
We were in third with 54 heading into the final.
Question: CEO Jeff Bezos tried to patent mini air bags for use in what in 2010? A lot of guesses for the same thing we guessed, but no one got it. Number one team wagered zero. Tiebreaker between several teams with zero (as mentioned in first paragraph. That’s all, folks, I’ve gotta go to work! As always, Go Pods! Look for our recap of the one game I played Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery later on today…


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