Trivia Recap – Aug. 23, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

It was a lovely evening for about a mile and a half walk on Monday, so I headed over to Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live fix. Wound up finishing in third with a $10 gift certificate for a mostly solo game. Mike joined me well into the second half, for the main purpose of bringing me home – and also to help spend the beer money I’d won! #teamwork And the questions…
Roune One
1. Advertising – What is the two-word catchphrase of Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes: 5
2. TV – What was Mike Brady’s profession on “The Brady Bunch?” My memories of this series not so hot…but we did have a cat named after the Brady’s housekeepeer (she is pictured, sitting next to some early ’70s-era solid state stereo equipment). 1
3. Money – What is the total value of a roll of nickels? Anyone who’s ever worked in a bank or store? A gimme…3
Round Two
Music – What was Geri Halliwell’s nickname in the Spice Girls? 5
2. Movies – According to Doc Brown in “Back to the Future, what is the component in the DeLorean that makes time travel possible? 3
1. Children’s Literature – What is the name of the character in “Winnie the Pooh,” who is named after the author’s son? We just had a similar question on Sunday in a Sporcle game. And I even did a post about it. Did I reward the followers of our page on this one? You’re welcome! Got this for 1 plus the three-point bonus, which asked for the name of the authors, whose first names were Stan and Jan, and had more than 300 books with their names in the titles of the books and in several TV series.
Round Three
1. SCIENCE – What affliction takes its name from the French for yellow? 5
2. Products – What does WD stand for in WD-40? 3
1. Sports – Within one year, how old was Tiger Woods when he won his first U.S. Masters tournament? My only other miss of the regular round for 1.
From the following invention pairs, identify which one was invented first. And because I knew I would have no clue going the “thinking” route on this one, I pulled out a nickel (which was asked about in round one) and freaking tossed it for every single choice. Yup…
1. A/C or the ballpoint pen
2. Atomic bomb or drive-in theater
3. Scotch tape or graham cracker
4. Lawnmower or mini golf
Missed #3. Ironically, had I chosen to “think” on this one, I may have gotten it correct! Oh well, the coin tossing experiment had to be done. For SCIENCE! And because Doc Brown told me to, lol…
Standings: Nine teams, scores 19 to 40, with two teams – Team #7 and Diet of Worms both with perfect rounds. I was in seventh with 34 points playing under the name Donny Most Fan Club.
Round Four
1. Other Sports – A “triple peel” is a maneuver that is common in what sport? Newsletter, 6
2. Animals – Native to Africa, what is the more common name of the Galagos (sp?), whose name means “Little Night Monkey?” Miss for 2, I put tarsier.
3. Music – What rock band founded in 1973 had original members Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter? 4.
Round Five
1. Art – What photographer, famous for his work in the west, has a gallery in his honor in Yosemite National Park? 6
2. Movies – After Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, what is the third movie in Oliver Stone’s Vietnam trilogy, released in 1993? Miss for 2, but I was SO close on my guess (sadface)
3. Comic Strips – What cartoonist died in 2000 and was honored on May 27 of that year by other cartoonists by including his characters in their own comic strips? 4
Round Six
1. In 2013, the largest betting point spread in the NFL was for a game involving the Broncos against what other team? Miss for 2.
2. Reality TV – What reality TV series offered radio DJ Ted Striker a job, which he turned down based on “image concerns?” Good guess for 4.
3. Presidents – Who was the most recent U.S. president to also be a vice president? 6
Standings: Nine teams, scores ??? to 68, with Diet of Worms and One is the Loneliest Number tied for first. I was in fifth with 64 points.
Final Category: Authors
What Irish playwright is the only person to have both a Nobel Prize for literature and an Academy Award? Bet it all and got it, wound up finishing in third behind team #7 and Diet of Worms. Until next time, which will be our regular “team” outing at The Wurst Bar plus my solo game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. As always, Go Pods and stay classy Alice the cat (RIP) and Ypsilanti!


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