Trivia Recap – Aug. 25, 2016 – Corner Brewery

A solo ‘Pod wandered into Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery Wednesday for Sporcle With Tim. I arrived 40 minutes early, yet there were NO tables available. Rumor has it the tables were all spoken for as of 6 p.m.! Not to be deterred, I grabbed a barstool and decided to use the window sill as a writing surface #confessionsofatriviajunkie. Next time I will bring a clipboard! Yeah, my game was none too hot up until that final question! I blew some BIG points. I was in last going into the final question. But managed to turn it around and win $10/second place in game one! Would Bill Murray in “Caddyshack” call it a Cinderella Story? IKR? And the questions…
1. Movie Casts – In which 1987 film did Anne Archer and Glenn Close play romantic rivals? 10
2. Words – Name both seven-letter words that end in “shion.” Nope, miss for 2.
3. Headquarters – In which U.S. state would you find the headquarters for both Harley Davidson and Kohl’s? Close but no cigar, miss for 3.
4. Baby Names – Of the top 20 baby boy names in any decade, only two begin with the letter “K.” Name one of those names – both for extra “nerd” point. Got them both, but for only 5.
5. Opera – Audio clue of opera, missed for SIX. Yup, game not looking so hot!
6. Big Animals – The world’s largest amphibian is a member of what order of lizard-like creatures? Got it, but with no confidence for 1 (#bradwishyouwerehere).
7. Olympics – Name two of the European countries that have won medals in every winter and summer Olympics since 1908. Nope, miss for NINE.
8. Advertising Icons – Within five, in what year was the Snuggle Bear first used to advertise Snuggle fabric softener? Way off, miss for EIGHT. Do you see how much I am blowing this game like a cheap hooker when she’s having a sale? Just GIVING it away…
9. Police Shows – What police show ran for four seasons in the ’70s and featured characters named David and Kenneth? Got this for 7.
10. Cereal – What breakfast cereal has used the slogan “Crave Those Crazy Squares?” Miss for 4.
Mystery – Second Most Populous City – Identify the second most populous city with the given letter based on the most populous city given.
What is the second most populous city beginning with the letters of these given cities based on the following clues?
1. New York City, 25th overall in population
2. Los Angeles, 28th overall in population
3. Chicago, 15th overall in population
4. Houston, 55th overall in population
Got all of these (boy did I need the eight points!)
Standings: Scores ranging from 34 (yup, that would be me, playing under Twelve Years a Sex Slave) and one other team to 61, with Corn Fritters and Your Resume Sucks tied for the top spot.
Final Category: Directors
Scarlett Johannson has appeared in movies directed by four different people who have won academy awards for best director. Name three of those four.
Final Standings: Judeo Christian Value Menu, 48 (zero bet); 54, Twelve Years a Sex Slave (‘Pods); and 76, ??? (whatever team moved up from eighth). IKR?
Until next time, which will be another solo outing on Thursday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Scarjo!


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