Trivia Recap – Aug. 25, 2016 – Wurst

A group of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for their regular trivia gig Wednesday at the Wurst Bar for aMy Trivia Live game hosted by Stacy. We managed a $10 gift card for third place. Representin’ ‘Pods were Heather, Mike, Brad, John and guest Sylvia. And the questions, which WILL be abridged…and I “may” have fallen asleep while trying to write this Wednesday night, so stay tuned if there are any boo-boos and I’ll be sure to correct them later this afternoon! 🙂
Round One
1. Devices – What does the square symbol stand for on a DVR? 5
2. Acronyms – What does U.P.C. stand for? Mike was almost ready to hand the slip in when I arrived, I guess they were saying “Heather would know this one.” Thankfully he waited for me to give the CORRECT answer #storeslave Got this for 3.
3. Food – What type of pasta translates into “little tongues” in Italian? 1
Round Two
1. Buildings – Opening in 1973, in what international city would you find the opera house, which is one of the world’s most distinctive buildings? 5
2. TV – Running for eight seasons in the 2000s, what TV show focused on the acting career of A-list actor Vincent Chase and his childhood friends? Photo tie-in of actor in the movie PCU. “Animal House” for the grunge generation…3
3. Disney – What is the name of the Disney princess in “Beauty and the Beast?” For an extra three points, in what film would you find the antagonist Lady Tremaine? Did not risk answering the bonus…
Round Three
1. Operas – Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” is set in what European City? Nope, miss for FIVE.
2. What actor won an Academy Award for “Philadelphia Story” and in 1985 won an Oscar for 50 years of memorable performances? 1
3. Music – What was the stage name of the singer who performed “Chantilly Lace” in 1958?
Name four of the NFL teams with the most Super Bowl appearances.
Only managed to get two.
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores ranging from 11 to 38. We were in seventh with 26 points.
Round Four
1. Writing – Virago Press was founded in 1973 to publish what type of writers? Newsletter answer, 6
2. Oceans – The Sargasso Sea is located in what ocean?
3. Animated TV – With only six episodes produced, what animated series featured an all-girl rock band and was an “Archie” spinoff? 4
1. Languages – What is the most commonly spoken langauge in Switzerland? A lot of debate, but got for 2.
2. Alcohol – Poteen is illegally distributed in what country? And I know there was a bit more to the question… 6
3. Musicians – What musician was arrested in 1982 after urinating on his future wife’s wedding dress? 2
Round Six
1. Movies – In what 1997 film does Harrison Ford portray the president of the U.S.? Does anyone else wish he would really run for president? I’d vote for him! 6
2. Companies – Before becoming famous for the instant camera in 1948, what was Polaroid best known for making? Miss, but so, close for 2
3. Ancient Literature – What color knight is Sir Gawain? 4
Standings – We were tied for second with 60 with Team Pants.
Final Question: In the video game Rock Band, what the second band-specific edition of Rock Band after the Beatles rock band edition? Nope, no clue (but had some guesses), miss.
Final standings: ‘Pods, 60; Elegance, 68; and 90, Joey Tribbiani.
Until next time? Solo hunt on Thursday, Go Pods!


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