Trivia Recap – Aug. 26, 2016 – Original Gravity

Rock bands headed by brawling drunken brothers, the U.S. Civil War, animated aardvarks, white-bearded wizards, shiny things, and Mountain Dew knockoffs were just a sampling of some of the question topics thrown at us on trivia night Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan. I wound up with 106 points for the night, finished fourth overall, and am in third in the overall bar standings. I won a $20/first place gift card in game two based on my knowledge of shiny things that people use to make jewelry and stuff. Like pearl necklaces, which are traditional 30-year anniversary gifts (giggle). And (drum roll) the questions!
Game One
1. Nominated Films – Actress Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad,” has appeared in two movies in the past five years that have been nominated for best picture. Name one of those – name both for extra bonus point. Got one for 10, missed the bonus.
2. Economics – In relation to economics, what does ROI stand for? Took me a bit, but got it for 9.
3. MLB Pitchers – What Dodgers pitcher recorded 59 scoreless innings in 1988? Nope, miss for 1.
4. Cartoon Characters – What title cartoon character has sisters named D.W. and Kate? I actually watched this series briefly back when I didn’t have to work so f—ing early in the morning! Though I took issue with their song “Having fun…isn’t hard…when you’ve got a library card,” because of its poor grammar, lol…got this for 8. And this question was about an animated aardvark! All kinds of animals in that series.
5. Scotland – Located on the River Clyde, what is the most populous city in Scotland? Did a coin toss on this one between the two cities in Scotland I can name, and missed for 4. Yes, I really did toss a coin! That’s going to be a “thing” in my solo games from now on. All hail probability in all its glory!
6. Architecture – Gambrel, mansard, and gables are all what type of building feature? 5
7. Book Characters – Wizard Whitebeard is a character from what late ’80s series of books? Apparently I was not the only team putting down “Dragonlance,” a series that my husband Mike read. Ironically, I would NOT have put this down had he been there, because he knew that wasn’t a Dragonlance character! So miss for 2. And speaking of questions I needed Mike’s help in answering? Read on!
8. NASA – Which NASA space flight program was done between 1965-1966 in between the Mercury and Apollo programs? Yup, Mike would’ve known this one, but I did not, miss for 3.
9. Radio Personalities – Specializing in novelty songs, what is the stage name of radio personality Barret Eugene Hansen who is often associated with “Weird Al” Yankovic? And this is the question I was the most greatly disappointed to miss of all of the questions that were asked, for some reason….and not just because it was for 6!
10. Soft Drinks – What Coca-Cola citrus beverage, similar to Surge, was marketed as a hybrid energy drink/soda and was available from 2005 to 2011? My mom used to drink this stuff, knew this one right away.
Mystery – Anagrams – 2013 music edition (ugh… current music not a strong category for me, but I [SPOILER ALERT] did surprisingly well on it…Identify the 2013 song titles performed by solo artists (not bands) based on the following anagrams:
1. Sly Oar
2. Beer Sun Drill
3. Heal Her Mask
4. King Crab Well
Apparently I was the only “team” getting #4 correct. Got all of them correct but #3, which apparently a lot of teams missed, too. I was very, very happy when #2 came to my head, though not so happy when this song was in my head for several day straight a while back (oh the humanity…I mean get OUT – Robin Thicke?). Standings? OK! Will do, though I didn’t take very good notes.
Seventeen teams total…low score 14 points, I was in the middle of the pack (seventh) with 49 points, playing under the moniker Slumdoggiestyle Millionaire.Turning best picture winning movie titles into porn titles was something Mike, Brad, and I were doing a while back (hey whatever gets THOSE guys to learn titles of Oscar winning films, right?). My favorites: An American in Paris Hilton, All Up In Eve, The French Tickler Connection, Twelve Years a Sex Slave, Around the World in 80 Lays, My Bare Lady and Riding Miss Daisy. A team called Three’s Company was in first with 55.
Final Category: U.S. Civil War
In 1862, which state was the site of a week-long series of skirmishes called the “Seven Days Battles”, in which the Confederates drove the Union armies away from a major Confederate city?
Wrong year, wrong state…nope, nope, nope. Wagered 20 and missed. Did not write down the final standings, though there was this tiebreaker question – Robert E. Lee and Dolly Parton share a birthday how many years apart? I “played along” though I was not involved in the question officially and was only seven years off! If only Lady Luck had been so kind in helping me get the final question right…moving on!
Game Two
1. Presidents – Who was the first U.S. president to leave the country while in office – doing so to check on a major engineering project? 10
2. Sports Phrases – What word fills in the blank – “A (blank) is like kissing your sister? I actually commented on this expression kind of recently, saying that “this” can be like “kissing your brother!” I actually found an old photo of me kissing my brother recently (we were little kids and it was totally staged), but since I don’t want to alienate said brother, I am not sharing it publicly! Yay I get a sports question for 9!
3. Debut Albums – What band released “Definitely Maybe” in 1994? 8
4. Bodies of Water – The U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland is on the Severn River, which empties into what bay? 3
5. Horses – In horse racing, what word describes a female horse under the age of 5? 7
6. ’00s Movies – Audio clip of 2004 movie, wrong guess for 4.
7. Running – Debuting in 1897, what is the world’s oldest marathon race? For nerd bonus, in what month is it held? Got this for 1 but missed the bonus.
8. Literary Titles – What 1971 counterculture book by Abby Hoffman had a title that dared people to shoplift it? 6
9. Reality TV – In 2005, the reality TV series Rock Star focused on finding a lead singer for what Australian band to replace Michael Hutchence? Nope, there is no “replacing” Michael Hutchence, imho (commence daydreaming about video for “Need You Tonight”). Ahem…Got this for 5.
10. Airlines – Which airline has used the slogan “We Love to Fly and it Shows?” Nope, miss for 2.
Visual Mystery : Got them all.
Standings – 14 teams, points ranging from 37 to 64, did not catch the name of the team in first, I was in fourth with 57 points.
Final Category: Minerals
Put these four birthstones in chronological order, from earliest to latest in a calendar year, according to the month with which they are traditionally associated:
Amethyst, Turquoise, Diamond, Pearl
Got it. Quickly. Love it when this happens – doesn’t happen very often…
Final standings: Second place, 76 (unsure which team), Theodore Roosevelt Fan Club (aka ‘Pods), 77. Until next time, which will be Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Milan!


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