Trivia Recap – Aug. 29, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Our “core trio” of ‘Pods – Heather, Mike, Brad – visited the YpsiAlehouse for a Sporcle Live fix withSporcle and Shine with Emily Sunday as a means of topping off an activity-filled (and so, so hot) weekend. We won a $20 gift card/first place in game one and finished with 133 points/second venue place. The “cereal” final category scared us too much into wagering. What would they ask? Which “Rice Krispies” mascot is actually transgender? Which two Rice Krispies mascots recently announced that they were in a committed relationship together on Twitter? What style of underwear does “Snap” wear (trick question..everyone knows he’s a “commando” guy)? And what was the original thing the creators of “Frosted Flakes” wanted Tony the Tiger to say before ‘They’re Great?” You get the drift…and the soon enough, you’ll get the questions!
Game One
1. Same Name – Popular in the early 20th century, what was the name of the first type of indoor movie theater that shares its name with a cable television channel? 10
2. Landmarks -What Boston landmark is said to have been the location of the “One if by land, two if by sea” signaling in 1775? Bradagory for 9.
3. NBA Draft Picks – Andrew Wiggins was the first overall draft pick in the 2014 NBA draft and played only one year of college basketball where? Miss for 1.
4. Airlines – What low-cost airline was founded in the late ’90s under the name New Air and has a primary hub at JFK Airport? Miss for 2, but Brad’s guess was really, really close 😦
5. Narrators – What actor and academy award winning director was the narrator on “Arrested Development?” I had the right guess, but only for 4.
6. Lakes – What is the western most Great Lake? Duh for 8.
7. Film Characters – Gordon Bombay is a main character in what ’90s film series? Nope, miss for 3. Also missed nerd point for identifying the actor playing this guy. And I think he and Gordon Gecko should be in a movie together, lol…
8. Hotels – What New York City luxury hotel was the tallest hotel in the world between 1931 and 1963? Me again for right guess for 6.
9. Presidents – Prior to Ronald Reagan, who was the most recent U.S. president to have a vice president under him become president? 7
10. Music Videos (I did my standard prayer for this to be something in my “wheelhouse”) – When asked about her work in music videos, what actress said “I don’t want to be known as the ‘Aerosmith girl'” There was more to this quote, did not write it all down, yup, knew it for 5 (thanks trivia gods!).
U.S. States – Name four U.S. states to have joined the union between Wyoming’s joining in 1890 and Alaska joining in 1959. Got 3/4.
Standings: Seven teams, scores 20 to 60, with us playing under the name “Cthulhu on Sunday Morning” (which was sung by Emily) in the top spot.
Final: In his career, actor Edward Norton has received three academy award nominations – two supporting actor, and one for best actor. Name two of those three movies.
Got ’em.
Final standings; Izzy and the Peeps, 77 (who never play under that name here), ‘Pods, 79 (we wagered 19 for some reason).
Game Two
1. Communication – What communications device with a rhyming name was created by Galvin Manufacturing in 1940? My brother and I used to have great fun with these. Turn one on and hide it, and make the other person find it by using the other one…got this for 10.
2. Showtime – What Showtime series featured Don Cheadle and Kristin Bell? More to this question…miss for 1.
3. Speeches – Audio – MISS FOR SIX. You are so fired, Mike (JK).
4. Composers – What German baroque composer wrote the Brandenburg Concertos? 5
5. Academy Awards – For what film did Halle Berry win her first Academy Award for best actress? 8
6. MLB Teams- In 1954, the Baltimore Orioles moved from St. Louis, where they were known by what name? Multiple choices given, which Brad did not need (I wish more hosts offered extra bonus points for getting multiple choice questions correct before the choices are read), got this for 7.
7. U.S. Capitals – What is the capital of the Bluegrass State? 4
8. Mythology – What mythological Greek King can turn everything into gold? For nerd point, what god gave him that ability? Missed nerd point, got this for 3.
9. Elements – What is the name of the element discovered in 1789 and named for a planet discovered eight years earlier?
10. Hometowns – Hannibal, MO is a small Missouri town best known for being birthplace of what American author?
Visual Mystery: Will embed this later…
Standings: Seven teams, scores 35 to 65, with Izzy and the Peeps in first. We were in third with 54.
Final Category: Cereal
What is the first cereal ever made by the company that makes Fruity Pebbles, Alpha Bits and Honey Comb that is still being produced today?
Got it, but did not wager…(Snap!).
Snow Spiders, 72; Izzy and the Peeps, 80.
Until next time…which may be a MTL outing tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Snap, Crackle and Pop!



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