Trivia Recap – Aug. 30, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

Strange night of My Trivia Live at Powell’s Pub. I wound up in an apparently unnecessary tiebreaker for third, lost it, still got a $10 prize anyway. Guess you could say it’s par for the course at this “cozy” trivia spot, where some very addicted trivia players converge weekly, often talking about previous trivia games, and quizzing one another on questions that previously vexed them. Such as what is the largest city in Michigan’s Dickinson County? Apparently this was a question asked in a recent Team Trivia tournament. The Monday game at Powell’s was a celebratory one, at least for the host George, who was celebrating his birthday (happy birthday!). And the questions, which will be abbreviated.
Round One
1. Retail – What chain sells drinks in a “Big Gulp” size? 5
2. NASA – On what planet, according to an April 1, 2005 prank, was water discovered? 3
3. Astrology – Besides Scorpio, what other star sign shares real estate with October? 1
Round Two
1. Disasters – In what state was the Hindenberg attempting to land when it exploded in 1937?
2. Baseball – What MLB team was nicknamed “Murderer’s Row” in the 1920s? Miss for 1.
3. Musicals – Which author’s work inspired the 2006 musical “L’estat?” For extra three points, which singer/songwriter, formerly part of a duo, wrote “The Cape Man,” which had a short debut on Broadway in 1998? Missed the bonus points, but got this for 5.
Round Three
1. Talk Shows – Which comedy talk show had an episode done entirely in claymation in 2003? And this does not even remotely resemble the question that was asked..but this is the gist of it! Miss for 1.
2. Great Lakes – On which great lake would you find Whitefish Point and a shipwreck museum housed in a lighthouse? Apparently this was a tough one, but I’ve visited this place many, many times. 5
3. Slogans – What tech company has used the slogan “The power to do more? Miss for 3
Halftime – Name the presidents whose first ladies died before they left office and are still considered first ladies. Got two correct.
Standings: I was in third at the half. Team Yaks was in #1 with 31.
Round Four
1. Newsletter question…not retyping it now.
2. Proverbs – Necessity is the mother of what? 4
3. Empires – What is alternate name of Turkish empire which reigned from 1299-1922? 2
Round Five
1. Mythology – What mountain in Greece was said to be where the gods lived? 4
2. Campaigns – For which Aerosmith song did Aerosmith issue acease and desist order to Donald Trump and asked him to stop using in his campaign? Miss for 2.
3. Movies – What movie starring Christina Ricci, Matthew Lillard and Ann Margret was filmed on location at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and released in 2009? Total duh for SIX. Must see it though!
Round Six
1. Islands – What Lesser Antilles island’s name means “bearded ones” in Portuguese and Spanish? 6
2. Disputes – What are the last names of the men who surveyed a boundary line between Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1767? 4
3. Comics – what fictional newspaper is headed by Perry White? Miss for 2, picked wrong newspaper of two choices I had in my head.
I was in fifth with 52 points heading into the final.
Final Category: TV Networks
Which mascot was used for the WB Network between 1995 and 2005? No clue, wagered zero. Put me in a “tie” with “Says Who,” which was list how many medals Great Britain won in 2016 Summer Olympics. Or something to that effect…I do not know Olympics stuff, so my number was WAY off. Turns out team Says Who says his score was actually lower than mine by two points going into the “tiebreaker,” so he gave me his $10 prize. Nice! Until next time, which will be our “regular” The Wurst Bar gig Wednesday with Stacy the host. Go Pods!


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