Trivia Recap – Feb. 10, 2016 – Heidelberg

Our “Dynamic Duo” visited The Heidelberg for trivia Tuesday and won a $20/first place gift card. We were way too gun-shy on our final wagering in game two on the “web sites” category due to neither of the players having any real “street cred” in that topic. But it was good to see “Team Voldemort, sitting a couple of booths away,” take a prize in game two. One of us joked aloud during the game, “I was alive when (the OJ Simpson slow-speed chase) this happened,” and one of the team Voldemort players said “I wasn’t,” Just to clarify, we asked, “Did you say you weren’t alive when that happened,” to which she said “yes.” God that’s awesome…oh those precocious youngsters. We all had a good laugh over that one! They may not have gotten the “Barney Miller” question right (apparently our team was the only one getting it right), but they sure as hell probably knew some answers we didn’t know – like “The 2002 film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” was the directorial debut of what actor?” Since we heard them cheering, we’ll assume they got that one right! For more about the other questions, read on…
Game One
1. Transportation – What is the seven-letter word for a type of boat or a basket suspended from a hot-air balloon? Double brain fart, just couldn’t come up with it (maybe Mike needs to brush up on crossword puzzling, hint hint…), miss for 2.
2. Directorial Debuts – The 2002 film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” was the directorial debut for what actor? For nerd bonus, what real-life game show host was the subject of the film? Nope and nope, miss for 3.
3. SCIENCE Terms – Benthic and Littoral zones are found in forestry, marine biology, astronomy, or anatomy and physiology? Mike got this for 5.
4. Video Games – What video game, released in 1989, was the first console game to feature real NFL players? Miss for 4.
5. TV Roles – Recently deceased actor Abe Vigoda starred on “Barney Miller” and a spin-off show featuring what detective? Got this for 10. Abe Vigoda. Just wanted to say it again! And RIP!
6. Wives – In Homer’s “Odyssey” what was the name of Odysseus’ faithful wife – who waits 20 years for his return? And fittingly enough the “wife” half of the dynamic duo knew this right away for 6.
7. Food – What chopped meat dish is called “Filet Americain” in Europe? FB clue. Gross…nine points.
8. Playing Cards – In a standard deck of playing cards, which of the four suits shows a king with an axe instead of a sword? Nice work Mike for 7.
(SPOILER – some crappy, crappy wagering ahead…those with sensitive constitutions or heart conditions may not want to read on!)
9. Sports – In a standard game of volleyball, how many total players are on the court (for both teams)? Used our 8-pointer here. Why not? Someone actually drew out a player layout that seemed legit, like they actually knew what they were talking about. Nope, blew the 8! 😦
10. Concert Tours – What artist’s 2012 tour was called the “Born This Way Ball?” Got this for 1. If we had a time machine and could use it really, really frivolously…really? Would it disrupt things too much if we went back in time and flip-flopped the wagering on that one question and just came back to the present? Or would this cause one of Marty McFly’s siblings to vanish from a snapshot – or allow Biff Tannen to rise to power? Yeah, yeah…we digress.
Mystery – Before and After
1. Lead actor in “Home Improvement” and third most populous city in Pennsylvania
2. Song featuring the lyrics “Get Your Motor Runnin'” and a bourbon that uses the slogan “Give ’em the Bird.”
3. Oldest prison in California and director of “Pulp Fiction.”
4. First African-American quarterback inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame and nickname of statue given to winners of Video Music Awards
Missed #4.
Heading into the final: Team Voldemort, 25; Emily and some other female name we didn’t write down, 32; Miskatonic U., 47; and What the Shibboleth, 63.
Final Category: Award Winning Actresses
In 1998, who became the first woman to win an Oscar and an Emmy for Lead Actress in the same calendar year?
Got this for 20, and were apparently the only team in the bar to do so. So what if there were only four teams? Rah rah, go us (insert tongue firmly in cheek)! We were on such a streak of getting final questions wrong recently that it’s all the sweeter when we actually get them right for a change!
Final Standings: What the Shibboleth, 58; Miskatonic U., 67.
Game Two
1. TV Networks – What TV network replaced UPN and the WB in 2006: Mike for 10 points.
2. Canada – The Canadian abbreviation PE stands for what? Nine points.
3. Literary Characters – Guy Montag and Fire Captain Beatty are characters in what Ray Bradbury novel? Eight points. See the comments for an amusing clip involving Ray Bradbury…
4. Instruments – What type of saxophone did Bill Clinton play during his campaign? Alto, Tenor, Baritone, or Soprano? Torn between the two most commonly played ones (not the one Kenny G played), miss for 3.
5. Super Bowl – In what city will the next Super Bowl be held? And in what stadium? Nope and nope, miss for 1.
6. Musicals – Audio clue of “Age of Aquarius,” had to identify the musical it is sung in. By hippies… Seven points.
7. Famous Vehicles – What model of Ford vehicle was made famous in a 1994 police chase? Also the same model vehicle driven by two metro Detroit hunters who drove up north and never returned again, as chronicled in the paperback “Darker Than Night.” It’s heavily speculated that they were fed to pigs. The car was never recovered, neither were their bodies. Great book if you like “true crime.” Five points.
8. Companies – Founded by S.S. Kresge in 1899, what company opened its first store under its current name in 1962? Five points.
9. Body Parts- What two words describe a body part that vibrates like strings to produce sound when a person sings or speaks? Six points.
10. Figures of Speech – What is the term for an unpredictable person or a shipboard weapon that comes free from its restraints? Two points.
Mystery: Missed the one with the tree.
Heading into the final: Four teams with scores ranging from 43 to 61, with What the Shibboleth in the lead. We were in second with 57 points.
Final Category: Web Sites
In 2012, what online news site became the first commercially run, exclusively digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize?
Wagered zero and got the question right. Game winners: Team Voldemort, What the Shibboleth.
Until next time…still deciding whether to play tonight, if we do, it will be a lineup that has never played together before. Check in with us for a re-cap Wednesday if you dare, Go Pods!


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