Trivia Recap – Feb. 11, 2016 – Wurst

EDITOR’S NOTE: The trivia re-cap you are about to read is for entertainment purposes only .It is not intended to be an official record of a pub trivia game. Any resemblance to other trivia re-caps you may have read on our page is strictly coincidental. The names of a couple of the people involved have been changed to “Woman A” and “Woman B” to protect their identities. There may be some embellishments and exaggerations therein.
Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Not only for poor old King “Boy King” Tut, but for two women, who made a lofty goal of having a night out and checking out male servers wearing kilts. Due to a couple of last-minute bail-outs, the two women decided to meet at the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, and do the My Trivia Live game hosted there that night. Up until that night, they only barely knew each other, and were really only connected because their respective husbands play on rival Sporcle trivia teams. The “writer” in attendance did not take any actual notes, so the questions that follow are strictly from memory (which is very, very fuzzy…).
1. Hair Care – What line of hair care products featured a kangaroo mascot and purple labeling? Yah, a great start to the night with two female players, high five!
2. Some sports question about the movie “The Blind Side.” “Shit,” said Woman A. “We’re not going to know this, why don’t you (Woman B.) go flirt with those guys sitting next to us and see if they know the answer?” Woman B.” “I should have worn a low-cut top.” Woman A.? “Nah, you don’t need one!” No comment on whether the attempt was successful – what happens on a “Girls’ Night” of trivia? Stays at the bar in which it was played
3. Oil Spills – In what year did the Exxon Valdez oil spill occur? Woman A: “Ooh, I know this, it happened when I was high school!”
4. In what movie does Al Pacino yell, “Attica!” This was piggybacked on another question that we don’t recall. But we got it right!
5. Songs – What novelty song by Steve Martin is about King Tutankhamen? And this is not even remotely how this was worded…But who else is old enough to remember this song? Show of hands?
Halftime – Songs – Besides Johnny Walker and Black and Red (unsure about the second part here), name four other “friends” mentioned in the George Thorogood song “I Drink Alone.” Woman A: “Damn, was I supposed to have listened to this song?” We could only come up with Jack Daniels, Jimmy Beam, and Captain Morgan. Don’t recall which answers turned out to be correct (again, no real “notes” were taken).
1. Assassination Attempts – Name two people injured in the attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. We could only come up with James Brady, but put down Nancy Reagan as a very, very tentative guess – she could have broken a nail or a high heel, after all! This sparked a conversation about how John Hinckley reportedly tried to kill Reagan in an attempt to impress actress Jodie Foster. Woman A recalled asking two separate men – in the early 2000s – what woman they would want to impress by doing the same thing. Both men – asked separately – said Janeane Garofalo without hesitation. Would she be impressed? Who can say! It was just interesting that both men gave her as their answer. Strange…
We were in fourth place at the half and at the end. Did not write down the points.
Final question (hey we actually consulted the Google to help reconstruct the question – you’re welcome!)
What businessman helped bail out the U.S. Treasury in 1893 under President Grover Cleveland by selling gold, and also helped bail out New York banks in 1907?” If anyone else played this night and has any corrections on this, please chime in! This is almost completely jacked from a wikipedia article.
Anyway, we got this wrong and put down Nelson Rockefeller.
Completely off topic – Woman A. and Woman B. came up with what could be a great idea – if not ill-adivsed and downright illegal – “The Bourbon Challenge.” A distillery sets up shop in a store and has a taste-testing booth with their product and “Brand X.” People get to taste both of them to determine which one they like better. And then hilarity ensued as the taste testers became too drunk to realize they weren’t drinking bourbon at all!
So we didn’t have the best game, but it was fun! Shout out to the “TJ” Stacy (sp?), for going very, very easy on us. “You guys are NOT circling your team number on your answer slips, but I knew it was you because of the red ink pen.” Also,we forgot to turn in one of our slips after the answer was read! Oh no! Woman A: “We’re really sorry, but (Woman B.) was so mesmerized by the six-color ball point pen I gave her that she completely forgot to hand in this slip. If you don’t want to accept the answer, I understand.” “No worries,” she said. Sweet! And so ends the worst…trivia…re-cap…ever. Of all time! Go Pods! Even when they are playing as “Miskatonic University Cheerleading Team.” Yup….!


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