Trivia Recap – Feb. 17, 2016 – Heidelberg

Sometimes a cephalopod will venture outside their lair and something really cool will happen – like winning an epic battle with a shark (look up octopus vs. shark on YouTube), stealing a Go Pro camera from a diver with sights set on filming them, or just winning gift cards in a trivia game. Yep. None of those things happened Tuesday! A solo ‘Pod ventured outside its cozy underwater lair and hit up the trivia scene at The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor. The results? The poor, poor cephalopod should have stayed in the lair! A dismal 74 points for the night. Oh well, shake it off, there are other fish in the sea, and other trivia games to play, right?
Game One
1. Toys and Games – Invented by a Hungarian architect in 1974, what popular puzzle was originally known as the “Magic Cube?” Easy points all around, got this for 10.
2. U.S. Landmarks – Nashville’s Centennial Park has a full-sized replica of what Athenian temple? Put down “Acropolis,” which per wikipedia, is part of the same complex with what was the correct answer. Oh well, miss for 2.
3. Friends – After leaving Bloomingdale’s, Rachel began working for what fashion company? Missed this for 3, put down Calvin Klein.
4. Credit Cards – What banking company offers a credit card called Venture? And for the most strange nerd bonus ever – What was the organization represented by Alec Baldwin in the animated film “Team America: World Police?” Five points were offered, but no teams got them.
5. Cover Songs – What song was the first Top 10 hit for Creedence Clearwater Revival and also a Top 10 hit for Ike and Tina Turner a couple of years later? Nine points.
6. World Leaders – Benjamin Netanyahu became the youngest prime minister of what country when elected in 1996? A nail-biter without Brad and Mike to help, but got this for 8 (whew!).
7. NFL Teams – Which NFL team has replicas of a lighthouse and bridge above the end zone of its stadium? Guesses for the ’49ers and the correct answer. Miss for 1.
8. Novels – Gaston LaRoux wrote the novel that provided the basis for what Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? Musical theater, yay, got this for a very, very much appreciated seven points!
9. Insects – Honeypot, Trapjaw, Rover, and Leafcutter are all names for different species of what insect? The “leafcutter” clue was misleading, miss for 6.
10. Latin – What is the Latin word for “My fault?” Miss for 5. Oy, not a great solo effort so far (bleah). What could be the icing on the cake? How about a “progressive” mystery round? Will do!
Mystery: Who, What, Where
1. I am a 42-year-old American actor who received a French “Cesar” award in 2003.
2. I played Salvador Dali in a movie directed by Woody Allen.
3. I starred alongside Jack Black as a screenwriter in the remake of King Kong
4. At age 29, I became the youngest winner of the Academy Award for best actor.
So, so frustrating – was sure of the guy with the #1 clue, but cautiously waited – only to have the #2 clue cause the dreaded “second guess.” Got it at #3.
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores ranging from 43 to 61, with team “Ewww!” in first place. Our “soloist” was tied with Team Voldemort in last place playing under the pseudonym “And the Grammy Award for worst solo artist ever….of all time…”
Final Category: Stanley Cup
There are 3 current NHL franchises that have each had just one Stanley Cup appearance and lost. Two of them occurred during the 1990s and the other during the 2000s.
What are the names of two of those unfortunate franchises?
Nope and nope. No teams got this. Final standings; What the Shibboleth, 57; Puppy Monkey Baby, 58.
Game Two
1. Current Songs – “The Life of Pablo” is the most recent album by what hip-hop artist? Miss for 2.
2. Disease – Huntington’s Disease is a genetic disease that affects what major organ? Apparently it affects the particular organ that was malfunctioning for this player on this night, miss for 4.
3. Neighbors – Gladys Kravitz was a nosy neighbor on what supernatural sitcom debuting in 1964? Nope, miss for 5.
4. Monopoly – Which game piece was retired in 2013 and replaced with a cat? Iron, boot, thimble, or wheelbarrow? First question of the game correct for 3!
5. Disney Songs – Audio clue of 1989 animated film. Miss for 6.
6. World Geography – Name one of the two countries that contain part of the Gobi Desert. Name both for extra nerd point. WHEW Got both for 7. That felt good!
7. On a Boat – What is the name of the high lookout point on a ship? Ten points.
8. Basketball Players – 2-time NBA champion Chris Bosh was the no. 4 pick selected in 2003 by which team? Miss for 1.
9. Restaurants – What is the term used by Denny’s to describe several of its breakfast specials? Nine points.
10. The Internet – What homophonic term is used to describe the act of trying to get personal info by pretending to be a reputable web site? Nope, miss.
Visual Mystery: Missed every. Single. One.
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 31 (yup, that would be us) to 59, with “Ewww!” taking the stop spot again.
Final Category: Air Travel
With the addition of Air New Zealand service in December 2015, what U.S. city is now home to North America’s only international airport that provides nonstop flights to all 6 inhabited continents?
We had a couple of hints added onto this – one, the city is one of the 10 most populous in the U.S., but the airport is not one of the busiest airports in the U.S.
Managed to pick a city in the top 20 with an unbusy airport(at least), but wagered zero.
Final standings: Puppy Monkey Baby, 63; What the Shibboleth, 72. The ‘Pods will be heading out to Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery tonight. Go Pods!


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