Trivia Recap – Feb. 18, 2016 – Corner Brewery

We recently learned that the “cool” trivia teams use nicknames to identify their players in their game re-caps. Since we love nothing more than stealing other people’s ideas, we will do the same in our game re-cap! The ‘Pods visited Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsi Thursday for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. We scored just 76 points overall, won no gift cards, and missed both final questions, but had a really, really good time. ‘Pods in attendance for game one included Glamazon, Noodle Boy, Shoes, Flyboy, and….uh….cute millennial chick from India. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call her! Flyboy and CMCFI had to leave after game one, leaving just three ‘Pods battling it out against some goliath teams. Some very, very interesting things can happen when you’re up against the wall and the stars are right, however, we will get more into that later! On to the questions…
Game One
1. Household Items – What Proctor & Gamble cleaning products include Swiffer and Wet Jet? Four points.
2. TV Characters – On the Drew Carey Show, what actor and late-night personality played Drew’s boss Nigel Wick? Deductive reasoning prevailed for three points.
3. Sports Controversies – In 1983, Kansas City Royals’ Third Baseman George Brett had a home run controversially overturned because of what substance on his bat? For nerd bonus, what team did the Royals play against in that game? Got this for 10, thanks to Shoes, missed the nerd bonus.
4. Fragrances – In 2012, Brad Pitt became the first man to advertise what perfume? Brainstormed a few choices, but didn’t choose the FIRST ONE ON THE LIST. Missed this for 1. Interesting that Pitt, who is rumored to intensely dislike showering, would be a pitchman for perfume, jussayn…
5. Natural Landmarks – The world’s highest sea cliffs are located in which U.S. state? Discussed two non-contiguous contenders, picked the wrong one, miss for 5.
6. Inventors – What SCIENTIST owned most of the patents on motion picture technology and in 1908, was one of the founders of a motion picture patents company? Nine points.
7. Song Titles – Audio clue of ’60s song about a California city, had to identify the geographic location.
8. Academy Award Nominations – Actor Oliver Reed appeared in two films that won the Academy Award for best picture, including “Oliver” in 1968, and what other film 32 years later? Glamazon’s expertise prevailed here for eight points.
9. Historic Sites – What is the name of the valley on the west banks of the Nile River with more than 60 tombs, including that of King Tut? Seven points.
10. Broadway – What Broadway musical based on a Roald Dahl book about a precocious 5-year-old girl won the 2013 Tony Award for best musical? Glamazon again for 6 points.
Mystery: Before and After
1. Reality TV court show featuring a judge with the surname Sheindlin and stage name of actress Frances Gumm
2. English singer in band who played in Super Bowl 50 and director of “Gangs of New York.”
3. George Harrison-written single from “Abbey Road” and 2004 Maroon Five single.
4. Geographic area that includes most of the Palestinian territory and bank that trades under the ticker symbol BAC.
Missed #3. No apologies for not knowing about Maroon Five. None…
Heading into the final: Eighteen teams with scores ranging from 29 to 65, with Macho Nachos taking the top spot. We were in ninth with 58 points.
Final Category: Classic Board Games
In the classic board game Sorry!, there are five different words written on or across spaces that a pawn can occupy.
Which of those five single words would score the highest in Scrabble, assuming no double or triple letter or word multipliers?
Noodle Boy was the “ranking” expert on this one, having paid the most attention when playing this game with his niece about four years ago or so. He even had diagrams drawn out, and made such an awesome effort! But no, it was not to be….
Two teams managed to get it right – Corn Fritters wagered zero and finished in third, Johnny Five is Alive moved up from 13th and finished in second with 74 points, and Ted Cruz moved up from 10th and finished in first with 77 points.
Game Two
1. Borders – Name one of the two countries bordering Lebanon. Name both for nerd bonus. Got both for 10 points.
2. NFL Teams – What is the southernmost NFL team that does not play in the NFC South or AFC South division? Right team was listed by Glamazon, but not written on the slip. Whattup, Shoes? Why you not listen? 🙂 Seriously, no hard feelings here! Missed for 3.
3. Shakespeare – In what decade was William Shakespeare born? Four points.
4. TV Bands – The Beats were a pop band on what animated TV series? Nope, miss for 2.
5. Clothing – In 1996, former University of Maryland football player Kevin Planck founded what clothing line? Nope, picked another athletic clothing line founded in 1971. All Glamazon’s fault! Miss for five. SPOILER: She will redeem herself later. Really….
6. Drinks – What is the name of the non-alcoholic counterpart to the Shirley Temple named for the “King of Cowboys?” Nine points (pssst…Glamazon is going to get a hat trick….)
7. Funerals – Michael Jackson’s public funeral was held at what sports venue in July, 2009? Yay! Six points.
8. Politicians – What 2004 vice presidential candidate was a North Carolina senator and practiced personal injury law? Yay! Eight points.
9. Film Taglines – What was the name of the 1987 film that included the tagline “The Future of Law Enforcement?” Yay! Seven points. The photo with this re-cap is a scene that happens just before the guy from “That ’70s Show” walks in the room and says, “Bitches, leave.” Best quote from the whole movie (must find YouTube clip of that).
10. Diseases – What infectious disease is the most infectious tick-derived disease? Got this for 1.
Visual Mystery:
We had no NBA experts in our lineup, so Brad wrote down one he thought he knew. Glamazon, as the ranking second best sports person (yeah it was really that bad, really!), tried to help. What about that Russell Wilson guy? Shoes: “No, he’s NFL.” Glamazon: “Oh yeah, I knew that. What about Bill Russell?” (long silence). Shoes crossed off the guy he had written down for #3 and changed it to Bill Russell. Guess what? Bill Russell was right! Sure, it was the only one we wound up getting right, but yay? : ) When the big victories elude you, settle for those itty bitty ones!
Heading into the final: Seven teams with scores ranging from 36 to 60, with four teams tied for first. We were in 14th with 48 points, that NBA visual round kind of whupped us (see, Renaissance Man and Cameron – we do need you guys!).
Final Category: Movie Bad Guys
Place the following primary antagonists in the Die Hard film series in the order in which they first appeared, beginning with the earliest.
Simon Gruber
Yuri Komarov
Colonel Stuart
Thomas Gabriel
We knew the first two guys for sure. Flip-flopped the last two. Drat! And we knew the difference between Simon Gruber and his more famous brother (which apparently tripped up some other teams, judging from the groans). We didn’t write down the final standings, Glamazon was too busy taking photos. Got a really good one of Kuma that is using for his profile picture, how cool! We will be back here next week, possibly with a couple of “guest stars” and the other three players who couldn’t make it out for this game – Renaissance Man, Cameron, and (possibly) John Boy. Who ever knows whether he will show up or not? 🙂 As always, we will keep on truckin’, Go Pods!


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