Trivia Recap – Feb. 3, 2016 – Heidelberg

The ‘Pods got a bit roughed up Tuesday on our trivia night at The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor, but even after a particularly rough game two and blowing a Facebook clue answer in game one (d’oh!) – still got a $10 gift card/second place for the night with 101 total points. And we are still hanging onto first place. For now…! The representing ‘Pods this time were Heather and Mike. And the questions…
Game One
1. Weapons – In an expression meaning “to make peace,” what is figuratively said to be buried? Ten points.
2. Musicals – The musical “The Sound of Music” is set in what country? Nine points.
3. Coffee – What type of coffee pot is the coffee brewed by continually cycling up through a tube in the center? Eight points.
4. Cartoons – What are the names of the rabbit characters on Tiny Toons? Yup, seven points down the drain! Total communication breakdown 😦
5. NFL Coaches – What head coach led the Denver Broncos to victory in the ’90s? And for nerd bonus, what teams did they defeat in the Super Bowl? Nope on both counts for 1.
6. Nicknames – Legendary saxophonist Charlie Parker was known by what animal nickname? Six points.
7. In the News – The Center for Disease Control issued a travel advisory for Brazil and other South American countries because the outbreak of what infectious disease? Nope, miss for 2.
8. Greek Letters – What upper case Greek letter denotes a quantity change in mathematics, the addition of heat in chemistry, and a seventh chord in music? Our player who knows some music theory didn’t even have a clue. Miss for 3.
9. Eight-letter words – What eight-letter word describes a farm worker or machine and a blow that knocks out an opponent in boxing? Five points.
10. Flowers – What is the official memorial flower of Veterans of Foreign Wars? Four points.
Mystery: Colorful Songs Identify the song based on the snippet of lyrics given and the artist.
1. The Who – “No one knows what it’s like…to be the bad man…”
2. Billy Idol – “Hey little sister…what have you done?”
3. Coldplay – “Look at the stars…look how they shine for you….
4. John Mellencamp – “Oh but ain’t that America…for you and me.”
Got ’em all.
Heading into the final: Four teams with scores ranging from 53 to 61 with three teams tied for first. Had we not blown the Tiny Toons and coaches answer, there would have been a four-way tie!
Final Category: Magazine Covers
What musician, now deceased, was featured on the cover of the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine, on November 9, 1967?
Wanted to wager conservatively on this category but figured, “What the hell?” Doing so would have put us in second place.
Final Standings: Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 43; and What the Shibboleth (the only team getting this one right, nice work!), 81.
And so we wound up staying for game two. A decision we would only slightly regret. Oh the humanity….
Game Two
1. ’90s Movies – what 1996 film featured Jack Nicholson as president and Glenn Close as the first lady? For nerd bonus, who played their daughter? Got this for 10 points plus the bonus (unsure how many points the host gave here, but boy did we need this)! The person in the nerd bonus answer is pictured with this re-cap in a 1994 Luc Besson film. This director has a HUGE Lolita complex, imho…, but we digress.
2. Flags of the World – Which of the following countries does not have red, white, and blue in its flag? Ukraine, Liberia, Luxembourg, or Panama? Miss for 2.
3. TV Themes – audio clue from a David Boreanaz series where he did NOT play a vampire, ergo we never watched it, lol….miss for 1.
4. Parent Companies – Celebrity, Azamara and Pullmantur are sister cruise lines owned by what cruise line? MIss for 4.
5. Peanuts – By what three-letter title does Marcie address Peppermint Patty? Nine points.
6. Money – Which founding father appeared on the half dollar coin from 1948 to 1963 before being replaced by JFK? A lot of debate between two guys. Why the hell didn’t we re-rack this? Oh yes, those pesky brain slugs! 🙂 Miss for 5.
7. City Names – What major American city gets its named from the French pronunciation of a Native American word for “wild onion” or “wild garlic?” Nope, miss for 6.
8. Birds – A group of crows is known by what violent name? Eight points.
9. Arenas – What NHL team plays its games in an arena nicknamed “The Pond?” And we got this for 7 amid much, much celebration since we had no real “sports” people in the mix. Woo hoo!
10. Beyonce – What words follow the song title “All the Single Ladies?” And we saved our three-pointer for this category. And knew the answer (of course)!
Visual mystery: Missed #1 and #4.
Heading into the final: Five teams scores 30-58, with team “Best” in the top spot. We were in fourth with 48 points.
Final Category: Islands
The Pelagian Islands are located directly between Tunisia and Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. To what nation do the Pelagian Islands belong?
Got this one right for 20 points. Which put us in second behind WTS giving him a “sweep” for the night (congrats!). Until next time…which will be tonight at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti with a skeleton crew. We want to stay close to home tonight, and need to talk to Archie who will be there with his team. Go Pods!


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