Trivia Recap – Feb. 4, 2016 – Corner Brewery

We would like to thank Kevin S. from team Ennui! During Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma Wednesday atArbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, he gave us an answer to a question! We were playing with a skeleton crew, and had a sports question: What NFL team plays their home games at Lucas Oil Stadium? Well, we didn’t have any of our “normal” sports experts, so our “next best” gave the old college try. “Hmm, Texas has lots of oil fields, maybe it’s the Texans.” We were going to hand the slip in for 1 even though we knew it couldn’t possibly be right, and Kevin, as if by divine intervention, whispered “It’s in the same city as GenCon” to Mike, who was going to hand in the slip. Mike came back to the table with this info, and Heather remembered both the city in which this event occurs (many of our friends attend it) and the team that plays in that city. Sure, we only got it for 1, but thanks again! We owe you “1!” It’s just one of many, many reasons that trivia nights here are like the warm, fuzzy opening lyrics of the “Cheers!” theme song. And Matt, if you’re reading, we hope you like the mead we gave you, though it can’t possibly be any better than the delicious mead you make! 🙂
As for the game itself, we had three players – Heather, Mike and John. We really, really put forth a great effort at answering every single question, many times waiting until “last call” to turn them in. And sometimes, that paid off! We won $10/second place in game one.
And on to the questions…
1. Movie Kisses – Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas won an MTV movie award for their shared kiss in what 2001 film? And this was one of those “use every second available” questions. John and Heather teamed up here. “Isn’t there ballet in the movie? And rap music? And it came out after “10 Things I Hate About You?” Then Kuma said “Thirty seconds.” Bam. Answer revealed itself. We missed the first word in the film’s title, but only used our one point slip. Kuma gave us credit for the answer anyway (though we didn’t ask him to). Yay!
2. Rock Bands – What three words follow “For Those About To Rock….” in the AC/DC song? Ten points.
3. SCIENCE! – What term describes the natural process that turns refined metal to oxide? Nice work, John (he really pulled out the stops in this game, kudos!), six points.
4. Baseball Records – Name one of the two switch hitters to hit at least 500 home runs during their MLB careers. Name both for nerd point. And Heather wrote down a few names of baseball players, knowing full well none of them would be correct. Missed our 2.
5. Audio – Clip from 2003 movie starring Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell which John instantly recognized for 9 points.
6. Populations – After Denver, what is the second most populous city in Colorado? Heather with right guess for 4.
7. TV Hangouts (we were really, really hoping the answer would be “Peach Pit,” but nope…) – What is the name of the local restaurant and hangout on the show “Saved by the Bell?” And our only player who may have watched the show in the past was not in attendance, miss for 3.
8. First Ladies – As of Feb. 1, 2016, how many first ladies are still living? Love questions like these, got it for 8.
9. Colors – Chartreuse is considered half way between what two other colors?
10. Mythology – In Greek mythology, Eros, the god of love and attraction, is the son of which goddess? Five points.
Mystery: This Day In History
1. In 2005, Alberto Gonzalez became the first Hispanic to hold which cabinet position?
2. In 1959 – Buddy Holly killed in a plane crash in what state?
3. In 2002 – Who kicked the game-winning field goal to give the New England Patriots their first Super Bowl victory?
4. In 1924 – Which former U.S. president died nearly three years after leaving office?
Missed 1, 2, and 3, though we originally had the right answer for the Buddy Holly one (d’oh!). Woe is us…
Heading into the final: Seventeen teams with scores ranging from 32 to 63, with Amish Justice taking the top spot. We were tied for fourth with the Corn Fritters with 55 points.
Final Category: Magazine Lists
Name one of the two men who have been named both People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” and #1 on their list of the “100 Most Beautiful People”.
And Heather immediately wrote down two people who would have been the correct answers! But committee thinking prevailed, and another person was written down instead. But NO TEAMS GOT IT CORRECT. We wagered a very conservative three points.
Final standings – Corn Fritters, 46; Pride, Prejudice and Tentacles (aka Miskatonic U.), 52; and Strangers in the Alps, 59.
Game Two
1. Landmarks – Roosevelt Park is located at the entrance to what national park? For nerd bonus, in what decade was this park established? Heather got both of these, but only for 2. This is not normally a strong category for us, so (tentative) yay?
2. Military Awards – The highest decoration of valor in Great Britain was first awarded by the monarch for which it was named. Who was that monarch? A lot of debate, but Mike got it for 5.
3. Country Music – What “Hootie and the Blowfish” lead singer had solo hits with “Don’t Think About It” and “Wagon Wheel?” Missed this put the lead singer from a similar band for 6 (ouch!).
4. Fruits and Vegetables – What variety of summer squash comes from the Italian word for “gourd?” Ten points.
5. TV Hosts – Who hosted both “Fear Factor” and also briefly hosted “The Man Show?” FB clue. And we still really, really miss “The Man Show.” 😦
6. World History – In 1910, Korea was annexed by what country? A lot of debate, but got it for 3.
7. Anatomy – The outermost layer of skin is known by what nine-letter name? Eight points.
8. Stadiums -Which NFL team plays its home games at Lucas Oil Stadium? Thanks again, Kevin, got this for 1! :
9. Movie Monsters – In what 1997 film starring Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube do they pursue a “legendary creature?” There was more to the wording, but this was the gist of it, got this for 7.
10. Video Games – Ultramix, Supernova and Second Mix are all stages in what video game? Nope, miss for 4. Our video games expert John does NOT play this particular game (go figure).
Visual Mystery – Got them all.
Heading into the final: Fifteen teams with scores ranging from 50 to 64, with Your Resume Suckstaking the lead. We were quite a bit in the “not lead,” with 54 points/13th place.
Final Category: Elements
There are four elements on the Periodic Table with full names ending in a letter that no other element’s name ends with.
Name one of those four elements.
We were slightly understaffed on this question and missing our elements expert Brad, but we tried SO hard on this. So heartbreaking! Yup, we missed this
Final Standings: Maybe We Will Win by a Coin Toss, 80; Team whose name we did not recognize, 80 (they had to do a tiebreaker question that we did not write down), and Money Badgers, 82 (congrats for getting it right!). Until next time, which will be tonight. We’re throwing in an “extra” game this week as a ‘Pods “reunion” and will be playing Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie at Sticks in Ypsilanti. Go Pods!


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