Trivia Recap – Feb. 5, 2016, Sticks

We had a trivia question about “Doctor Who” in our recent trivia night Thursday at Stick’s via Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie! And the question in the category of “Sci-Fi TV: “What is the name of the time machine and spacecraft from the “Doctor Who” TV series? And for an extra point, what is the acronym made from that name? For those of you who actually know us, yes, there are quite a few “nerds” on our trivia team. We’re more likely to know answers to questions about “Star Trek” than “Dancing with the Stars.” Though we do have a player who used to watch that show because of the “hot chicks” (his words). We’re also more likely to know answers to questions about “Doctor Who” than we do about TV shows about doctors. We know this handicaps us occasionally, but, well, we are who we are! Oh yeah, and thanks Charlie for making us the balloon squid animal! You are a balloon artist extraordinaire!
We assembled a bigger than usual group of players thanks to a visit from Sam, who moved away in 2014. Players in attendance this time included “founder” Sam, Heather, Mike, Dave, Brad, John, and Geoff. We missed only one mystery round question in round one for a near perfect regular round (failed the final question but still won second place/$10). More game details to follow, let’s move on to the questions:
Game One
1. Symbols – What symbol shares a key with the number 4 on a standard computer keyboard? Four points, fittingly enough…!
2. Bowl Games – What school has made the most Rose Bowl appearances with 33? Got it for 3.
3. Festivals – What giant music and arts festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary in June, 2016? Ten points.
4. Medical Conditions – The medical condition trismus is what symptom of tetanus? Nine points.
5. Wizard of Oz – The Wicked Witch of the West used what flowers in a spell that put Dorothy and her companions to sleep? Eight points.
6. Constitution – The 17th Amendment deals with the election process and term lengths of what specific elected government official? Nice work Brad for 2.
7. Rivers – What river connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and forms the border between the U.S. and Canada? Seven points.
8. Amphibians – What official state amphibian of Oklahoma is mentioned in the song “Joy to the World?” For extra point, who recorded that song? Got both for 6.
9. Cameras – What film and camera company was founded in 1937 by Edwin Land? Five points.
10. TV Title Roles – What ’00s NBC crime drama series starred Jill Hennessy in the title role? Nice work again Brad for 1.
Mystery: 1998 Movie Trios – Identify movie based on three of its cast members
1. Jim Carrey, Laura LInney, Ed Harris
2. Sandra bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing
3. Leonardo diCaprio, Jeremy Irons, and John Malkovich
4. Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, and David Schwimmer
Missed #2.
Heading into the final: Five teams with scores ranging from 40 to 65, with our team taking the top spot. There’s nothing like screwing up a final question to fix that, right? We were having way too much fun to really care.
Final Category: Musical Solo Artists
What solo artist is tied with Elvis Presley for the most cumulative weeks spent at the Number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with 79 weeks each?
Nope. We missed this, but finished in second with 45 points $10.
Game Two
1. Baseball – What MLB team switched from the Americna League to the National League between 1997 and 1998? Got this for 6.
2. Shapes – What is created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop? Got this for 10.
3. Cover Songs – Audio clue of Guns ‘n Roses song covered by a female artist. got it for 9.
4. Food SCIENCE! – What gas is released when eating Pop Rocks candy? Eight points.
5. Labor History – In 1981, President Ronald Reagan publicy fired members of what profession? Got it for 3.
6. Sci-Fi TV – What is the name of the time machine and spacecraft from the “Doctor Who” TV series? And for extra point, what acronym is created by the name? Got both.
7. Magazine Covers – Who appeared on a magazine cover on a 2009 Rolling Stone wearing nothing but bubbles? Miss for 2.
8. Children’s Lit – What children’s book features a character who says, “I think I can?” Got it for 4.
9. Famous People – After visiting the U.S., who returned home in September, 2015 in a plane designed “Shepherd 1?” Got it for 5.
10. Fabrics – Cashmere is made from camel, goat, rabbit, or alpaca? Miss for 1.
Mystery: #3 and #4.
Heading into the final: Eight teams, did not catch the lowest score, we were in first with 57.
Final Category: The Internet
In terms of top-level internet domain suffixes, .mx is Mexico, .es is Spain, and .de is what nation?
Wagered zero and knew it (of course). Finished out the money, did not record final standings.
Until next week, we have a couple of “special events” planned, stay tuned for more about that! Go Pods!


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