Trivia Recap – Feb. 7, 2016, Basement Burger Bar (Canton)

A ‘Pod visited Basement Burger Bar – 3 locations Canton Saturday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Paul M. And right up until question 10 in round one? Not too bad! No prizes, but still a fairly enjoyable night out, and finished fifth overall for the night out of 17 teams in game one, 14 in game two. The place was very crowded upon arrival, with people waiting to be seated, though there were a couple of open spots at the bar. Was kind of hoping the place would really be in a basement, but perhaps that’s just because The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor is growing on us! The Decadent Dark Chocolate ale made by Atwater Brewery was particularly enjoyable, and because it weighed in at only 4.2 percent ABV, was ideal for someone who had to drive! It was just sippable enough to be able to drink just one per game and not feel worse for wear. The bartender Zach was very knowledgeable about the beers on tap, and looked as if he has some decent mixology skills as well. You know the kind of drink-making mojo you see on “Bar Rescue” when Jon Taffer brings in his staff and trains the staff needing “rescue?” He looked like he didn’t need any re-training! A patron sitting next to me was drinking a Moscow mule in a traditional copper mug, and she said it was very tasty. Zach even served up a taste of the “Hop Rocket” by Arcadia Brewing Company, which is is a double/Imperial IPA that is very trendy right now. And though hoppy brews are a nice indulgence now and again? At 9 percent ABV, it was not a good option for staying clear-headed enough to drive home! Tasty, though. And after 10 p.m., pint prices went to happy hour pricing, so $3.50 for the second beer we ordered (not too shabby!). Host Paul was training a new host named Marty, who took over the mic for game two. No complaints about the hosting by either, just some minor mispronunciations of words that in most cases wound up being corrected, so no worries. On to the questions…
Game One
1. The Hunger Games – In the Hunger Games, what type of business does Peeta’s family operate in District 12? And that is one of exactly one thing remembered about the movie, got this for 3. Missed the nerd point for getting Peeta’s last name.
2. Toothpaste – Among currently produced brands of toothpaste, which was the first to produce toothpaste in collapsible tubes? Five points.
3. Anniversaries – After how many years would one celebrate a crystal wedding anniversary – 10, 15, 20, or 25? Overheard someone a couple of seats down discuss one of the answers, got this for 4.
4. SUVs – What auto company produces SUVs known as the Ridgeline and Pilot? Six points.
5. Sitcoms – What sitcom had episodes called “My Hypocritical Oath,” “My Malpractice Decision,” and “My Musical?” got this for 7. Getting dicey here, need to use the really “big” point slips, started to get a bit nervous!
6. Canada – The northern border of Idaho touches which Canadian province? Would have gone higher had our Canada expert who previously lived in Idaho had been present, but got it for 2.
7. SCIENTIFIC measurements – What scale was first used in the 1930s to measure earthquakes? Yes, finally get to use 10-point slip!
8. Stadiums – What NHL team plays its home games at the Consol Energy Center? Saved the 1-point for this, missed it.
9. Song Lyrics – According to the 1959 song “Love Potion No. 9,” in order to find said love potion, you should visit the intersection of 34th and what other street? Nervous here because it was a guess – but got it for 8.
10. eBay – Whose image appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich that a Las Vegas Internet casino purchased for $28K in 2004? Not Elvis…miss for 9 (damn, doing so well with the guesses up until this point…oh well, moving on!).
Mystery – Largest Cities – Name the city based on the most populous city in its country. Now that’s more like it! 🙂
1. Sao Paulo
2. Helsinki
3. Kabul
4. Jakarta
Recouped eight points here (whew).
Heading into the final: 17 teams with scores ranging from 22 to 67 with Titty Twisters and Rubber Dinghy Ride tied for the top spot. Our team, playing under the name “Super Bowl Party Widow” wound up in fifth with 56 points. Not too bad for blowing those nine points, but still disappointing 😦 Kind of makes blowing the final question go down a bit easier…
Final Category: Founding Fathers
Only two of the men who currently appear on the obverse (front) sides of United States paper currency also appear as characters in the film version of the musical 1776. Name them.
Wagered 20, never heard of this musical, made best guess which was wrong, though after turning in the slip, thought of the right two guys. Oh well, the top two teams wagered zero, so wouldn’t have cracked the money zone by getting it right anyway. Them’s the breaks…
Game Two
1. Authors – Author Mario Puzo is probably best known for writing what 1969 novel that was later made into an Oscar winning movie? Ten points. Interesting side note, earlier that day, I read an old “MAD” magazine parody of this movie in a compilation book Mom gave me called “MAD about the ’70s.” The satire version was called “The Oddfather,” and was actually pretty funny. The Corleones were called the “Minestrones.” And Sonny Corleone was filled with lead because he didn’t have exact change at the toll booth.
2. Animals – A group of frogs is known by what military name? Saw the FB clue for this, but still had to make a guess, so went low, but got it for 2.
3. Food – In what decade did Pillsbury release the Toaster Strudel to compete with Kellogg’s Pop Tarts? Nine points.
4. Speeches – Audio clue of commencement speech at Harvard by an SNL cast member, missed this for 3.
5. Motown – Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard, and Betty McGlown were all part of the Motown group “The Primettes” before becoming part of what Motown group? Eight points.
6. Medicine – What brand name pink colored medicine with a wintergreen flavor claims to soothe upset stomach and other ailments? Seven points.
7. Coaches – Who was the only coach to lead eight NBA teams to the playoffs? And what was the only team with which he won for nerd point? Strangely guessed the right team for nerd bonus, but missed the question for 1, though our guess of Chuck Daly not too uninformed, since he was a Pistons coach, too.
8. Native Americans – Cochise was a member of what Native American tribe? Apache, Navajo, Iroquois, or Cherokee? Husband may have helped with this one, missed it for 5.
9. TV Shows – What ABC fantasy/drama series is set in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine? Yes, get two TV questions correct for the night, 6 points.
10. Retail – What retail chain has used the ad slogan “Beyond Any Store of its Kind?” Right guess for 4, retail is usually a sinker.
Visual Mystery: Could have used a little help, only got #1.
Heading into the final: 14 teams, did not catch the “bottom” score, top score was Titty Twisters with 58 points. Our team sat in fifth again, this time with 49 points.
Final Category: Super Bowl Halftime Shows (groan)
The following bands and artists all performed in Super Bowl halftime shows during the decade of the 2000s. Put them in the order in which they appeared, starting with the earliest.
Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, U2, The Rolling Stones
Wagered zero on this, but a couple of teams got it. Final standings; Titty Twisters, 68; and Selectees, 69 (they moved up from sixth). Until next time, Go Pods!

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