Trivia Recap – July 1, 2016 – Original Gravity

Three ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co.Thursday for a serving of Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. No prizes, 78 total points wagered 20 points on both final questions (which were both fairly obscure) and missed both of them. Still a fun night out with Dave, and decent teamwork on the questions all around. We wound up moving from our comfortable, cushy, swiveling bar seats partially into game two because apparently someone (cough) “may” have been broadcasting potential answers to a team sitting next to us too well. Guys – I was not talking THAT loud! Sheesh….So we had to move to a table near the host with chairs that just dug into the back all wrong. Never one to give up that easily, I just moved over a nice upholstered chair and made that my “throne” for the remainder of game two. Sure, it sat a bit low to the table, but it felt nice on the back! Players this time were Heather, Mike and Dave. On to those questions, shall we?
Game One
1. Authors – Jerome David are the first and middle name of what reclusive author who died at age 91 in 2010? 10
2. Pet Food – Launched in 1982, what pet food company featured a Persian cat in its advertising eating from a crystal dish? 9
3. Marine Life – What marine animal, similar to a jellyfish, is named for a battleship and shares its name with a race horse? FB clue, 8. And the story about Mike getting stung by a similar creature was announced by the trivia host. True story, he was only 4, and the poor dear was knocked out cold for a couple of hours on a Virginia beach. And this totally explains his obsession with Cthulhu and marine animals, doesn’t it? Touched by the tentacles, he was! Indeed.
5. Sportsball Nicknames – What nickname is given to Oklahoma State University? Put a lot of thought into this, but nope, miss for 1.
6. U.S. Senators – Elizabeth Warren serves as a U.S. Senator in what east coast state? I wrote down a long list of coastal states, and Mike picked the one I DIDN’T write down. Wise man….got this for 2.
7. Sitcom Titles – If this TV show were named for the characters last names instead of their first, it would be called Truman and Adler. Name that show. Again, a lot of thought went into this, but we got it for 3.
8. Scrabble – Of all of the three letter body parts, which one would get you the most points in Scrabble? Nice work, Mike. Apparently there was a team that put “vag” for their answer, Classy, lol….got this for 6.
9. Cities – A Neopolitan person hails from what European city? And this was the first time “someone” was tsk-tsked for potentially broadcasting their answer. Whine. Why is everybody always picking on me? 😦 5
10. ’80s Movies – What brand of candy bar is given to Sloth in “The Goonies?” And it’s a rare night indeed when we miss a question in this category, so, so sad….miss for 4.
Mystery: Anagrams – Unscramble the anagrams to reveal the Leonardo diCaprio movie title. And Mike and I went work here similarly to how we worked together on the recent anagram mystery round involving Jack Nicholson movies. I list the movies, he figures out the anagrams. And it worked well here, especially with Mike remembering one of them when he was at the host table (high five, bro!).
1. Nice Point
2. He Traded Pet
3. Danish Turtles
4. Face a Minty Couch
Got all four.
Standings: Fourteen teams, scores ranging from 22 to 67 with the Josh Pit in first. We were in third playing under the moniker This Team Goes to Eleven with 59 points.
Final Category: In the Kitchen
The Lambeth Method, the Australian Method, and the Wilton Method are three of the main styles of what kitchen skill?
Nope. Two teams managed to get this…Food Network junkies? someone on their team work as a professional in this field? Lucky guess? Big Heads Big Hearts and Josh Pit won this game.
Game Two
1. Athletes – With 22 medals, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time? Nice work Dave, 4.
2. Gardening – What seven-letter word describes a mixture of decaying matter (among other things) often used as a soil additive? And this is when we made our move to the table because apparently this seven-letter word was whispered too loud. Oy….
3. Moons – Which moon of Jupiter has the most volcanic activity of any in the solar system? Mr. Show-Off Mike handed in his slip for big before the multiple choices were revealed. And he got it, so no jabbing in the arm with ballpoint pens was required! Multiple choices were Io, Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede.
4. Restaurants – In June, 2016, what restaurant chain began offering a dish which combines Cheetos with macaroni and cheese? Is this just me or does this actually sound really good? I’d eat the hell out of this stuff, lol…got this for 8.
5. U.S. Capitals – Name two capital cities on the Missouri River? For nerd bonus, name all three. Missed the nerd bonus, got this for 1.
6. Presidential Number One Hits – Who was president when Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Disagreement about when this came out, lost on the coin toss, miss for 2.
7. Reality TV – In 2000, Eddie McGee was the first winner of what reality TV show that is still on the air today? Miss for 3.
8. Catchphrases – What five-word phrase was made famous by boxing announcer Michael Buffer? 7
9. Star Wars – Kurt Russell, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken were all considered for what main role in “Star Wars?” 6
10. Literary Opening Lines – “I first met Dean not long after my wife and I split up” is the opening line in which Jack Kerouac novel which was part of the “beat” generation of literature? 5
Visual mystery: Missed #3.
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores 28 to 60 with Baconium (the tastiest element) in the top spot. We were in third with 56 points.
Final Category: Movie to TV
The 1988 film Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith was later turned in a short-lived 1990 TV show.
What future Best Actress Oscar winner played Melanie Griffith’s role in the TV adaptation?
We listed lots of names of Oscar winning actresses, but nope, no love to be had here…
One team managed to get it right (I think). Final standings: Mellows, 55 (zero bet), and did not catch the name of the top team. We will be waging trivia battle again tonight! Yes, tonight. Not a normal thing, but a couple of us were enticed by the prospect of free bowling. Read about it in our recap on Saturday! Does anyone even go on Facebook on Saturdays anymore? Guess we will, Go Pods, Go GDX, go everyone!


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