Trivia Recap – July 11, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Our “core trio” of ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse for our trivia fix Sunday served up by Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Not a bad night – 129 total points, one $20 prize, something we have not managed at this place for quite a while. Special shout out to our game MVP Brad, who seemed to be really on fire in this game! Perhaps it was because his youngest Scottish Deerhound, Tam-Tam, did well in a recent dog show in Monroe. Or maybe it was because his pre-game bike rides fire up his brain. Although he did forget to bring his bike lock, special thanks to the bar staff for allowing him to temporarily store his bike in the lounge area. Well, if he had to forget something on trivia night, we’re glad it didn’t have anything to do with the game questions! Well not much, anyway. About those…
Game One
1. Jewelry – What type of bracelet is used to hold decorative trinkets that symbolize things in the wearer’s life? 10
2. Duos – “All The Things She Said” was the only Top 40 Billboard hit for what Russian music duo? Thanks Sporcle Live for making this the FB “clue” question (blows kiss)! 9
3. ’00s Movies – Audio clue of 2003 film starring Tom Cruise, 8.
4. Governors – Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are the two most recent governors of what southern state? Mike all over this for 7.
5. Historic Women – By virtue of her marriage to Napoleon, who was the first Empress of the French? Brad’s first “hit” of the night, 6.
6. Sports [SPOILER ALERT – it does not involve a ball] – What sport are you most likely watching if you attend an event at Watkins Glen? Nope, miss for 2.
7. Nursery Rhymes – In the nursery rhyme “Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men in a Tub,” what are the occupations of the three men? Brad jumps at this one instantly. For “nerd” bonus, why are the three men all in a tub together (JK)?
8. Mountains – The Khyber Pass strategically separates Pakistan from what other country? I swear we had this as a MTL question, Scott, it may have been the game you and Angie subbed for me. And yup, we missed it for 4.
9. Cars – What mid-size car, which was made between 1995 and 2010, replaced the Chrysler LeBaron? I got this for 3. And feel a bit better about messing up on that “trucks” final from the week before! Vindication! Sort of…
10. Classic TV – Debuting in 1964, “Gomer Pyle USMC” was a spin-off of what what other series? Brad again for 2.
Mystery – Before and After
1. First Mickey Mouse cartoon and singer who plays a guitar named “Trigger.”
2. TV personality known as the world’s oldest living teenager and name of a Monkees single
3. Actor who plays Jesse on “Breaking Bad” and real name of actor Pee Wee Herman
4. Carroll O’Connor sitcom and rock and hip-hop tour founded by Korn in 1998
Missed 3 and 4.
Standings: Six teams – We were in third with 60, behind My Trivia Partner Thinks it’s a Date with 61, and You’re a Quizzard, Harry, who had 64.
Final Category: Assassinations (Brad nudged me and gave me a “knowing” look because he knows about my fascination with assassinated people, lol).
Match the notable American who was assassinated with the state in which they died.
People: Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, James A. Garfield States: Florida, New York, California, New Jersey
And here is where my most strange logic ever kicked in for a final question answer. The only two facts I knew for sure going in? Where RFK was assassinated, and where another president was assassinated (one who came after Garfield). Guesswork took over. “Why would Malcolm X be in Florida? Not a good place for a black rights activist to be at that time, is it? And no way two presidents assassinated in the same state…And that Chicago mayor may have had Mafia ties, and Mafia people always seem to gravitate toward Florida, which would be a good place for him to get whacked.”
Final standings: ??? with 70 (did not catch the name), Cthulhu’s Day Care and Barbecue, 80 (‘Pods).
Game Two
1. Literary Characters – “A Study in Scarlet,” published in 1987, was the first book to feature what familiar literary duo? Mike all over this for 10.
2. SCIENCE! – What type of plant did Gregor Mendel use to conduct genetic experiments involving recessive and dominant traits? Brad (and me) for 9.
3. U.S. Landmarks – Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg, VA is a U.S. National Historic Site containing the location of which U.S. presidents childhood home? We proceeded to list presidents born in this state, but nope, miss for 2. Lots of people know where this guy lived out his adulthood, not so many know where he lived as a kid. The more you know…
4. Reality TV – What reality TV series features people named Wayne, Wayne Jr. baby Lisa and Beth? Miss for 1.
5. Airplanes – What supersonic jet was retired in 2003 and primarily used by British Airways and Air France? Brad all over this for 8.
6. ’60s Music -What English singer had hits in the ’60s with “Wishing and Hoping,” “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and “Son of a Preacher Man?” Yay, I knew this and Brad didn’t lol (thanks to the movie “Pulp Fiction.” Really. Is there anything that movie can’t teach you? 🙂 ) Got this for 5.
7. World Records – Who holds the world record for the 100-meter dash, which was set in 2009? Brad not only answered this, but provided a spot-on imitation of the guy’s signature move after the answer was revealed (he was a feisty one that night). 7
8. Banks – What bank has used the slogan “Together We’ll Go Far?” For extra “nerd” point, what two colors are in the logo? Nope and nope. Miss for 3.
9. Austin Powers – What is the first name of Dr. Evil’s son in the Austin Powers franchise? Mike and Brad for 6.
10. Food – What breaded veal dish is the national dish of Austria? Another hit for me, thanks to my dad having such a penchant for this cuisine…4.
Visual Mystery Ugh, missed 1 and 2.
Standings: Six teams, scores 40 to 60, with You’re a Quizzard, Harry in the top spot. We were in third with 55.
Of the ten longest rivers that flow at least partially in the U.S., five DO NOT share their name with a U.S. state. Name three of those five rivers.
Worked really hard at this. Had so many rivers written down, including all of the correct ones. They just didn’t find their way on the answer slip we handed in. Our “strategic” wager of 6 was a failure, as no teams got it, so zero/low betters took the game.
Final Standings: My Trivia Partner Thinks it’s a Date, 50, Quizzard, 59. Until next time, which will be The Heidelberg on Tuesday (this will most likely be a solo outing). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti! Just don’t wear flesh colored leggings. Always a bad decision…


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