Trivia Recap – July 12, 2016 – Maiz Mexican Cantina

A duo of ‘Pods visited MAIZ Mexican Cantina for one game of Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M., who was subbing for regular host Sporcle Live with Nate. Amazingly enough, we wound up finishing in third place at the bar for the night – even with playing just one game! Game one went fairly well for us, got the final question correct and wagered 20 on it (IKR?). Finished just out of the prize zone, but it was still an enjoyable evening. Since we wanted to see the premiere of the new AMC series about the rise of the Chicago Mafia, one game was all we wanted to play. And with just two weeks left to go, we want to make sure we stay in the barhop zone! On to the questions, provided by Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, a Toledo trivia team. Please like their page if you haven’t already!
Game One
1. Current TV: Who is the host of the late night talk show Full Frontal, which debuted on TBS in February 2016?
She’s way funnier than Amy Schumer…got this for 10.
2. Mythology: In Greek mythology, which Titan was responsible for stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to mankind? And Mike rushes this one up without even showing me what he wrote, got it for 9.
3. Same Title: Two different songs with what one word title have been top ten hits for the Cars in 1984 and Incubus in 2001?
A bit of debate between two one-word Cars songs, but went with correct guess for 4.
4. City Names: What Indiana city gets its name from the French for “high land?”
Sometimes high school French class comes in handy…8.
5. Famous Phrases: The phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” was introduced in the 1980s as part of a campaign to reduce what?
Got this for 7, my father-in-law has one of these stickers on his pick-up truck.
6. Authors: Before completing her well known trilogy, what author wrote the Underland Chronicles, a series of five novels released in the 2000s?Knew what series they wanted, but could not come up with her name, miss for 1.
7. Sports: The Stableford system is an alternative method of scoring occasional used for events in what sport?
Miss for 2.
8. Movie Characters: In both a 1933 film and its 2005 remake, what character falls in love with the actress Ann Darrow? For one bonus point each, name the actresses who played Ann Darrow in each film. At our bar, we only got the bonus point for naming the 2005 actress (though we would have been able to name both), got this for 6 plus the bonus.
9. Birds: What is the common name for both of the two species of vulture that are the largest flying birds in the Western Hemisphere?
Nice work Mike for 3.
10. Sitcoms: Which regular character on the sitcom Cheers had the last name Petersen? Yay, we get a TV question right (Mike was SO certain we wouldn’t (cough) negative Nancy…), 5.
Mystery – David Spade – Name four series where David Spade appeared as a credited actor (not counting the one where he dished about Hollywood, do not recall the title given). Got two of these.
Heading into the final:
Standings: Sixteen teams, scores ranging from 20 to 64. Shooting for Penultimate and Little Lebowski Urban Achievers were in first, we were in third with 60.
Final Category: Award Winning Movies
Final Question: Among the films released since 1990 that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture, only two have titles that are exactly five words long. Name both.
Got ’em. But no money…
Final Standings: Shooting for Penultimate (not really sure…), LLUA.
Game Two
1. Bodies of Water: The Levantine Sea is the name of the easternmost part of which larger body of water?
2. 80s Movies: In the 1985 film Back to the Future, what song does Marty McFly play at the school dance, announcing “This is an oldie where I come from?”
3. Competitions: Within 5, how many hot dogs did Joey Chestnut eat in 10 minutes at the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest held on July 4, 2016? Bonus for exact.
4. Video Games: Which Nintendo video game series introduced the characters Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare?
5. MLB Teams: Before they moved to their current city, the Oakland Athletics were located in what Midwestern city from 1955 until 1967: St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, or Indianapolis?
6. Musical Families: Sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson have been primary members of which rock group that has used its current name since 1977?
7. Artists: Harmenszoon van Rijn is the last name of what famous European painter known by his first name?
8. Disney Songs: What classic Disney film contains the song “Look Out for Mr. Stork?”
9. Taxes: Abbreviated CGT, what type of tax is levied on profit from the sale of property or an investment?
10. Medical Conditions: What age related medical condition has a name that means “porous boned?”
Visual: So not have URL, see Spaceballs’ post for the visual round. Without the map, this would have been mildly challenging. With the map, every team got a perfect 8 points.
Final Category: Paintings
Final Question: Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze’s 1851 painting Washington Crossing the Delaware commemorates the event that occurred in December 1776 during the American Revolution. What other future president is in the painting, holding the American flag?
**We were a little surprised more teams didn’t get this right. If you know your early presidents and what they were doing during the Revolution, there’s really only one legitimate possibility.
Until next time, which will be a solo outing tonight atThe Heidelberg for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.. Look for our game recap Wednesday after 2 p.m.! As a spoiler for Wednesday, we have an exciting “double header” planned. And old trivia haunt will be visited again as part of this madness. Never a dull moment, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!

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