Trivia Recap – July 13, 2016 – Heidelberg

Sing to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man:” “It’s seven o’clock…on a Tuesday…trivia crowd comes to play…there’s a large man right next to me…spelling out the word ‘crochet.'” Yes, it was a more boisterous crowd than usual at the The Heidelberg for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. on Tuesday. Normally it’s so quiet in there that you easily hear the tapping of an ink pen (or pens) against the bar, as the lone player from What The Shibboleth passes the time in between questions by fidgeting. Or maybe someone might whisper a potential answer just a bit too loud. There was no hearing anything like that Tuesday. A couple of “non-regular” teams sitting toward the front of the room complained about not being able to hear the questions – but did not seem to be able to make the connection between the loudness of their revelry (hey, they’re in a bar, that’s understandable) possibly interfering with their ability to hear the questions. Host Josh pointed out that he could only turn up the speaker so loud – before there was obnoxious feedback (which he demonstrated). Another “non-regular” team aptly named “Five Loud Guys at the Bar” loudly proved that they could spell the word “crochet,” which was the answer to the one of the questions in game two. A team sitting right next to them, had they been stumped on the answer, could have gotten a freebie there. I was sitting in a booth near the middle of the room and had to walk right up to the speaker to hear the audio clue. To his credit, Josh seemed to do a good job attempting to rein in this unruly crowd. In a narrow, tight place like this, it’s rough enough trying to run up slips along the narrow walkway between the “beer hall” style tables and the bar. I joked that a vacuum tube like the ones they have at drive-up tellers would be a very, very nice addition to the bar. Just send up my answer slips in a tube and whoosh watch it go! All that said, I finished with 108 points for the night, got one final question correct, won no prizes, finished in fourth for the night. And the questions, provided by More Beer Less Pants
1)Disney Movies – In the 2010 Disney film Tangled, what were released into the sky each year to commemorate Rapunzel’s birthday?
Bonus – What kind of animal was Rapunzel’s pet, Pascal?
Did not know either. The curse of being childless aunt of a child who was more into Pixar films..I put “a rodent of some sort” for my pet guess. Miss for 2.
2)Cars – What American car manufacturer produced a model called the Road Runner between 1968 and 1980?
Not in my “wheelhouse,” lol. I’m not so hot on obscure car models from before the mid ’70s. My guess was AMC. Shoulda stuck to “Big Three…” Miss for 3.
3)Honors – Although the rounds of shots vary depending on the conditions, what is the name for the most commonly recognized of the customary gun salutes performed by the firing of cannons or artillery as a military honor?
Free points for all! Got this for 10.
4)Song Lyrics – What 1974 song by Queen includes the lyrics “’Let them eat cake’, she says, just like Marie Antoinette”?
This song was so, so difficult to conquer in “Rock Band.” Remember, David? Only 75 percent on “expert.” Freddie Mercury is a tough vocal act to emulate! Got this for 9.
5)Foreign Cuisine – What Indonesian dish consists of seasoned and skewered grilled meat that is often served with a peanut sauce? And I screwed up by not studying the FB clue well enough. However, I still made right guess – but for only 4 (cough) amateur hour…
6)NFL – For the 2002 season, Ricky Williams rushed for over 1800 yards, while playing for what team?
Nope…miss for 1.
7)Alaska – What is Alaska’s most populous city? 5
8)Logos – Founded in 1962, A&M Records features what musical instrument in its logo?
A hint about what musician started this company was given after the host read the answer out loud. I was the only person in the bar getting this one (thanks mom for playing lots of records!). 6
9)Planets – What two planets in our solar system are the only ones without a moon?
Never fails. Leave Mike at home and they ask about planets! Miss for SEVEN (pours another glass of beer).
10)Novelites – Edward Craven-Walker invented what decorative novelty item in the 1960s, which is a glass vessel containing blobs of wax that move around randomly when heated? Yay a gimme for 8!
Mystery – This Day in History (yay history!)
1) 1804 – What former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury died from injuries he sustained from being shot in a duel the day before?
2) 1979 – The Chicago White Sox held a promotion between games that involved the destruction of a crate of records from what genre of music?
3) 1543 – What king married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr?
4) 2013 – U.S. release of what Guillermo de Toro-directed sci-fi movie about giant monsters that emerge from the ocean?
Got them all. Yes even the sports one!
Standings: I was in fifth heading into the final playing under the handle “An American In Paris Hilton” with 56 points, tied with Drinking Team With a Trivia Problem. Nixon’s O Face was in first with 64.
Final – Book to Movie
Of the Dr. Seuss books that have been adapted into movies within the last 20 years, which three have grossed the most at the worldwide box office?
I really, really tried on this. Two came to me right away, and I started writing down some books. Did not write down the book I needed, which would not have happened had Mike (who loves this particular book) had been there. See? You are a big help, sweetie! 🙂 Oh well, moving on…
Game 2
1)News – What weekly NBC news program has been moderated by Chris Wallace, Tim Russert, David Gregory, and currently by Chuck Todd?
Good guess for 4.
2)Recent Video Games – Subtitled Survival Evolved, what recent action-adventure survival video game features the players riding dinosaurs and using improvised weapons while building bases for defense?
I put “Sims 1 million BC” as a joke guess. Nope, miss for 2.
3)Borders – Name one of two countries that share a land border with Sweden
Bonus – Name the other Got them both. Is it me, or this geography 101? 10
4)Beverages – What brand of alcoholic beverage currently airs commercials showing people getting hit in the head with apples and uses the slogan “Pick different”? Thought about two potential beverages, yay picked the right one for 5.
5)Rappers – What rapper released albums titled Ego Trippin’ in 2008, Malice n Wonderland in 2009, and an album titled Coolaid earlier this month?
I was WAY too ballsy on this one, centering too much on the word “cool.” Miss for 6.
6)Crayons – What is the largest size box currently available from Crayola: 96, 100, 120 or 150?
No re-racks to help me! Went too low, miss for 3.
7)Musicals – Spoken word clip from a musical, talking about “razzle dazzle”.
I could barely hear this clue, but confirmed with the host that a particular woman’s name was mentioned at the beginning, so I got it for 9.
8)Sports Rivalries – What two NHL teams have a rivalry known as the Battle of Alberta? YAY I GOT THIS for 7! Almost as exciting as when I came up with Bobby Orr’s name on a hockey question way back when when i was the “ranking” sports player at the game. Total “triviagasm,” lol…
9)American History – In what American war did Ethan Allen lead the Green Mountain Boys? He made great furniture too, apparently…8.
10)Crafts – From the French for “small hook”, what is the process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn? It’s spelled like this…(JK).
Visual Mystery:
Got them all.
Standings: Standings: I was in fourth with 53 points playing under the handle “An American in Paris Hilton.” The non-league (and very, very loud) team Penguins was in first with 63.
Final – Foreign Leaders
Since 1980, there have only been two Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom who were from the Labour Party, and they served consecutively.
Name both of those Labour Prime Ministers.
I can name exactly three prime ministers since 1990. Thankfully the two I wrote down were correct (I figured one of them would NOT be part of that party). Not enough to be in money zone…oh well. Until next time, which will be our insane “Double Header” tonight! I will do one solo game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle With Tim, and then head over to the The Wurst Bar for aStacy Louis show, as team GDX attempts to get a semifinals spot. Go Pods, go GDX! Look for BOTH of my game recaps after 2 p.m. Thursday. We may skip Heidelberg next week because of the art fair madness, but may play at another spot on that date. Which one will it be? Hmmm….


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