Trivia Recap – July 24, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Three ‘Pods finished up the Sporcle Live season and visited the YpsiAlehouse one last time Sunday for a hit of Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Special thanks, Emily for playing that Hall & Oates album track “Soldering” by request 😉 Which is a song about a fickle young woman wanting sex, but being very particular about with whom she engages in to get it (see comments for a YouTube link). Ahem…this means we will finish the season with a cool 42 barhop points! Which is ALMOST as cool of a number as 69 (come now, there ARE no cooler numbers than 69, it’s SCIENCE)…We finished the night with 120 points, one first place $20 prize in game one. We missed the game two final question, but every team missed it, too. Misery loves company? Our trio of ‘Pods include myself, Mike, and Brad. And the questions.
Game One
1. Film Roles – What WWE Hall of Fame wrestler appeared in all of the following films – “The Longest Yard,” “The Condemned,” and “Grown Ups?” Miss for 1.
2. Holidays – In which U.S. state is Harvey Milk Day celebrated annually May 22 in honor of the politician and activist assassinated in 1978? 10
3. Board Games – What long-running World War II themed board game series has installments entitled “Pacific: 1940” and “Battle of the Bulge?” Thank you re-rack, got this for 7. Mike knew of two possible answers to this one.
4. Showtime – Nancy Botwin was the main character on what Showtime series between 2005 and 2010? For nerd point, what actress played her on the series? Got this for 3, but missed the bonus.
5. Presidential Quotes – What president said “Many of you know I got my (first) name from my father – but whomever gave me my middle name obviously never thought I’d run for president?” This quote is paraphrased and could not be confirmed via google…got this for 5.
6. Authors – What was the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s dead business partner in “A Christmas Carol?” Got this for 9.
7. Mythology – Who is the wife of Odysseus who waited 20 years for him to return home? Funny that a wife was the one who nailed this, lol…8.
8. NHL Teams – In 2012, which Eastern Conference NHL team was the first the first in the league to be worth $1 billion? FB clue, 6.
9. ’80s Albums – What is the three-letter title of a Duran Duran studio album released in 1982? All me for 4…
10. Math – What branch of math deals with the study of triangles? Me getting a maff question? What madness is THIS? There was more to this question, but meh…got this for 2.
Mystery: Anagrams – Scrambled words will be NFL quarterback MVPS from the 21st century.
1. Tin Penny Mango
2. Oranger Roads
3. By Bat Rod
4. Wet Con Man
Got ’em all (me and Brad teamed up, believe it or not, and Mike helped out a little too).
Standings; Four teams, scores 50 to 67, with us in the top spot.
Final Category: Revolutionary War
The Bennington Battle Monument, Mount Independende and the Catamount Tavern (until it burned down) were all key locations in the Revolutionary War in which U.S. state? Brad recognized one of these words as a NCAA mascot, I recognized the same mascot as being a beer brand and remembered what state in which it was brewed. Even though it has been EONS since I drank this beer. Beer memory is a powerful thing indeed…this would not be the first time my “beer memory” helped me get a final question correct, lol. Anyone remember “cerise?”
Standings: Chief Running with Scissors, 74; ‘Pods, 85.
Game Two
1. Olympic Hosts – Which of the following countries was the only one to host a Winter Olympics? Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, or Finland? Me and (mostly) Brad for 10.
2. Fictional Characters – Of the Darling children in Peter Pan, which child is the oldest? 9
3. Senses – In humans, the olfactory sense is most closely associated with what sense? 8
4. Drinks – Which ingredient in a grasshopper cocktail gives it its green color? Me here, but since cocktail questions always screw us? Only got this for 4. And speaking of questions screwing us, read on…
5. Texas – What city was named as the capital of the Republic of Texas in 1837 before it was moved to Austin? We may have “remembered” a particular city, but unfortunately, it was not the city we needed to remember…miss for 5.
6. Wars – In which decade of the 20th Century did the Spanish Civil War occur? Re-rack saved us for 7.
7. Audio TV Comedies – Audio clue which Brad immediately recognized of ’90s TV series based in Cleveland.
8. Letters – Name one of the two Greek letters beginning with the letter “O.” For nerd bonus, name both. Got both for 3.
9. Slogans – “The One that Coats” is the slogan for what over-the-counter medicine? 2
10. Jealousy – What syndrome with a Shakespearean name describes delusional jealousy involving a spouse’s infidelity? We totally overthought this, miss for 1.
Mystery: got ONE of these.
Standings: Les Animalia, 48; My Trivia Partner Thinks it’s a Date, 52; Chief Running with Scissors, 53; ‘Pods, 55, and Diane’s Gs, 56.
Final Category: Academy Award Winners
Four performers have won Academy Awards for appearing in multiple movies that won best picture. Jack Nicholson is one of those people. Name two of the other three winners.
We managed to get one. A lot of confusion among the masses about this question – we asked for it to be repeated before trying to answer.
Standings: Diane’s Gs, 36; My Trivia Partner Thinks it’s a Date, 46.
Until next time, which is TBD. Venue Tournament week is this week, and it will probably not be necessary to play one. So we’ll play it by ear! As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!

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