Trivia Recap – July 4, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

The bad news is we had a 93-point game Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle With Tim, who was subbing for regular host Sporcle and Shine with Emily. The good news is that score was good enough to be the first place score for the venue for the night – something we have only managed to do a couple of other times here this past season. We managed to win one $10 gift card. The final questions were exceptionally tough – with both being of the “name four of the ….” on a list variety. Most teams failed both of them – one team managed to get the Dreamworks movies one in game one correct. Heather, Mike and Brad represented the ‘Pods this time around, and the questions….
Game One
1. Actors – Ed Harris received his first Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in what 1995 film? 10
2. City Nicknames – Because of its history with iron and steel, Birmingham, AL is called the (city name) of the South? 9
3. Popular Snacks – In what decade were Doritos first produced? We now have a “device” for remembering when this occurred – “It’s the decade in which Brad was born.” Got this for 8.
4. Interviews – Audio clue of actress talking about falling down, among other things. Actually torn between two, picked the right one but went low for 2.
5. Board Games – One way to win “Stratego” is to capture what immovable piece? FB clue, 7.
6. Books – What Beatrix Potter title character loses his jacket and shoes in Mr. MacGregor’s garden? 6
7. Animals- What is the common name for a gastropod that lacks a shell? Does anyone else out there think the word “gastropub” sounds like gastropod? Or is that just me? πŸ™‚ Got this for 5.
8. Designers – Gabrielle was the given first name of what French designer born in 1883, who was more commonly known by what nickname? Yay, I know a “girlie” answer, lol…4.
9. Number One Hits – What 2001 single was the first #1 hit by Nickelback? For extra nerd point, what was the name of their debut album? Nope, and nope, we put “Lame Auto-Tuned Rhapsody in B-flat.” Think David might have known this answer….
10. The Constitution – What amendment to the Constitution guarantees a fair and speedy trial? Third, sixth, fifth, or ninth? Torn between two, picked the wrong one, miss for 3.
Mystery: Quickfire – Name four of the largest countries of the world by area beginning with a vowel. This sounds like it could have been a contender as a final question. We would be in total support of this being used in this way (especially in this game since we got them all).
Standings: Eight teams, scores 22 to 62, with us in the top spot.
As of June 2016, DreamWorks Animation has released 32 feature films, six of which have one-word titles.
Name four of those six films. Only managed to get two, though a couple of other correct ones were almost written down. Our childless movies expert is stronger at Pixar, unfortunately… 😦
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 42, You’re a Quizard, Harry 65 (way to get that one right!).
Game Two
1. Beverage Logos – Evian bottled water has a depiction of mountains on its logo due to the company’s location near what mountain range? Educated guess for 3.
2. Lawsuits – A landmark Supreme Court case ruled that what U.S. president could not use executive privilege to withhold evidence from a criminal trial? A bit of debating, but got it for 2.
3. Words – What word used internationally as a distress signal comes from the French for “help me?” A lot of groans, but we got this for 10. Also shares name with Grace Jones’ character’s name in “A View to a Kill.” Though this hint was not given in the game!
4. The Civil War – Benito Juarez led one of the warring factions in what country’s civil war from 1857 to 1860? Brad and Mike were coming dangerously close to overthinking this one when I took a bathroom break. Thankfully they did not continue doing so, got this for 5.
5. TV Series – “Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition… ” is the introduction to what TV series? I was really confused. I came out of the bathroom and “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block was playing and saw that the category was TV series. So for a minute I thought that there was a TV series out there that used this as their theme song. Then the host re-read the question – confusion over! Got this for 9.
6. ’80s Movies – Which “Brat Pack” actor did NOT appear in “St. Elmo’s Fire?” Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall or Emilio Estevez? And for extra “nerd” point, who performed the theme song for that movie? I was all over this one…but think our team may have been the only one in the bar getting the “bonus” portion of this since we heard a lot of groans again…8 points.
7. Wine – What four-letter word is used to describe champagne as dry? Went way too high and missed this for 7. Mike, just because I come up with a potential answer right away it doesn’t mean I’m super sure of the answer! That’s OK, he’ll get another chance to bitch about my final question wagering in this game! Never a dull moment…
8. MLB Pitchers – Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley made a vast majority of his career 390 saves while playing for what MLB team? Brad initially thought of one team, then thought of another. His second guess turned out to be correct, got this for 4.
9. Stage Names – Mike D., Ad-Rock and MCA are the stage names of the members of what rap group? 6.
10. Astronomy – In 2014, a space probe called Philay became the first to achieve a soft landing on what celestial object? Brad knew this one right away, had a 1 pointer left. Which would have been better used elsewhere in the game (cough).
Mystery: Missed 2 and 3.
Standings: Nine teams, scores 19 to 55, with Working Title taking the top spot. We were in third with 53 points.
Since 1990, five different Chevrolet models have won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Name four of those five models.
Wagered 10 and missed. as did every single other team. Finished in third for this game and no prize money for us! Final standings: Diane’s Gs, 49; Your Mom Says Hi, 54 (zero bets for both team). Until next time, which will be The Heidelberg on Tuesday. We may actually have a third player this time around! We can hardly contain our excitement about that! As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Ypsilanti! Even if you’re inquiring about “Daddy Daughter Day” at the Deja Vu while you have your daughter in tow! We won’t judge you, wink-wink! And no, that’s not a “real” thing. And they didn’t really run a special on Father’s Day where the price of the lap dance is based on your daughter’s age! And no, it doesn’t cost 80 cents if your daughter is eight months old, so stop raiding the change jar right now! Yes, these are some of the strange places your brain will go when your trivia spot is located right next to a strip club!



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