Trivia Recap – July 6, 2016 – Heidelberg

A quartet of ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg Tuesday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.. Finished with 138 points for the night and a $20 first-place prize for game two. This was one of those games where we were kind of disappointed with how we did in game one, and thought…”Well, if game two is perfect, we just might have a shot at winning tonight.” Guess what turned out to happen? Perfect regular round in game two and got the final question correct. Looks like a certain two teams that play on the same night with the same question set CAN both have good games on the same night! Team More Beer Less Pants played at a Belleville spot and logged a score of 161 points for the night. Nice job, guys! Pods playing on Tuesday included Heather, Mike, Dave and Joel. Twice the number we normally have playing at Heidelberg!
Game One
1. Quarterbacks – Did not write down this question in its entirety. Stay tuned, will edit the post later if this question can be summoned elsewhere. We missed it for 3 (nice try, Dave).
2. Frozen Food – What fast-food chain was the first to sell pre-cooked frozen burgers in grocery stores? 10
3. American History – Who was known as “Moses” of the Underground Railroad? 9
4. Family Movies – What 2001 family-action film spawned the 2010 sequel “Revenge of Kitty Galore?” For extra nerd point, what multiple Grammy winning singer performed the voice of Kitty Galore? Got the first part for 4, missed the nerd point.
5. Lead Singers – Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors, died in July, 1971 in what European city? 8
6. Advertising – Actress Stephanie Courtney is best known for her role as an upbeat spokesperson for what company since 2008? 7
7. Islands – What group of North Atlantic islands has a name derived from the Latin for “from the dog” instead of another animal name? 6
8. TV – What HBO series debuting in 2004 is named for the South Dakota town it is set in during 1870? 5
9. Animal Groups – What three-letter word can mean a group of porpoises, dolphins or whales? 2. Go porpoises! Go dolphins! Go whales 🙂
10. Games – How many unique tiles are included in a standard Dominoes set that goes up to double sixes? Miss for 1.
Mystery: Match the ’90s Jim Carrey film to the year. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
The Cable Guy
The Truman Show
Batman Forever
Liar, Liar
Flip-flopped the ’96 and ’97 movie. I always brain fart on when “Cable Guy” came out and am always off by a year. Must slap brain silly with sack of quarters as punishment. Or will that only make it worse?
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 46 to 66, with Drinking Team With a Trivia Problem in first. We were tied with another team for second with 58 points.
Final Category: Baseball Awards
We gave Dave the choice of what to wager, as he was our only “sportsball” person playing. He wanted to wager zero.
Six different Cincinnati Reds players have won the National League MVP Award in the last fifty years. Name three of those players.
Nope, could only come up with one. two teams managed to get it correct.
2. And in first Place, 74; DTWATP, 76.
And we were feeling kind of frustrated after this game, but alas [SPOILER ALERT] things will start to go more our way in the next game!
Game Two
1. Brand Names – In 1907, what company became the first to mass produce paper cups? 4
2. ’90s Movie Characters – Name one of the two actors playing the title role in the 1993 film “Super Mario Brothers.” For nerd bonus, name both. I came up with the first guy right away, and no one knew who he was. “Fat detective guy in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” After flubbing the Jim Carrey movies release years, my teammates were NOT sold on wagering big on this. But I somehow won them over, and came up with guy #2 in the process (he was pulled from the depths), woot, got this for 10.
3. Literary Creatures -What kind of creatures are Flopsy and Mopsy in a Beatrix Potter children’s book? And this is when I was inspired to draw the silly cartoon (shared in a previous post) after writing down the names of what those creatures were on the paper. And the pictures/dialogue just materialized around that word. Never even read the book, just know that poor little Peter Rabbit got himself into some hot water for getting into Mr. MacGregor’s garden! Poor little bastard…
4. Eight-letter words – What eight letter word ending in “th” is a very meaning to leave something to a beneficiary? 8
5. State Laws – The highest speed limit in the U.S. is 85 miles per hour and is in effect along Highway 130 in which state? Joel (frequent world/U.S. traveler that he is) came up with the correct state easily, with backup from Mike, 7.
6. ’80s TV – Audio clue from TV show debuting in 1981 that “Rain Man” absolutely had to watch. Dave so excited to recognize this right away. Yes, it’s definitely, definitely time to hand in the answer slip! 6
7. Bones – What bone in the human body is the heaviest and longest? 5
8. Newspapers – Which daily newspaper has the highest circulation of any in the United States? 3
9. Sports Terms – Carving, herringbone and schussing are all terms used in which sport? Joel’s brain kicked in here, 2.
10. Lyrics – “There’s a fire starting in my heart (et al)” are the opening lyrics to what song which won the Grammy Award for record of the year in 2012? Thank you so much Dave for being our only hope on any questions involving crappy recent music (smooches)! 1. I took a Sporcle quiz very recently with these images in it, very helpful! Got them all.
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 28 to 67 with It’s Cephalopods Week on Animal Planet! in first. Yeah, that would be us….
Final Category: Traditions
Which month’s modern birthstone is the only one that is NOT a mineral?
I started listing birthstones/months that I knew, and we started crossing some off since we knew which birthstone the answer was (just wasn’t 100 percent sure on the month). Got it, only wagered 13.
Final Standings: ??? (did not catch the team name), 58; ‘Pods, 80. Until next time, which is tonight when a group of ‘Pods will invade a local watering hole for a MTL game. Go Pods!


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