Trivia Recap – June 1, 2016 – Heidelberg

Three ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg Tuesday in Ann Arbor for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.. We had a pretty sweet game going up to that “sportsball” final question in game one with just one mystery round miss (grrrr….), but got the second final question correct. We finished with 134 points for the night, first place for the venue, and won $30 in gift cards. Lost out on a coin toss in too many questions in game two, but overall, not a bad night, we’ll take it! Representative ‘Pods this time included myself (Heather), Mike and Joel, who has not attended a game yet this season (nice work, Joel, you really helped out a lot!). And the questions…
Game One
1. Credit Cards -What credit card company used the “priceless” slogan? 10
2. Medications – The OTC drug Dramamine is most commonly used to treat symptoms of what condition? Side effect? This stuff knocks you out, too. Used to have to take on long bus trips to prevent barfing. 9
3. Before he was president – Before becoming president, Ronald Reagan starred in the 1951 file Bedtime for Bonzo. What specific species was Bonzo? 8, Joel and Mike teamwork.
4. Breweries – What Northeast U.S. State has the greatest number of breweries per capita? Joel and I nailed this, but weren’t confident, so only 3.
5. Games – What popular app game has sequels called soda saga and jelly saga? 7.
6. College Mascots – What type of native marsh bird is Sebastian, the University of Miami Hurricanes’ mascot? Two points, yay Joel the former Floridian! Sorry we didn’t wager higher on this 😦
7. Studies – Ferrinquilogy, from the Latin for “iron” and “horse” are the study of what? 6
8. TV Characters – Ragner and Rollo are brothers on what History Channel series that premiered in 2013? Mike nails this for 5.
9. South America – What country bordering Brazil has both the highest and lowest elevation points in South America? Heather read two books about Mount Everest disasters in 2015 (Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” was one of them), and remembered the “Seven Summits” bucket list that many mountaineers go for (climb the highest summits on each of the seven continents). Got this for 4. Now to find out the name of the highest summit in Europe that is located in Russia (this WILL come up in a trivia game sometime). Side note, Jon Krakauer also wrote the book on which the film “Into the Wild” was based.
10. Song Lyrics – The Kinks’ song “Lola” in its original form was banned by the BBC from being played because it provided free advertising for what company in the first verse? For nerd point, what is the last name of the two brothers in the Kinks? I knew both of these, but were only down to 1 point. And for the record? Lola can use whatever bathroom he/she wants to use as long as he/she minds her own business and washes his/her hands afterward! And that’s all I have to say about that…
Mystery – Before and After
1. Alter Ego of “Deadpool” and name of singer who had a hit song in the ’60s with “In the Midnight Hour”
2. Movie that won Best Picture in 2005 and nickname of group of people born between 1946 and 1964
3. Actor who played Dorothy on the Golden Girls and creator of Sherlock Holmes
4. Brand of drink pouches introduced in 1969 and nickname of Texas NCAA Conference
Missed #4, our only miss of the round (shakes fist SPORTSBALL!)
Standings: Seven teams, scores ranging from from 48 to 65, with us in the top spot. We were just ahead our our closest venue rivals Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, who had 64 points.
Final Category: Famous Venues
What major sports venue located near where the Grateful Dead was founded was the site of more Grateful Dead concerts than any other sports venue? We wagered “zero” when we figured “venues” would be a thinly veiled “sportsball” question, and at this bar? We were wise to do so. No teams got it right, but at least we were in the right city 😦
Final standings; Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 62; ‘Pods, 65.
Game Two
1. Fish – The goldfish was first domesticated and kept as a pet by people in what country? Miss for 5, lost on a coin toss.
2. Companies – Named after a sound, what company produced the Hula Hoop , Frisbee, Superball and Slip N Slide? 10. Photo tie in? Ren and Stimpy’s “parody” company…
3. Internet – Several celebrities appeared on a Reddit feature called AMA where users ask questions of them. What does AMA stand for? I got this for an educated guess for 2.
4. Musicals – Audio of song from 1951 musical, which was a show with everything – a singing teacher AND Yul Brynner. Time flies…doesn’t seem a minute since the Tarolean spa had the chess boys in it…OK, I will stop! No more “One Night in Bangkok” references in this game recap! Scout’s honor!
5. Politics – What is the most popular third political party in the United States, not including those without party affiliations ? Miss for 4 on a coin toss.
6. Comic Strips – The Apple watch, when introduced in 2015, was compared to a gadget worn by what comic strip character when it was released in 1931? FB clue for 8.
7. Game Shows – George Gray is the current announcer for what game show which was previously hosted by Johnny Olson and Rich Fields? I totally f—ed up here and picked the WRONG GAME SHOW. SO SORRY GUYS! GO AHEAD AND FIRE ME! (cough) I’ve been trying to get a replacement for me anyway, but nobody seems to want the job, or is not able to survive the rigorous audition process. Really? Do so few people out there know “Evita,” “Jesus Christ Superstar” and Blondie lyrics? SO SORRY! Miss for SEVEN! We so suck (hides under table)!
8. Olympic Sports – What team sport will be re-included in the 2016 Summer Olympics after having been excluded ever since the U.S. won the Gold Medal? Miss for 1, did not write down the whole question.
9. Historic Nicknames – What is the nickname of the U.S.S. Constitution? Restored six points here.
10. Animated Movies – What 1992 animated film had the subtitle “The Last Rain Forest?” And for “nerd” bonus, what duo voiced two characters in this film? Did not write all of this question down. We got this for 3, missed the “nerd” bonus.
Mystery: Got all of these (so very helpful that Joel is a world traveler thanks to his profession as a pilot).
Standings; Seven teams, scores ranging from 30 to 58 with “The A Team” in the top spot with 58. We were in fourth with 49 points.
Final Category: Colorful Words
What six-letter word that comes from French describes a type of bright-red fruit and was used to determine the second Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion?
We wagered 20, and after a bit of thought, I remembered this word shared its name with a Michigan craft beer (that I have never tried, but damn it sounds delicious!).
Final Standings; ‘Pods, 69 (sixty-nine, dudes!), ???, 73 (Team Has No Name).
Until next time, which will be a local watering hole tonight for a Generation Double X (GDX) My Trivia Live outing. Our next Sporcle Live outing is TBD, we will keep y’all posted! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy everyone!


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