Trivia Recap – June 15, 2016 – Heidelberg

The ‘Pods doubled their “normal” team size at The Heidelberg for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.and had a whopping four players! One was one of our “core” players (aka Leprechaun) Brad, whom was sweet-talked into coming to this game though he normally does “board game night” on Tuesdays. He was good for not only helping to answer some questions, but for some very off-color conversing in the car with our “guest” player Bill, who was visiting for the evening from California. Brad is always good for sparking interesting conversations! We won one $20 gift card for game one and 139 points for the night. Sadly, we are still not in first place here, but are closing in…! Just three points out of first place, and had to miss a game early in the season (stupid work….). Special thanks to “Mr. Scott” from More Beer Less Pants (did I just give him a “moniker?” Sure he will hate it!) for typing up the questions. I wanted a break from doing the re-cap since I correctly predicted I’d be tired today (yawn). And the questions…
Game 1
1) Ice Cream – In the 1990’s, what ice cream brand ran an ad campaign of a child reading their label, to demonstrate their easily read ingredient label?
2) SCIENCE! terms – What 13 letter word is used to describe the change from a chrysalis to a butterfly?
3) Fun in the Water – What trademarked line of personal watercraft is recognizable by a spout of water that shoots into the air from the rear of the vehicle?
Did anyone in the entire state of Michigan get this one correct? Miss for 3.
4) Harry Potter – Who replaced Severus Snape as the potions master at Hogwarts?
Mike has read the books. But nope, we couldn’t come up with this. Miss for 1.
5) Islands – What is the largest island in the world, by area?
6. War History – Copperheads were a vocal faction of Democrats that opposed what war?
Correct guess for 4.
7) TV Hosts – Caroline Rhea was the host for the first three seasons of what competition/reality show that premiered in 2004?
– Nope. If you’ve ever met Mike, Brad and I, you’ll know that we are not the type of people that would have any interest in this show. We guessed something else. We opted for a BS answer, don’t recall what it was. Miss for 2.
8) World Series – What MLB team won back to back World Series titles in the 1990’s, but haven’t made a Series appearance since?
Bonus – Name 1 of the 2 years.
Missed the team, but I produced one of the correct years from thin air (woot!). “Uh, 1993 sounds good.”
9) Musicals – What English language folk opera, originally performed in 1935, takes place in a fictional part of South Carolina called “Catfish Row”?
Pulling this answer from the ass made me walk funny for the rest of the game, lol. Ouch! Got it for 6.
10) What superhero was the first character balloon to be used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Mike was absolutely certain about this one – way to nerd it up for 7.
Mystery – Anagrams
Each answer will be a film for which Jack Nicholson received an Academy Award nomination. This is when I started writing down Jack’s nominated movies and Mike started working on the anagrams…
Got them all.
We were in second out of seven teams going into the final, with the lowest team at 24 points. We had 60 points and were just behind Formaldehyde and Seek, which we believe was the pseudonym being used by What the Shibboleth.
Final – Nobel Prize Winners
Besides South Africa, four other African countries have been the birthplace of individual Nobel Peace Prize winners. Name two of the other four countries.
Our team is pretty strong with the “Dark Continent.” If only we’d get better at the geography/borders of our own damn country! We managed to write down all four correct nations and got this right. A complete reversal from the whole beer final question debacle from Sunday, of which we will not speak again.
Game winners: DTWATP, 54 (zero bet), ‘Pods, 80.
Game 2
1) Mass Transit – When the NYC subway opened in 1904, what was the fare: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢ or 15¢?
– Lucky guess for low points.
2)Space Program – What was the name of the first orbiting satellite launched by the US? We had the “hint” that it shared its name with an automobile model, unsure if other venues had this hint.
And this is where our guest Bill chimed in for the first time. Got this for 10.
3) Beverages – What beverage company produces the “Arnold Palmer” tea/lemonade drink that comes in 23-oz cans?
4) Literature – First published in its entirety in 1866, what novel by Leo Tolstoy was originally titled “All’s Well That Ends Well”?
Five points.
5) Boxing – “Down goes Frazier” was the call in 1973, when George Foreman knocked out Joe Frazier in the “Sunshine Showdown” held in what island nation? Miss for EIGHT. Ouch. More painful than coming up with that Gershwin opera title.
6) Politicians – Who was the Republican candidate for president in the 1996 election? Seven.
Bonus – In which branch of the military did this person serve?
– Got them both.
7)Audio – Theme song from a 2000’s sitcom, set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.
Thank goodness Mike and I briefly watched this show, probably only because of Mike’s little “thing” for Amy Poehler. He likes sarcastic girls. Go figure…show did not interest us enough to continue watching it, but just enough to remember its silly theme song. Six.
8) Festivals – What is the name of the annual music festival, created in 1991 by Perry Ferrell?
I was at this concert at Pine Knob in 1991! I have the T-shirt! It was insane…fires were ignited in the “lawn” seats when the sun fell. Not by me. Honest. Yes, we got this for 4. Though Mike almost wrote down the parody name of this festival that was used in “The Simpsons.”
9)What two words does “.flv” stand for, in reference to a computer file format?
Bill and co. teamwork. I was in the bathroom. Got this for 1.
10)Appian Way is a historic road in what European country?
Three points.
Mystery: them all.
We were in second again with 59 points behind Bicurious George out of six teams, the lowest-scoring one with 40 points.
Final – Kanye WTF? And some off-color conversations ensued. Heather to Bill: “Do you know anything about this guy?” Bill: “His wife has a big ass. And she’s an idiot.” Seriously, do we need to start providing audio of our game commentary? 🙂
We wagered zero, which is good for us since this was a sportsball question in disguise…
Located west of the Mississippi, what major sports venue that opened in 2000 did rapper Kanye West rent out in 2013 for an elaborate marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian, utilizing its scoreboard in the process?
Nope. We went with a stadium in San Francisco named for pants. Our knowledge about this pair is very, very limited, and our stadiums knowledge is only slightly less limited. Does that sentence even make sense? No prizes this round. And that’s all she wrote. We’re taking tonight off from trivial pursuits (IKR?), but will be back at it Thursday for a little “showdown” south of here. Read all about it in our re-cap Friday. As always, Go Pods!



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