Trivia Recap – June 17, 2016 – Original Gravity

The three ‘Pods who have known each other the longest of all the current ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co.for a serving of Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. We finished in first for the night with 117 points, aced the final question in game one about a comedy troupe (won $20), blew the “sportsball” final question in game two – though we actually wagered on it this time (IKR?). But we nearly got the question correct! We had to name two sportsballers, and named one of them. This time the ‘Pods were represented by Heather, Mike, and Dave. And since Dave’s son Johan helped hand in some answer slips and occasionally said “Go Pods,” we’ll call him an “honorary” ‘Pod! Next time, Dave, have him wear his ‘Pods shirt! And the questions, which we believe the team Your Resume Sucks may want to copy/paste and use in their own re-cap (hence the tagging).
Game One
1. Board Games – What is the cost of a standard utility in the original “Monopoly” game? 10
2. Creatures – What creature gets its name from the Greek for “Terrible Lizard?” Mike helped us avoid potential disaster here, got this for 9.
3. Currency – What is the common name for currency of Pakistan, India and Nepal? 8
4. ’60s Music – Name one of the two biggest Jefferson Airplane hit songs from their “Surrealistic Pillow” album? For extra “nerd” point, name both. Dave and I nailed both for 7 plus 1. One of these used to be a favorite karaoke song of mine.
5. Literary Classics – What was the nickname of the overweight, asthmatic boy in “Lord of the Flies?” Mike nails this for 6.
6. TV Dogs – On what animated series did the family have a dog named Lady Bird? 5
7. Advertising Icons – What actor who has played a Marvel Superhero lent his voice to “Mr. Peanut” in 2010? Nope, miss for 1.
8. Fun in the Water – In a regulation water polo game, what odd number of players does each team have? Good guess for 2.
9. Beverages – What brand of English hard cider is named for the nickname of a 12th Century Norman knight? 3
10. Artists – From what country were Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera? We so overthought this one (tsk, tsk…). Miss for 3.
Mystery: Before and After
1. Sitcom starring Jake and Alan Harper and band who had a hit song in the ’80s called “Down Under”
2. 1972 Alice Cooper song mentioning “No more pencils, no more books” and title of most recent TMNT movie
3. The path followed by Dorothy & Co. and Wile E. Coyote’s nemesis
4. A large number of vehicles close together moving slowly and an informal group of musicians improvising together
Missed #2 (kudos to Dave for asking his kid, who was playing video games, if he knew the answer to that one).
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 27 to 62 with the ‘Pods in the top spot.
Final Category: Comedies
What comedy troupe features actors named Jay, Kevin, Steve, Paul and Erik and starred together in their first feature film “Puddle Cruiser” in 1996? Knew this one instantly. Love their ridiculous movies…
Standings: Pickle Matrix, 70; ‘Pods, 79.
Game Two
1. 2009 Headlines – What alliterative nickname did the media give to Falcon Heeni because of an incident later revealed to be a hoax? Mike all over this for 10.
2. Animals – What animal is the result of mating a male donkey and a female horse? 9
3. Musical Instruments (Dave and I were really excited about this category) – The brand name Steinway is most closely related to what musical instrument? Really? This question couldn’t have been about the contrabassoon? Tympani? Mellophone? Whine…too easy, 8.
4. ’90s Movies – In the 1994 film “Speed,” at what minimum speed did the bus have to travel? For extra “nerd” point, in what city did the film’s action take place? Missed the first part for 4, got the nerd bonus.
5. Boxers – What is the name of the London born boxer nicknamed the “Fugilist” and “The Lion?” FB clue, 7.
6. Websites – For what web site would you use the domain loc dot gov? 6
7. TV Dramas – audio clue of theme song from an HBO crime series set in Baltimore, which Dave recognized (thank goodness). 5
8. Catastrophes – In which U.S. state did Mount St. Helens erupt in 1980? And this topic came up very recently in a My Trivia Live game….3
9. Restaurants – What restaurant chain uses the slogan “Louisiana Fast?” 2
10. At the Casino – What is the highest number on a standard roulette wheel? Mike with right guess for 1. Even though he has never played it, maybe he’s seen enough movies featuring roulette wheels. Hey, whatever it takes!
Mystery: Missed #3.
Standings: Fifteen teams, scores ranging from 26 to 58, with the ‘Pods and Pickle Matrix tied for first.
Final Category: MVPS
Only five players have won multiple Super Bowl MVP awards, including Joe Montana and Tom Brady. Name two of the other three players.
I started jotting down sportsball people on a napkin, and Dave looked at them. “Who’s that blonde bald announcer guy?” He was one of them. And another correct guy was also written down. Oh well…Still a fun night, until next time, which will be theYpsiAlehouse on Sunday, Go Pods!

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