Trivia Recap – June 2, 2016 – Wurst

Team GDX aka Generation Double X visited the The Wurst Bar for a serving of My Trivia Live dished up by Stacy Louis. We managed to log our highest score ever in this trivia league with 71 points, missing only the “bonus” question in the first half and just one two-point question in the second half. The final question about Russian monarchs wolloped us, as it did every other team, so no gift card this time. But since none of the representative players has an advanced degree in World History or a concentration in European royal families, we’ll shake it off and soldier on for the remainder of the season! My normal trivia partner Angie had to miss the game, so I called upon other trivia compadres Mike from my normal ‘Pods team and Scott (from More Beer Less Pants) to help out. I’d say they were a great help. And on to the questions, which will be heavily abridged.
Round One
1. Car Companies – What car company has manufactured the Mustang since 1962? 5
2. Computers – What does HP stand for? 3
3. Landmarks – What French landmark was built as the centerpiece for the 1889 World Exposition and also the anniversary of the French Revolution? 1
Round Two
1. Animals – What two “big cat” breeds make up the genetic makeup of Hercules, listed by Guinness as the world’s largest living cat? 3
2. Quotes – What late royal humanitarian once quipped, “I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable?” There was a lot more to this quote, but I did not write it down word for word, opting instead to discuss the right answer. Not confident enough to go high on this, but got it for 1. Really – how many royal “humanitarians” are there?
3. Volcanoes – What mountain blew its top May 18, 1980? For an extra three point bonus, what California volcano erupted in 1915? Did not go for the bonus, but got 5.
Round Three
1. Super Bowl – What pop artist toned down their normal stage persona for Super Bowl 50 and sang the “Star Spangled Banner?” Scott all over this…3.
2. Songs – What Bee Gees song is used in CPR medical training because its beat co closely mimics the correct pace for chest compression? So…let me get this straight…if I get CPR training I get to listen to the Bee Gees too? Sign me up, lol!! “Another One Bites The Dust” has a good beat, too, but doesn’t have the same “positive” title. Got this for 5.
3. Countries – What country is home to the Little Mermaid statue and is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen? 1.
Halftime – Match the states to the nicknames.
States: Pennsylvania, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri
Nicknames: Magnolia, Badger, Gem, Show Me, Volunteer, Keystone
Got them all.
Halftime standings: Thirteen teams, scores ranging fro 31 to 37. Us and SEVEN OTHER TEAMS were all tied for first. Could the second half shake some of them off our tail? We’ll see!
Round Four
1. Presidents – Who was the only U.S. president to also be an Eagle Scout? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Popes – Who was first newly appointed pope in the 21st century? Hint: It was NOT the “Pope of Greenwich Village,” lol. got this for 4.
3. Testing – The first test of what personal body item was conducted in September 1923? Previous versions were made of cotton and silk. Got this for 2. This question was a replacement for a question every single team in the bar missed and someone (cough, me) called “Shenanigans!”
Here is the original question:
What fellow English rock group took over as a supporting act for Iron Butterfly in 1968 following a tour cancellation? We were in the right “yard” with this one, but no dice.
Round Five
1. SCIENCE! – What is the name for the training process initially used by Ivan Pavlov with dogs? This question is heavily, heavily abbreviated…got this for 6.
2. Musicals – “Anything you can do, I can do better” are lyrics from what 1946 musical? Nope, miss for 2.
3. Astronauts – What American astronaut served as the command module pilot in the Apollo 11 mission while Buzz Aldrin and Neil Amstrong were flying? Scott with the right man for 4 (bam!).
Round Six
1. Sports – What sport was first introduced to California beach goers in the 1920s? A little split on this one, but got it for 4.
2. Myths and Legends – What mythological North American creature is described as a rabbit with horns? 6.
3. Measurements – How many ounces are in a pound? 2.
Standings: Scores ranged from 50 to 71, with us in the top spot. Our nearest competitor “Sabretooth” (I never have quite nailed down their whole name) had 67.
Final question: The daughter of Peter the Great, who was the last of the direct Romanovs to rule Russia?
Wagered full points and missed it. Zero betters won gift cards.
Until next time, which as of this writing is TBD. We plan to hit the YpsiAlehouse for our regular Sunday Sporcle Live game, but our trivia plans tonight are still up in the air – will we play? Or won’t we? Anyone in the “need to know” loop will be alerted one way or another! Go GDX/Go Pods!


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