Trivia Recap – June 21, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

Team GDX broke their several game gift card winning streak by getting completely trounced at Powell’s Pub Monday in a My Trivia Live bout. It would have been completely awful had not a conciliatory pitcher of beer been purchased for us by another player, thus making us temporarily forget the abject badness of finishing DEAD LAST in a trivia game. I mean, get out! Yup, finished with fewer than 40 points, a first for us playing in this league. The hapless victims this time were Heather and Mike, who are still licking their wounds, having brains checked for brain slugs, what have you. On to the questions, which will be heavily abbreviated.
Round One
1. Weather – What hurricane struck Louisiana, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle in 2005? 5
2. Food – What stackable snack has the slogan “Once you pop, you can’t stop?” 3
3. ’90s Movies – What Harry Potter lord is called “He Who Must Not Be Named,” Tom Brittle, and The Dark Lord? Just going to throw this out there, I know it won’t be popular, and some people will hate me for saying it. But I do not like Harry Potter. I saw all of the movies, and nope, just not my thing. I’m thankful for other people being really into it and being able to answer trivia questions about it so I don’t have to. Though I did know the answer to this one. Whew, it feels good to clear the air! Got this for 3.
Round Two
1. Anatomy – The menial cleft, or philtrum, is located where on the body? 1
2. Jewelry – What # would you expect to have stamped on fine sterling silverware set? Not a clue, missed for 3.
3. Geography – How many countries share a land border with Norway? A rare miss for Mike, wow. Lost five. Plus risked the “bonus” and missed that, too. Had to name which island lies almost directly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Starting to look pretty painful…
Round Three
1. Acronyms – What does CBT stand for in clinical psychology? Nope, miss for 1.
2. Sportsball – With 26 wins, what MLB team had the longest winning streak in MLB history in 1916? Miss for 3.
3. Statues – Outside of what Detroit building would you find the “Spirit of Detroit” statue? Third consecutive miss. What’s the opposite of a hat trick? Miss for 5.
Halftime – Name 4/5 male or female performers who played the halftime show in Super Bowl 34 in 2000. And only team handed in one correct answer, so this was thrown out and swapped for this question:
Name 4/5 top states in the Continental U.S. that have the coldest average summer temperatures. And apparently, in the middle of the time when questions were being answered, the host changed the question to say that non-Continental U.S. states would be accepted as answers as well. Why change that halfway through? Not every team heard the question change. Not that this would have helped us, but still poor communication. Only managed to get one of these correct. We were in last place leading into the second half with TWELVE points. But the first place team did not crack 30 points, either. Moving on…
Round Four
1. Lighthouses – Built in 1764, where is the oldest working lighthouse in America? Six
2. ’30s Songs (Really? Really?) – What popular 1938 song did Bob Hope sing at the end of his shows? Nope, nope, nope. Miss for 2.
3. Adverts – At what time does a guy in a State Farm commercial get caught talking to insurance representative Jake? 4
Round Five
1. Napoleon Dynamite – What friend of Napoleon Dynamite runs for class president in the 2004 film? Going to clear the air and say I didn’t like this movie either, which I know is also an unpopular opinion…6
2. U.S History – What president was in office when the Lewis and Clark expedition set forth? 4
3. ’60s TV – What connection do the opening credits of the first season of Gilligan’s Island have to do with JFK? Totally shipwrecked on this one, miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Shopping – If you’re heading to the millinery shop, what are you most likely to be buying? Did an 80-year-old person write this question set? Never felt so young in a trivia game, lol! MIss for 6. SIX. Fate. Sealed.
2. Authors – What African-American woman had four of her novels show up on Oprah’s Book Club, the most out of any other author? I read one of her books in college and got the right guess for 2. Don’t remember a darn thing about the book, which was called “Beloved.” Didn’t hate it, but just don’t remember it.
3. Other Sports – What is the name for the top of the cheerleading pyramid? HINT: Do not use the movie “Bring it On” to help you with the answer. It will steer you wrong. Missed for 4. Saw two real-life (presumably) cheerleaders in a store once, one standing on top of another’s shoulders trying to get a swimsuit off of a high rack. It was easily the most amusing and enjoyable thing ever witnessed. Ever. And there was lots of giggling, too. Y’all can let your imaginations run wild! But you really had to be there… And yes I’m just distracting myself from this awful, awful game. Kind of like a rodeo clown only with words. Could the final question redeem us? Wait and see! (pssst…it won’t).
We were in LAST PLACE again heading into the final with 34 points. The first place team had 59 points. We didn’t recognize the name, but think it may have been a solo “predator” who hasn’t played at Powell’s for a while. It was obviously their night to swallow up the small game, poor team GDX wasn’t even getting any plankton (whine, drinks big swig of more beer). Wait, what? Michael B. is buying us another pitcher of beer? Thanks, man! Almost, but not quite as good, as winning a gift certificate to buy another pitcher. Maybe next time…
Final Category: Currency
From 2000 to 2008, the Sacajawea gold dollar coin had an eagle on the obverse side. Beginning in 2009, the obverse side of the coin has changed every year until the present. Name any of the obverse images depicting a Native American contribution. Thought about this quite a bit, and Mike eventually came up with what was the correct answer. However, he was not confident in the answer, because he didn’t think it would parlay well into a design. We wagered zero. Yup, it was our night to be “prey” and not “predators.” We will bide our time…regain our strength. Tonight, however, we are not able to play at our normal spot, The Heidelberg because of work 😦 We will return here next week. to our normally scheduled trivia programming. As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go GDX! Go Pods!

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