Trivia Recap – June 23, 2016 – Wurst

So three women – all “veterans” of different Sporcle Live trivia teams: Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods (Heather), More Beer Less Pants(Angie) and Sparty On (Kimberly) – walked into a bar named for sausages on Wednesday. And team Generation Double X (GDX) – walked out of said bar with a $30 gift card after finishing in first place for the night! We missed only four questions not counting the final question, which every team missed. It was a great night for irony, teamwork, off-color jokes (I’ll forgive you for calling me a “whore,” Angie) and fist-bumps galore. The $2 well whiskey drinks were,…flowing quite well. Perhaps TOO well (coughs, reaches for ibuprofen). The festivities Wednesday took place at the The Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live game hosted up by Stacy Louis. And the questions, which may be abridged:
Round One
1. Trees – Do deciduous trees lose their leaves or keep them all year? 5
2. Anatomy – What is the actual name of the chest bone? 3
3. Sportsball Nicknames – What was the nickname of ex-Cincinnati Bengals player Norman Esiason? And Kim steps for the points (woot, screw you, sportsball question, we SO knew this one!), 1 point.
Round Two
1. Legends – In what country does the Pied Piper of Hamlin appear? Angie steps up here for 3.
2. Movie Characters – What movie character keeps a copy of “Bon Appetit” in his prison cell? Kim again for 5. I was starting to wonder if I could just let Kim and Angie take over the game… 🙂
3. Africa – At more than 4,000 miles long, what is longest river in Africa? For an extra three points, what was the name of the country currently called Democratic Republic of Congo from 1971-1997? Yay, I’m actually needed in the game, I guess I’ll stick around! Got both parts of this correct.
Round Three
1. Music – “Get Rich or Die Trying” was a hit for what rapper, who also starred in a movie with the same name? Kim and I talked before the game about our music “strengths,” and I said anything after the mid ’90s is usually a miss for me (that’s when I started getting more into classic rock). And kudos to Kim for nailing this one for 3.
2. Scientists – Named for an Austrian physicist, what is the common name for an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move toward (or away from) each other? And this question was basically lifted from a google search…but this question came up very, very recently in another MTL game, got this for 5.
3. Authors – What British author penned “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” but died in 1870 before it was finished? A bit of discussion about another author who wrote mysteries, but eliminated him because he lived well into the 20th Century. Angie came up with correct guy for 5 points, so took a risk, but it paid off!
Halftime – Television (Me: (whine) “I’m not so hot at TV questions.” What a great time to prove myself wrong!
Name the TV title characters based on the names of the actors given and year the show debuted.
1. 1995 – Lea Thompson
2. 1996 – Melissa Joan Hart
3. 1961 – Joseph Cronin (this was the name read out loud, but it should have been Richard Chamberlain instead, per host Stacy). Had the right name been read, we would have gotten all four halftime questions correct for 10 points instead of the six points we got. Oh well, them’s the breaks, right? 😦
4. 1982 – Pierce Brosnan
Missed #3. And I started humming #4’s theme song to the other two women, who’d never seen the show (I was the “old lady” of the group, and Kim said she only knows Pierce Brosnan from Bond films). Me? I’m more of a Roger Moore gal myself!
Halftime Standings
Eight teams, scores ranging from 8 to 36 with GDX in the top spot.
Round Four
1. Sportsball – Who was the youngest player to appear in a major league game in the modern era, pitching 2/3 of an inning for the Cincinnati Reds against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1944 when not quite 16 years old? Newsletter answer, 6 points.
2. Miscellaneous Weather – Chinook, mistral and sirocho are all types of what? Miss for 2.
3. Movies – In what movie did Tom Hanks get his first Oscar nomination for best actor? Yay, they needed me for another question (it’s so nice to be needed, lol), 4 points.
Round Five
1. Poetry – What poem ends with the words, “Shall be lifted Nevermore?” Six.
2. Food – What food wrapped in bacon is called “Angels on Horseback?” Had no idea on this one, missed it for 2. AS DID EVERY OTHER TEAM, so “shenanigans” were called, and this question was thrown out and replaced with the next one.
2. Fashion – What type of fashions does a milliner make? Had this question at Powell’s on Monday, and I missed it. Not this time!
3. Music – In what 1937 Gershwin song would you hear the lyrics, “The way you hold your hat, the way you sipped your tea, the way you dance til 3?” What’s with these ’30s music questions? Had one on Monday at Powells! Also flunked that one. Do I need to resurrect my dead grandmother and start bringing her to trivia games? Or maybe Cole Porter – I’ll bet he knows lots of old musical theater trivia! Does amazon sell necromancy supplies? 🙂 I do love how these questions make me feel like a young whippersnapper, I’ll give them that! Miss for 4.
Round Six
1. Alcohol – What gives mead its sweet taste? Six.
2. Sportsball – What player was the MVP of the first two Super Bowls? Angie: “Scott was just talking about this.” No matter, we still missed it! Guess we can’t get ALL of the sportsball questions correct (shakes fist). Miss for 2.
3. Bowling – What is the maximum number of pounds a regulation bowling ball can weigh? And we all put our brains together for this one. Cheers to our white trash upbringing! Sigh, sometimes I still miss my old junior high bowling league. The stale smell of cigarette smoke. Occasional second hand smoke wafting from parents sitting nearby. The liquid cheese nachos. Swearing at every gutter ball (a different swear word every time). Friends and I stuffing our faces with cherry Coke, ice cream and bulk candy beforehand (tween girls hepped up on sugar and bowling is surely a sight, that once seen, cannot be unseen). I would never want to do my childhood over again, but taking a time machine back to junior high bowling? Yes please! Put in those coordinates for 1985, Doc Brown! No, I don’t want to go to Hill Valley!
Final standings: Nine teams, scores ranging from 40 (???) to 64, with us again in the top spot, just above current Wurst leaders “Team Pants,” who had 62 points, and the Sabretooth team, the current second place team with 60 points.
Final Category: Supreme Court Cases
The 1958 case Trop vs. Dulles, what was ruled to be illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court? All we knew was that Dulles shares his name with an airport, but none of us had heard of this. We wagered zero, which was wise, because no teams got it. Hung onto our first place, woot! Yes this was very fun, but it’s still up in the air whether this “fearsome threesome” will be able to meet again during this season, it being summer and all. But GDX will be back at it next week, and a couple of ‘Pods will be engaging in a trivia battle somewhere tonight. Check in with us for a recap on Friday. As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and go everyone!

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