Trivia Recap – June 27, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Nothing earth-shattering to report, we’re still in second place at the YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Hell, that’s OK, who wants to be “that” awesome, anyway, right? We’ll settle for “mediocre” until tournament time comes around when we will assemble our “full” trivia army. “Judge us by our size, do you?” And with that Yoda quote we mean “small team size” (get your heads out of the gutters, people, tsk tsk). We’ve had a bit of a rough time finding a day everyone on our team can play this season. But we are soldiering on nonetheless – via little skirmishes with just 2-3 (sometimes just 1-2 of us) of us, we’ve still managed to win a good gift card haul, this season, and have had fun mixing it up with other teams in both trivia leagues. As for Sunday, it was just three ‘Pods – Heather, Mike and Brad holding down the fort. We finished with 129 points/third place overall for the night. Had a couple of really great regular rounds – but the final categories just didn’t leave us confident enough to wager 20 on either of them. Had we had maybe an extra player or two, we might have felt more confident, but alas, we only had one knowledgeable “boxing” person and one knowledgeable “Broadway” person, so we wagered low on both finals. Still managed to win $10 in game one, so not prizeless! And the questions…
Game One
1. Catchphrases – Which TMNT character said “Cowabunga?” 5
2. Neighborhoods – Which major U.S. city is home to neighborhoods called the Garden District, Treme, and Bywater? Good guess Brad 2.
3. Presidents – Who was the most recent president to have been born in the 19th century? 10
4. Maff – In elementary algebra, finish this quadratic formula: X+…you know what? I’m not providing this question. It was the FB clue, you can see it on Emily’s host page, and algebra just plain gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Never could wrap my head around the advanced maffs. And I’m OK with that!
5. Comedy Films – What 2003 comedy film starring Kate Hudson was about the universal “don’ts” of dating?
6 MLB Teams – Which National League team retired numbers honoring Richie Ashburn, Jim Bunning and Steve Carlton? And for nerd point, which stadium did this team play in from 1971 to 2003? Got both, nice Brad!
7. Audio clue – Kevin James sitcom theme song.
8. .Newspapers – What newspaper, one of the most circulated in the U.S., was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801? Multiple choices given – New York Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post? If you knew where this guy lived, you pretty much had it narrowed down to two, and I knew which one (though Brad and Mike were skeptical). Got it…
9. Political Parties – In 2013, a judge in Philadelphia became the first person elected in nearly 160 years to represent which party in public office? When this category was read, Heather joked it would be “this” party and lo and behold it was! And correct, too. And we thought they were all hunted to extinction after Millard Fillmore’s presidency, lol…
10. Stage Names – Musician/DJ Moby takes his stage name from being distantly related to what American author?
No misses in the regular round…
Mystery: On this day in history
1. 1948 – US and British pilots began delivering supplies to what city which had been under blockade by the Soviets?
2. 1959 – What series of locks connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic officially opened?
3. 1975 – What two pop stars and TV variety show hosts legally divorced after six years of marriage?
4. 2003 – What former South Carolina senator died one year after he retired?
Got all of these, rounding out a perfect regular round and perfect mystery round.
Standings: Ten teams – scores 35 to 69, with us in the top spot playing under the name Team Ramrod.
Final Category: Boxing
Prior to his loss to Leon Spinks in 1978, Muhammad Ali had only lost professional fights to two other people. Name either of those boxers.
Left the wagering decision up to Brad, who was the only one who could possibly come up with this answer. But since we’ve been trying to avoid betting zero at all costs? Decided to wager just 5 points. And when they asked the question? Brad was like, “Oh that’s easy (facepalm).” Wagered 20 on a boxing question we missed last week. And then we get this! Seriously, we are getting no love (sniffle). Cans we get a hug? 🙂
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 74; Darn Piggies, 82.
Game Two
1. Banks – What color is the Chase Bank logo? 5
2. ’60s Hits (we heard a 20-something guy playing solo next to us groan when this category name was read) – In what 1965 hit singe by the Mamas and the Papas would you hear the lines “I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.?” Wow, how the times have changed…For nerd bonus, give any full name of any member of the group. And we could name three of them. Yes it’s great being old and having Mamas and Papas who played these records when we were kids, lol…10 points.
3. Doctors – What notable Greek physician is known as the father of Western medicine? No, not Dr. Kildare? Got this for 9.
4. Movie Casts – Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman were all in what 2004 film? 8
5. Famous Sports Moments – In what 1999 tournament did John Vandevelde famously lose following a triple bogey 7 on the last hole after being in a comfortable lead? Not sure my notes are completely kosher here…so let’s rephrase: “In what 1999 golf tourney did John Vandevelde f— up at the last minute?” Nope, miss for 1.
6. World Geography – What body of water in Scotland contains more fresh water than any other body of water in England and Wales? Hint: It’s big enough for a monster….7.
7. TV Characters – What meat loving character on “Parks and Recreation” is played by Nick Offerman and has two different ex-wives named Tammy? Wow, I sure am glad we watched a season of this show even though it lost its charm…this is the second trivia question we’ve had recently about this show.
8. Sweets – What type of nut is used to make Nutella? 4
9. Video Games – What creature is depicted in original logo for “Mortal Combat?” And this is when I said, “If I know a video game answer, it’s WAY too easy….
10. Book to TV – Best-selling author Charlayne Harris published a series of novels in 2001 that were later adapted into an HBO series? Nope, not a clue, miss for 2.
Visual Mystery: Missed #4.
Standings; Ten teams, scores 22 to 65. A team name I didn’t recognize was in first, we were in third with 61, playing under the name It’s Daddy Daughter Day at Deja Vu. last week we made quite a few off-color jokes about Father’s Day and Deja Vu. Half-off lap dances for men who bring their daughters with them, kids eat free, yada yada. Oh the joys of playing in a trivia spot near a strip club! And last night there was a shirtless man hanging out front with a woman who was twirling a long pole around that looked like a shower curtain pole. Yup…
Final Category: Broadway
This time it was me who had to make the wagering call and figure out how confident I was. Nope, not very. Decided to wager six.
What famous character was known as the “Knight of the Woeful Countenance” in a 1965 Broadway production that was then adapted for film in 1972?
Mistakenly went with a play that featured a different knight, whose film version premiered five years earlier. Ugh…
Final Standings: Izzy and the Peeps (who always play under the name Diane’s Gs), 76; and My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know It’s a Date, 83. Until next time, which will be The Heidelberg Tuesday forSporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. We are taking tonight off from any pub trivia pursuits. So if anyone else plays, and wants to share the final questions? Yes, please! As always, stay classy (and/or interesting), Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!


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