Trivia Recap – June 29, 2016 – Heidelberg

Thanks to the team ahead of us not playing Tuesday, we’re just nine points out of first place at the The Heidelberg now, despite our dismal 57 point game. Oy. Just not our night. Tuesday’s game was emceed by sub host Sporcle Live Trivia with Jimmy Jams. We (just Heather and Mike) blew both final questions and won no prizes (a rarity for us here). Our nights of continuing to play here are probably numbered at this point, with us having already qualified for the July 26 venue tournament. It’s been too difficult getting other players to join us out here, among other things. But as long as the gift cards keep coming our way, we’ll continue to play here! On to the questions, which have been “tweaked” by Scott from More Beer Less Pants. I initially posted this rather hurriedly this morning before work, and have since done some revisions. On to the questions…
Game One
1. Footwear – What type of footwear shares its with its name with the British slang word for a vehicle’s trunk?
2. Musicals – Two 21st century musicals appear on the American Film Institute’s 2006 list of 25 best movie musicals ever made. Name one.
Bonus – Name the other.
Got them both.
3. NBA Records – What Eastern Conference Atlantic division team scored 7 points in the first quarter of a 2016 playoff game, setting the all time record low for points scored in a playoff quarter?
Miss for 1.
4. TV Title Characters – What is Dexter’s last name on the Showtime series? Miss for 2.
5. Candy – What Tootsie Pop flavor was part of the original lineup, later discontinued, then reintroduced in 2015 – Raspberry, Honey, Lemon or Butterscotch? Despite the trivia host handing out Tootsie suckers among other sweet treats, nope, we did not get this.
6. War History – What Revolutionary War battle was fought primarily on Breed’s Hill despite being named for anther nearby location?
7. Space – What celestial body is named for Greek word for wanderer?
Big miss for 7. Poor “space man” Mike was torn between two answers, just picked the wrong one. We’ll let it go, the poor dear was tired!
8. Holidays – What federal holiday is observed once every four years and is observed only by Washington D.C. and the Federal government? And we had the dumb here for big points. Would not have happened had we not been fatigued and a bit short staffed, but c’est la vie!
9. Fictional Characters – First appearing in an 1893 short story, the character Mycroft is the brother of what literary character?
10. Figurines – The term mini fig is used to describe miniature figurines of what toy brand? I suggested the correct answer, but we did not go with it, miss for 5.
Mystery – Crosswords
1. 7 – Most populous Canadian province
2. 7 – Name of Avenue in 1983 Eddie Grant hit single
3. 9 – animal Spanish little armored one
4. 3 – Stock symbol for Harley Davidson – named for nickname of item the company is best known for.
Got them all.
Final Category: Spielberg
Steven Spielberg has only directed two feature-length movies released directly into theaters that did NOT have a score composed by John Williams. They were both literary adaptations, and they were released thirty years apart. Name one of those movies.
Mike came up with what he thought was correct right away. And we just weren’t motivated to think too hard, so we went with it for 20. Nope
1. TV Ratings – What does FV stand for in TV ratings parlance when describing shows rated as Y7?
Miss, we put “family viewing,” which we THOUGHT was a good guess. The real answer is much more interesting!
2. NFL Draft Picks – Only 2 colleges have produced five 1st overall NFL draft picks. Name one.
Bonus – Name the other
We went with OSU for low. Nope.
3. Mountains – What chair is named for NY a mountain range that has Mount Marcy as its highest point? Should have just found one of these chairs to sit in and quietly sip a cold drink rather than attempt this game! Would have gotten this even without it being the “clue.”
4. Literary Opening Lines – “It was a pleasure to (blank)” is the opening line of Fahrenheit 451? I suggested the right answer, nope, we didn’t put it down. This is the story of our game on this night!
5. Medical Conditions – What medical condition means no appetite in Greek ? We put “Karen Carpenter-itis” underneath the answer. She truly had the voice of evil – too gorgeous for Satan to have not been involved, lol!
6. Movie Characters – (Audio) What is the first name of the lead character from Army of Darkness? Triviagasm for Mike, woot!
7. Grammar – What main part of speech modifies a noun or pronoun to make it more precise?
I said I would be “fired” for sure if I missed this, lol…we didn’t. This is just basically “Mad Libs” grammar, lol. How about asking about dangling participles or gerunds, lol?
8. American Art – The painting “Nighthawks” depicts people in what place?
At this point we decided we’d get goofy and write down a whole bunch of other ridiculous locations and cross them off. Turkish bath, strip club, abattoir – yeah we were pretty punch drunk (and a bit drunk for reals) at this point knowing we’d pretty much sunk the game.
9. Adverts – What company used the slogan “We bring good things to life” from 1979-2003? Not Happy Endings Vibrator Company? JK…
10. Cover Songs – What Rolling Stones song did Guns N Roses cover for the soundtrack to the 1993 film “Interview with the Vampire?” Mike and I saw this in the theater the night it opened. One of those “old school” downtown movie theaters in Mount Pleasant – had to wait in a long line outside in the cold. Got to sit in a balcony! And this was the second vampire movie we saw together during our courtship, lol. But not the last…
Visual Mystery: Missed #1, never saw the mouse movie.
Got them all.
Final Category: Europe
Name two of the four smallest nations by area in the European Union.
Damn it, this came up as a question in a rival trivia league very recently, and I actually even attempted to look at EU countries. We came up with one, but flubbed the other.
And that’s all she wrote. Tonight’s trivia battle will be team GDX at the The Wurst Bar with three “guest” players. We’re hoping to shake up the standings a bit or just narrow the gap (phrasing). Go Pods!


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