Trivia Recap – June 3, 2016 – Sticks

A trio of ‘Pods visited an “old trivia haunt” calledAubree’s / Sticks Ypsilanti Thursday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. The Depot Town “cruise night” conveniently parked us here, so we thought “Why not?” What better way to clear old car exhaust from the nostrils? We have not played here regularly since 2012, and wanted to see how we fared against the regulars and semi-regulars. There were at least three teams represented by just one player each – One is the Loneliest Number, Combat Wombats, and another team whose name we did not catch. Solo players are a common sight at My Trivia Live games, but this many in one Sporcle spot is a bit more unusual! We wound up finishing in second for the night with just 107 points. Since we’re not expecting to make this a “qualifying” spot and didn’t need to care about points, we decided to go ballsy on the final question wagering, which served us well in game one – but not so well in game two. Oh well, it was fun drinking “swill” beer and splitting a cute little personal pizza! Representative ‘Pods this time included Heather, Mike, and John. The questions…
Game One
1. ’90s Movies – What is the profession of Bruce Willis’ character named “Butch” in “Pulp Fiction?” 10
2. Inventions – What device is used to record earthquake tremors? 9
3. Arcade Games – According to Business Insider, what 1978 arcade game is the highest-grossing of all time, and supposedly caused a coin shortage in Japan? FB clue for 8.
4. Cover Songs – the song “Cups” by Anna Kendrick on the “Pitch Perfect” soundtrack is a version of a 1931 Carter Family song with what three-word title? Nope, no “Pitch Perfect” experts in our group, miss for 2.
5. Literary Settings – What was the name given to the O’Hara estate in “Gone With the Wind?” For extra nerd point, name the author of ‘Gone with the Wind.” John and Mike knew the first part, I knew the second part. What madness is that? A woman not knowing a mundane detail about that movie? I have never, ever seen the movie and have no desire to see it. And I’m totally OK with that…and besides, Mike’s sister forced the family to watch it so many times that I’m sure he’ll have any questions about this movie covered on trivia nights!
6. Migration – Which of the following four animals has the longest migration? Red crabs, elephants, monarch butterflies, or sockeye salmon? 4
7. Basketball – Because of his style of play being similar to another player from the era, what was the nickname of Ohio University basketball player Gary Trent, —– of the MAC? Makes so much sense, but nope, miss for 1.
8. Florida – Within 25, what is the average width of Florida’s peninsula? Went too high, miss for 3.
9. TV Characters – What ABC series featured characters with the last names Mayer, VanDeKamp, Soulless, and Scavo? We’re just kidding about the spelling of that third last name, but isn’t it more fitting? Miss for 5 David would probably have known this…
10. Candy Bars – What primary ingredient does the Euro version of “Milky Way” lack that the U.S. version contains? MISS FOR SIX. And this game started off so well…someone give me a Snickers, you won’t like me when a trivia game starts to make me grumpy, lol!
Mystery: This Day in History (for the record, we really, really like this category and would be super sad if a host ever arbitrarily switched out this category for another one, and that’s all we’re going to say about that).
Identify the historical events that occurred on this day in the following years:
1. 1835 – Circus founded by what showman who was quoted as saying “There’s a sucker born every minute?”
2. 1996 – What rock musical set in Manhattan won the Tony for best musical? Saw that once and hated it…
3. 1948 – Jerry Mathers, best known as title character of what TV series born (and we joked about how funny it would be if Marshall Mathers and Jerry Mathers switched places for a day)
4. 2004 – What person began their 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy
Got them all.
Standings: Did not write all of these down, but We were in third with 50 points behind I Named my Dick Cheney Because it Shoots People in the Face with 52 and Fallopian Swim Team with 55.
Which three former U.S. Presidents died while Richard Nixon was in office?
We only had to name two, but would have come up with all three.
Final standings: ‘Pods, 70; Cheney, 72.
1. Sleep – What three-letter acronym is used to describe the stage of sleep where dreaming occurs? 10
2. Duets – Singer Kiki Dee had a 1976 #1 hit duet with “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart” with what singer? What? We get a question right about this singer? Woot! 9
3. Comedies – Audio clue of Eddie Murphy film where he played a portly gentleman.
4. Amendments – The 20th Amendment to the Constitution moved the inauguration date from March to what month? Double what? I know an “amendments” answer? Bizarro…8.
5. Car Companies – From 1979 to 2010, what foreign car company was in a partnership with Ford? Wanted to go big on this, but I had some ‘splainin to do…uh, how do you know this? “Daddy was a Ford man (expletive deleted).” Also a GM man, but that’s not important right now… Never a dull moment…got this for 7.
6. Super Bowls (grrr….sportsball!) – What is the only NFL team to have appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls and not win any of them? So many teams seemed to think this was easy…but when it comes to this stuff, we ride the short bus. We had the dumb here for 1.
7. Bodies of Water – Albania, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia all border what extension of the Mediterranean Sea? Mike’s cartography skills kicked in here with success for 6.
8. Soaps – On what soap opera did Kelly Ripa originally appear? Miss for 4.
9. Smart Phones – Within one, in what year was the Samsung Galaxy S released? John and I teamed up here and managed to get the year dead on for 3 points plus a “nerd” point.
Visual Mystery: Missed #1 and #3.
Standings: 3. One is the Loneliest Number, 56; 2. ‘Pods, 57; and 1. Fallopian Swim Team, 61.
In 2005, what comedy became the first to have its final season win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series since Barney Miller won during its final season in 1982? We went with a series that ended in 2004, missed this for 20 points.
Game winners: Cheney, Spider Fight. Did not record scores.
We may occasionally continue playing here Thursdays in nice weather. Thursday will be a “wild card” day for us, and we may still visit Original Gravity in Milan, too. Or just not play at all (IKR). We’ll continue keeping you all posted about our whereabouts so it’s never that hard to hunt us down – even if we try doing as octopuses do and hide under rocks! We’ll visit the YpsiAlehouse Sunday for our next trivia fix, as always, Go Pods, and stay classy Ypsilanti!


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