Trivia Recap – June 6, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

Two GDX/Generation Double X players visited Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti for a My Trivia Live jaunt on Monday. No prizes (sad face), but 51 points for the night. Representin’ players were Heather and Mike.
Round One
1. Musical Instruments – What is name for small single headed drum with metal jingles called zils? 5
2. Phenomenon – What is the name for a mysteriously flattened area of field with either natural or man made causes? 3
3. Movie Characters – Alan Ladd, Robert Redford and Leonardo Dicaprio all played what movie character? 1
Round Two
1. Music – “This is It” is a 2009 documentary about a backstage look at what singer’s sold out show in London? 5
2. TV – What title character has Ellen Pompeo played on a long running series since 2005? No idea, miss for 1.
3. Literary Characters – Moriarty is an antagonist for what literary character? Bonus – what is the nickname of Percy Blakeney, who was the subject of a 2005 book who rescued condemned people during the French Revolution, leaving behind a card showing a small flower? Got the bonus woot! 3 plus 3.
Round Three
1. World Leaders – Kaiser Wilhelm 2 was the last emperor of which country? 5
2. Landmarks – What was the original name of the Chinese Theater, which opened in 1927 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? 1. Thanks George for your generosity in spelling…
3. Games – What Milton Bradley game was originally a paper and pencil game about naval strategy? 3

Identify the university based on the city in which it is located.
Durham, N.C.
Stillwater, OK
Waco, TX
Williamsburg, VA
Missed #2.
We were tied for second with Combat Wombats with 35 points at the half. One is the Loneliest Number was in first with 38 points.
Round Four
1. Birds – Having been spotted at 37,000 feet, what is the highest flying bird in the world? Newsletter, 6.
2. Movies – What 2003 Amanda Bynes film was based on a play called The Reluctant Debutante? Miss for 2.
3. TV – What was name of series featuring Jack Klugman as a title character from 1976 to 1983? 4. The “Wednesday Addams” in me absolutely loved that show when it was on. Pssst…it was about dead people!
Round Five
1. Beverages – Oenology is the study of what beverage? Miss for 2.
2. Competitions – What do competitors carry through an obstacle course in a competition that originated in Finland and still occurs in Marquette , MI and elsewhere in the world? Miss for 4. We guessed “pasty.”
3. Bridges – In what U.S. State would you currently find the London Bridge? This question is heavily abridged. 6.
Round Six
1. Music – Duran Duran played in what European landmark as part of a fundraising effort in 2008 which had previously never hosted a rock concert? Miss for 4.
2. Cocktails – In what type of mug is a Moscow mule served? 6
3. Comic Books – In the comics world, Dick Grayson is the secret identity of whom? 2.
Standings: We were in fourth going into the final with 59 points behind Glencoe, (60); One is the Loneliest Number (64) and Combat Wombats (67).
Final question: Sports
In 1985, what men’s Division One college basketball team became the lowest seeding team at #8 to win the NCAA tournament? Wagered zero…SPORTSBALL! Combat Wombats took first, One is the Loneliest Number took second. Until our next GDX outing, which will be Wednesday at a local watering hole. As always, Go GDX/Go Pods and stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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