Trivia Recap – June 8, 2016- Heidelberg

Our team’s “Dynamic Duo” was not living up to that name Tuesday when they visited the The Heidelberg Tuesday for a helping of Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. Missed both final questions, finished with just 90 points for the night. We dropped down to second place, but are not out of the running for reclaiming the first place spot. Next week, we will have a visitor from California joining us, and a ‘Pod who is normally not available to play on Tuesdays, so we will see how that might change our chances at prizes and glory! Heather and Mike warmed the bench for this particular game. And the questions…
Game One
1. Animated Films – “Gone Nutty” and “No Time for Nuts” are short animated films from what franchise featuring a Saber toothed squirrel? 10
2. Birds – What bird has the largest eyes of any land animal? 9
3. Latitude – What is the named line of latitude that runs through the country of Gabon? Remembered this from a recent MTL game, still bitter about a neighboring company having the word “equator” in its name but not actually being on that line of latitude, lol…8
4. Websites – What did “e” originally stand for in ebay? Electron, everyone , east or echo? For extra point, what western state houses ebay headquarters? 2, nope, and nope.
5. Logos – Other than white, what two colors are in Gulf Oil’s logo? 3, miss.
6. Presidential Programs – Recovery, reform and what other “r” word were part of the “New Deal?” 5, miss…we put “recreation,” because so many park buildings were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, especially in Michigan. Balls!
7. Coffee – What coffee drink is made with espresso with hot water added? 7
8. South Park – What is the name of the Canadian cartoon duo watched by the boys on South Park? 6
9. NHL – What is the diameter of an official NHL hockey puck? 3, 3.5, 4, or 4.5 inches? 1, miss.
10. Book to Movie – For what Michael Crichton novel did Universal Studios pay $2 million for before it was even published?

Mystery – Add ’em up total of numbers should be 143.
1. # of habits of highly effective people in Steven Covey self-help book
2. # Fluid ounces in a gallon
3. # states beginning with letter “w”
4. # digits on Hamburger Helper guy

Got them all.
Standings: Nine teams, scores ranging from 43 to 57. Four teams tied in first, ours was not one of them, but the main team we were trying to beat was in the top spot – ahead of us by two points.
War History: The place names Heart Mountain, Minidoka, and Tule Lake are all most closely associated with what war? Every team missed this…zero betters won the prizes.
Great Expectations, 50; Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 57.
Game Two
1. Viral Videos – Candace Payne donned a mask of what movie character in a May, 2016 viral video? 10
2. Basketball – What country has been awarded more Olympic titles in basketball than any other? 1, miss.
3. Book covers – Whose eyes are featured prominently on the cover of “The DaVinci Code?” 9
4. Actresses – What actress, born in 1982, has played a cheerleader , a vampire, and the love interest for a comic book character on film?
5. Companies – What Seattle company named for one of its founders is the world’s leading producer of backpacks? 7
6. ’80s Hits – Audio of four songs by a band fronted by Lou Gramm
7. Seinfeld – What is Elaine’s last name? For extra point, what publishing company did she work for in seasons 2 through 5? 5, missed the bonus.
8. Video Games – What Playstation game released in 2002 combined Final Fantasy and Disney characters? Miss for 2.
9. Spices – What spice is so named because of its resemblance to cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and nutmeg ? 4
10. State Nicknames – What state is nicknamed the Treasure State and Big Sky Country? 3 Missed all of these.
Final Category – Super Bowls
The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls. Name 2 of the 3 teams that won the next Super Bowls?
Nope…Did not record game winners. Team GDX will meet at a local watering hole tonight for a My Trivia Live game, the ‘Pods will next meet on Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse. We’ll start cutting back on trivia starting next week now that we’ve nailed down our “game plan.” As always, Go Pods!


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