Trivia Recap – June 9, 2016 – Wurst

The two “core members” of Generation Double X/GDX plus a “helper” visited The Wurst Bar Wednesday for a My Trivia Live game hosted by Stacy Louis. We won a $10 gift card/third place, finished with 64 points for the night. We had a perfect first half, including the “bonus” question and nailed the halftime round. Representin’ players were Heather (me), Angie, and Mike, who initially did not plan to play, but since Angie’s sister Jenny had to cancel, he was recruited to take “her” spot. On to the questions…
Round One
1. TV – What subject did Walter White teach on “Breaking Bad?” And this is just one of maybe two things I know about this series, which I have never watched…5
2. Weather – What periodically occurring climate event translates into “little boy” in Spanish? 3
3. Adverts – what company’s 1980s’s advertising campaign used “Avoid the Noid” as a catchphrase? 1
Round Two
1. Numbers – What does the letter “M” stand for in Roman numerals? And Mike, the Roman numeral expert, not only came up with this answer right away, but when prompted, wrote out “2,074” in Roman numerals. Why? Because eventually there will be that many “Rocky” movies. Mark my words, lol… 1 point.
2. Magazines- Sharing its name with a movie franchise, what is the name of a Harvard humor magazine published from 1970 to 1998? 3
3. Autos – Detroit was founded by the man who shares its name with what automobile manufacturer? We discussed two guys, both of whom had names ending in “C.” I suggesting choosing the “white” guy, who turned out to be correct for 1. Bonus: In what country would you find the headquarters for Kia Motors? Got this for 3 extra points.
Round Three
1. Famous Quotes – According to Thomas Edison, what is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration? A bit of debate, but got this for 3. And Mike could not resist writing an “editorial” about Edison and Tesla on the answer slip…
2. Animals – What type of animals are skinks? 5
3. Abbreviations – When referring to sunscreen, what does SPF stand for? 1
Halftime – Fictional Presidents
Identify the actors who played fictional presidents in movies based on the character names, movie titles, and the release years.
1. President Beck, Deep Impact, 1998
2. Andrew Shepherd, The American President, 1995
3. James Marshall, Air Force One, 1997
4. Thomas Whitmore, Independence Day, 1996.
“Wouldn’t it be cool if (answer in #3) actually ran for president? He could totally win…” Yup!
Sixteen teams. Scores ranged from 12 points to 40, with GDX in the top spot with a perfect halftime score. The current “top dogs,” or “Team Pants” as Stacy called them, were right behind us with 39 points. They are currently the top team at the bar.
Round Four
1. Authors – Who received the first Nobel Prize for literature to be awarded to a British writer? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Cartoons – What Looney Toons character was made an honorary Marine for his portrayal of a Marine in a 1943 cartoon? Looney Toons questions are not missed by this team very often…but yup, missed this for 2.
3. Wars – What war fought had the last horse-mounted cavalry in the United States? Only ONE team in the bar got this, and it was not ours. Miss for 4.
Round Five
1. Trailways – Within 2, how many U.S. states does the Applachian Scenic Trail traverse? Nope, miss for 4, though if we’d guessed one higher, we’d have been within the correct “window.” Nice try, Mike!
2. SCIENCE! – What is the name of the dark volcanic glass that is used in making scalpels approved for use in animal surgery only? 6
3. Military – What is the only country that is part of NATO without a military? Discussed the right one, but picked a different one. Miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Hotels – Founded in 1952, what hotel chain is said to be named after a movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire? We had a similar question in a “Sporcle” game which Joel stepped up to answer…got this one right, too for 6.
2. Mascots – What is the first name of the tuna mascot for Star Kist? 4
3. Law Enforcement – What is the name for the rights read to you after you get arrested that tell you that you have the right to an attorney and have the right to remain silent? 2.
Standings: We dropped down to second, tied with Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem with 64 points. “Pants” were in the top spot with 67 points. Note: this team is not to be confused with More Beer Less Pants, just so we’re clear! 🙂
Final Category: Logos
What was used as the Coppertone logo prior to 1952, when the logo switched to a baby and a puppy? Wagered zero, shout out to DTWATP being the only team getting this correct. We finished in third behind Team Pants (67). Yay, more drink money! Those $2 whiskey drinks actually went down pretty smooth…Until next time, which will be next Wednesday for team GDX. We will be taking a break from Powell’s Pub next week because of a guest visiting from California. The self-cleaning house is malfunctioning and the housekeeper is on vacation (as always). The ‘Pods will visit theYpsiAlehouse for its regular game Sunday. Go GDX, Go Pods!


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