Trivia Recap – March 11, 2016 – Original Gravity

The ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan for Sporcle Live trivia with host “Michelangelo” (could not tag). Finished just one place out of the money in game one (due to a couple of medium-point flubs), and utterly flunked the second round final question about Heisman Trophy winners. We finished with 116 points for the night and second place overall, but are, for now, in first place at the bar. Oh well, shake it off, it’s just one of many, many games we’ve played, and as your mom always said, “You can’t win ’em all.” Participating ‘Pods this time included Heather, Mike, Brad, Dave and John.
Game One
1. Twins – What word that means “like a brother” can also mean dizygotic? Ten points.
2. Oscar Nominations – What actor received an Oscar nomination for his performance in the 2009 film “Invictus?” And for nerd bonus, in what decade were the events primarily set? Got both for 9.
3. First Ladies -Last weekend marked the death of Nancy Reagan. Who is now the oldest living First Lady? Discussed the two top contenders, picked the wrong one, miss for 4.
4. World Cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most populous cities in what Middle Eastern Country? Eight points.
5. Hockey – What Canadian NHL team has the longest post-season drought? Miss for 5.
6. Musical Terms – What Italian term means “with no instruments?” Don’t worry, be happy, we got this for 7.
7. Magazines – With circulation exceeding 2 million units, what is the most popular magazine in the U.S. with a number in its title? Hint: It is primarily aimed at teenagers. Six points.
8. SNL – What characters that first appeared on SNL in 1977 claimed they were from France? Three points.
9. Beverages – Created in 1866 by a Detroit pharmacist, what is the oldest brand of ginger ale sold in the U.S.? A gimme for anyone living in MI, two points.
10. Video Game Characters – First played in Mortal Combat 2, what character is a green ninja who can spit acid? Miss for 1.
Mystery: Anagrams – identify the Netflix series based on the anagrams
1. Flush Our Eel
2. Seafood Crush
3. Gnaw Eat Skeleton
4. Acorns
Missed #4.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 40 to 63, with Not Loud Enough in the top spot. We were in fifth place with 55 points.
Final Category: Book to Movie
Author Anne Rice has had two of her novels from the same book series adapted into movies.
What are the names of both of those movies?
Got them both, so did the teams ahead of us, finished in third with 75 points. Game winners were Bananas, 81 and Not Loud Enough, 83.
Game Two
1. Word Play – What eight-letter word means feeling very worried or anxious – and backwards means sweets at the end of a meal? 10 points.
2. Nicknames – What actress and political activist received the nickname “Hanoi Jane” because of her visit to Vietnam in 1972? And for nerd bonus, to what media mogul was she married between 1991 and 2001? Nine points.
3. Letters – What is the three-letter name for the upper case Greek shaped like an H? Eight points.
4. Composers – Audio clue of 1981 Steven Spielberg/Harrison Ford film theme music, had to identify the composer. This theme music should not ever be confused with the same composer’s score from a 1977 film! “And (Forrest Gump voice) that’s all we’re going to say about that.” Seven points.
5. Cars – What car company launched the Elantra in 1990? Six points.
6. Former Sports Teams – Before folding in 2007, the WNBA team nicknamed “The Sting” was one of the original WNBA teams located in what city? The “woman” on our team actually mentioned the correct city, which also has an insect-themed NBA team, alas we did not go with it. What? You guys aren’t listening to a woman on an WNBA question? Does it matter she doesn’t know a thing about the teams, players, yada yada? We kid, of course! Miss for 1.
7. SCIENCE! – Nephology is a branch of science studying what? Wind, clouds, ocean tides or global warming? Miss for 2.
8. Classic Rock – What song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers contains the lyrics “Working on a mystery…going wherever it leads?” Five points.
9. U.S. States – How many U.S. states border Lake Ontario? Brad the hero here.
10. Spanish – Which day of the week translates into “Domingo” in Spanish? We have a player who is fluent in Spanish and we get this softball? 🙂
Mystery #4.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 8 (that is not a typo) to 61, with Miskatonic U. taking the lead. No worries, blowing the final question is just around the corner!
Final Category: College Sports
What state has had its colleges win a combined eight Heisman trophies, all of which were won by players at the same position?
Miss…Final standings: 64, 81. Did not write down the names. Our trivia plan for next week is TBD, our next tentative outing is Sunday at ABC in Ann Arbor. As always, Go Pods! And watch “Raiders of the Lost Ark” this weekend, even if you’ve already seen it! 😉


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