Trivia Recap – March 4, 2016, Original Gravity (Debut game)

Confessions of a trivia “whore” – that awkward moment when you walk into a trivia place, and the host approaches you in recognition – but you don’t instantly recognize them! This very thing happened when five ‘Pods battled a blizzard and visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan for the bar’s inaugural show with new host Angelos Michael. One of our players attended a show in Canton on Super Bowl weekend when Angelos was being trained by the host at Basement Burger Bar. “I never forget a face,” he said. Well then…he even remembered the clever team name, “Super Bowl Party Widow.” The ‘Pods did quite well this night, winning two first-place gift cards, and logging a perfect game two including getting the final question correct. Representative players included Heather, Mike, Brad, Dave and John, all of whom have previously played in tournament settings, though not all together at a tournament at the same time. Special shout out to John, who was our MVP of the night! The pistons in his brain were firing quite nicely! Honorable mention goes out to Dave for knowing the answer to a trigonometry question before the multiple choices were read aloud. Way to nerd it up, bro! On to the questions…
Game One
1. Sequels – In the 1994 film Speed, a city bus was hijacked – what mode of transportation was hijacked in the 1997 sequel? Ten points, nice work John and Dave!
2. Charities – What non-profit organization that helps children and adults with disabilities and special needs has used a lily in its logo since 1952? Heather for five points.
3. Maff – In trigonometry, what function of an acute angle is defined by the length of the adjacent side divided by the hypotenuse? Multiple choices were given, but not written down (our re-cap writer’s brain gets taxed enough trying to figure out tips, lol), got this for 9. Dave started writing down the answer when the question was being asked. Bravo!
4. Sportsball – (OK, baseball, sheesh…) – In a 643 double play, what is the order of positions that touch the baseball? Brad and Dave for eight points, very nice!
5. Literature – The name of what animal completes the titles of a 1970s best selling book by Richard Bach – Jonathan Livingston (blank)? For nerd bonus, what singer/songwriter released an instrumental album based on this book? This was not actually a “nerd” point question, but we thought it would be a good candidate for one! Got this for 7.
6. TV Pets – On what 2000s comedy series did a main character own a dog named Paul Anka? No clue, we guessed Flight of the Conchords, miss for 1.
7. Rhyme Time – What two-word rhyming expression was coined by poet Alan Ginsberg in 1965 as a way to promote love and peace? Miss for 3. How? How?🙂
Oh the humanity…missing this question!
8. World Capitals – Santiago is the capital of what South American country? Six points.
9. Beatles Songs – What Beatles’ song’s title character is described as doing this: “Picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been?” Four points.
10. Twitter – What documentary filmmaker and political activist uses the Twitter handle @MMFlint? Two points.
Mystery – Add ’em up – Resulting number should be the apartment number in the title of a TV show starring Kristin Ritter. John came up with the number we needed right away, we just needed to figure out the rest of the answers!
1. Total number of Super Bowl wins by the Dallas Cowboys
2. Number of “evil exes” Scott Pilgrim must battle in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”
3. Number of pints in one quart
4. Number of yellow striped ball in billiards
Got them all, nice work!
Heading into the final: Fifteen teams with scores ranging from 18 to 62, with Miskatonic U. in the top spot.
Final Category – World Geography
The five highest volcanoes on Earth are all located in what mountain range?
Got it. Final standings: Birthday Suits, 76; Miskatonic U., 77. Shout out to Birthday Suits for cheering on the winning team by clapping! Very classy…
Game Two
1. TV Shows – What TV show debuting in 1996 on ABC was based on “Archie” comics?” Heather for 10 points. On a TV question? What kind of weird magicks is this? 🙂
2. Headquarters – The headquarters of Samsung are located in what Asian nation? Heather and John for 9.
3. Awards – What non-profit organization presents annual “Maggie” awards for its founder Margaret Sanger? Heather for 8 points.
4. Autobiographies – What pop singer and former “Dancing with the Stars” contest released an autobiography called “Out of Sync?” FB clue.
5. Sportsball Nicknames (football) – What was the nickname given to the 1998 Atlanta Falcons football team as well as their signature touchdown dance? Brad and Dave for 7 points.
6. Politics – Leon Panetta and David Petraeus have served as leaders of what government agency currently headed by John Brennan? Nice teamwork for 2.
7. Comedies – Audio clue of 2008 film starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Got it for 5.
8. Animals – Which of the following words also serves as an alternative name for the snow leopard – ounce, pound or gram? For nerd bonus, this animal is native to what continent? Everyone got the nerd bonus, not everyone got the points, we got this for 1.
9. Video Games – What special video game console was susceptible to general hardware failure which was indicated by the “red ring of death?” John for 4 points.
10. Rappers – What Canadian rapper had hit singles in 2010 with “Thank Me Later,” “Take Care,” and “Nothing was the Same?” Dave for 2.
Mystery –
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 20 to 67, with Miskatonic U. again taking the top spot. Birthday Suits were not far behind with 62 points.
Final Category: Best Selling Books
To celebrate the five year anniversary of the Kindle store, Amazon revealed their list of best-selling e-book titles for the Kindle since 2010.
What British author, whose first book was released in 2011, wrote 3 of the top 4 best-selling books?
John came up with the correct answer almost immediately on his own. But we wagered zero. Final standings: Dream Team, 50 (moved up from ninth), Miskatonic U., 67. We will be back here next week, Go Pods!



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