Trivia Recap – March 7, 2016 – ABC Brewpub

A “Thompson Twins” trio of ‘Pods visited Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor Sunday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. Not only did we get a “put these in order” final question correct – but we managed our first possible foray of the season into “Club 165!” This only truly interests us if it involves using a fancy executive washroom with snooty people handing us fresh lavender-scented towels afterwards. And bidets. We kid, of course! These things don’t happen to our team very often, and we are left wondering how we’re going to pay back the favor to our dark watery Overlord. How about driving home in a blizzard with a death grip on the wheel in a car with a poorly functioning defroster? Will that do? Yes, the high-scoring game was very exciting – we lost out on a first place in game two on a tiebreaker question (can’t win ’em all), and received two “bridesmaid” second place gift cards/$30 for the night and 166 points, missing only a one-pointer (on a country music question) in game two. As much as we’d love for that last digit to be a “9”, we’ll take it! Representing players were Heather, Mike and Geoff – who even in kind of a cranky/irritated mood managed to help lift ours with his unique brand of neuroticism. Seriously, he was cracking us up! And no, Geoff, you can’t be the “cranky guy” on the team – that job is already taken! Β And the questions…
Game One
1. The Human Body – A person suffering from alopecia is likely to be missing what? Ten points.
2. The World Cup – What country hosted the 1970 World Cup, making it the first country besides a European or South American one to do so? Heather and Geoff teamwork for 3. Geoff remembered being in this country when it hosted the 1986 World Cup.
3. Ice Cream – What kind of animal is depicted on packages of Klondike ice cream bars?
4. Samples – Audio clue of song sampled by a rapper in a 1996 song. Considered the right rapper, but missed this for 1. Our rap music expert Dave would have gotten this one for us! πŸ™‚
5. Politicians – Before becoming Vice President, Joe Biden represented what state in the U.S. Senate from 1973 to 2009? And what’s up with Heather knowing this one and you not knowing it, Mike? Clearly you are off your political game! πŸ™‚ Got this for 8,
6. Famous Moms – Actress Blythe Danner is the mother of which Academy Award winning actress? Got this for 7, and with this, Geoff whispered “she (woman’s name in correct answer) steam-cleans her vagina.” All right then – the more you know πŸ˜‰
7. Museums – Founded in 1937, which New York City art museum leads visitors across exhibits in a spiraling layout? Six points.
8. Slang Words – What World War I slang word for lice shares its name with a children’s game by Milton Bradley? Heather for 5.
9. Seinfeld – Which “Seinfeld” main cast member won three Primetime Emmys for their role? Picked wrong one, miss for 2.
10. Pop Music – Which band reached #2 in 2013 with the song “Best Song Ever?” Thank goodness this was a FB clue, anything pertaining to boy bands is Kryptonite for our team!
Mystery: On this Date in History
1. In 1899, what pharmaceutical company patented Aspirin?
2. In 1820, which U.S. president signed the Missouri Compromise?
3. In 1857, what person was subject of landmark Supreme Court decision stating that African Americans had no standing in federal court?
4. In 1947, what film director of “The Princess Bride” and “When Harry Met Sally” was born in New York City?
Got them all.
Heading into the final: 5. What the Shibboleth, 60; 4., One is the Loneliest Number, 62; 3. Vote Cthulhu on Tuesday (Miskatonic U.), 63; and tied for first, Puddle Paddle Battle and Apollo 15, 64. There were more teams playing than these team listed, but Mike and Geoff were talking too loud (ahem!) and didn’t catch them all.
Final Category: National Parks
Place the following U.S. National Parks in order, from west to east, according to where they are located.
Glacier Bay
Mammoth Cave
Wind Cave
We wagered 20 on this, which is a departure from our norm on this category. And we hate, hate “put these in order” final questions with a passion! And we used every available nanosecond to come up with the answer – Mike actually changed our answer just before walking up the slip, after Charlie had made last call. And we are glad he did that! Fist-bump! We NEVER get “put these in order” final questions correct! First time for everything? πŸ™‚
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 83; Apollo 15, 84.
Game Two
1. Lawsuits – What is the common two-word term for a group lawsuit represented by one person? We came up with the correct answer right away, and tried showing it to Geoff, who refused to look at it – because he wanted to see if he could come up with the answer himself. Which he did, after we’d handed in our slips (you are a nutball, Geoff!). Got this for 10.
2. Theme Songs – Lalo Schifrin composed the theme music for what TV series that aired from 1966 to 1973 and for the film series it inspired? Heather with educated guess for 4, we’re wondering if some teams put “Star Trek” because of the 1966 qualifier?
3. Golf – What is the animal term for a golf ball that angles to the right or left near the tee box? Geoff for nine points (and he said he didn’t know anything about golf).
4. Songwriters – Who wrote the hit songs “Manic Monday” and “Nothing Compares 2U?” Heather the ’80s music expert for 8 points. Little known fact? This guy actually did play basketball, not just in that “Chappelle’s Show” skit.
5. Clothing Brands – What Levi’s brand’s slogans include “Wear the Pants” and “Nice Pants?” And for nerd bonus, what object is depicted in the logo? And this is a rare time when Heather’s job actually helped come up with a trivia answer, another time involved coming up with a San Francisco stadium name. Got both for 8 plus the nerd point.
6. World Records – David “The Bullet” Smith holds the world record for what stunt? Got this for 2 after some discussion.
7. Capital Cities – Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is located on what body of water? Heather for 6.
8. Chemistry – Elements known as halogens all end with what what three letters in their English names? Heather again for 5.
9. TV hosts – Who hosted “This Old House” from 1979 to 1989? We were afraid of this category so saved our 1 pointer for it, but did not need to use it, yay! Got it for 5.
10. Radio – What genre of music is played on “The Highway” station on Sirius Satellite Radio? Our only miss of the round for 1.
Mystery: Got them all.
Heading into the final: 5. Puddle Paddle Battle, 57; 4. One is the Loneliest Number, 60; Apollo 15, 61; 1., What the Shibboleth/Miskatonic U., tied for first with 63 points.
Final Category: Book to Movie
Eva and Jan (Yan) are the children of the title character in a 1979 William Styron novel that won the National Book Award for Fiction. What is their mother’s first name? Geoff came up with this right away before Charlie read the hint about the actress playing this woman winning an Oscar. And we wagered 20. And we had to answer this tiebreaker along with What the Shibboleth – Shaquille O’Neal and Michelangelo both share a March 6 birthday. How many years apart were they born? We put 420 years, WTS put 495 years, which was closer to the right guess (did not write down correct answer). But the WTS answer was really, really close (nice work!).
Final Standings: Miskatonic U., 83, What the Shibboleth, 83.
We will back in the trivia swing tonight at Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline. We will be taking Tuesdays off from trivia until further notice. Tuesdays are usually strenuous/exhausting days at work for our team captain, and she is better off vegging out on the couch on those nights than answering trivia questions! Tired body = tired brain 😦 As always, Go Pods!


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