Trivia Recap – May 1, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Two ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle and Shine with Emily on Sunday. One of our “core” players, Mike, was unable to join veterans Heather and Brad, who attempted to hold their own against a set of questions that were… not exactly in their “wheelhouse,” aka pub trivia “lingo” for “topics you tend to know lots of stuff about.” Except we did score high marks on a music theory question, NASA “firsts” question and a question about a woman who played God in a Kevin Smith film (way to feed her ego). Yep, two players without any children or interest in Disney films were not the best candidates to answer a question about the fictional kingdom’s name from a recent animated Disney film – or recent #1 hits (though we did discuss the right person). And we lost a coin toss on a “hormones” question and blew the game two final question about pro wrestlers. But dang, do we know our race horses, gosh darn it! Hell, after a first place “sweep” last week? We knew this kind of game would have to be gotten out of the way. Cthulhu demands sacrifice, and a shitty trivia game without gift cards is preferable to messy blood sacrifices. The neighbors are starting to get nosy. Especially that one busybody neighbor with the Welsh corgi that she ALWAYS walks off-leash and insists to everyone is “just being friendly.” Ahem…on to the questions!
Game One
1. Commissioners – In 2015, Rob Manfred succeeded what man to become the tenth commissioner in MLB history? Nope, miss for 1.
2. National Parks – Great Sand Dunes National Park is located in Oregon, California, Colorado, or Idaho? Really? Miss for 4.
3. Tours – In the ’90s, what musician embarked on “Jagged Little Tour” and the “Intellectual Intercourse Tour?” Heather for 10 points. And it’s “ironic” that we got a concert tours question correct. But we’re not going to write a song about it or anything 😉
4. NASA Firsts – April 12, 1981 marked the launch of the first non-test mission of what NASA program? Brad the hero here for 9.
5. TV Themes – Audio clue of Johnny Rivers song, could not identify the correct series. Brad said the series was too old for HIM to know about, lol… miss for 5.
6. Cooking – What cooking process involves submerging fruits or vegetables in boiling water for a brief time then submerging them in icy/cold water? Yes, that’s what we have done with our garden tomatoes, got this for 8.
7. Frozen – The 2013 Disney animated film Frozen is primarily set in what fictional kingdom? We put “Frozemyassia.” May have gotten a bonus “pity” point for that one…miss for 2.
8. Newspapers – What is the most circulated daily newspaper in Baltimore, MD? Discussed right newspaper, put down the wrong one. Miss for 6.
9. Cabinet – What does HHS stand for? For extra point, what Minnesota politician’s name is on the building in which the HHS is headquartered? How many Minnesota politicians are there, besides that guy who used to be a wrestler (and acted in “The Running Man,” and that one woman who is Minnesota’s answer to Sarah Palin? Got this for 7 plus the bonus.
10. Logos – Other than white, what other two colors are in the Rite Aid logo? Three points.
Mystery: This Day in History
1. 1926 – What American company became one of the first to adopt a 40-hour work week?
2. 1931 – President Herbert Hoover officially dedicated what iconic New York building?
3. 1991- What player became the all-time leader in career stolen bases in MLB history?
4. 1941 – What film directed by Orson Welles debuted at the Palace Theater?
Got all of these (and boy did we need those eight points!).
Standings: Lone Wolf, 47; Pods, 51; Jordan, 53; A-Team, 55, and Diane’s Gs, 65.
Final Category: Recent Hits
Since the beginning of 2015, three artists have had a single debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Name one of them. Had one of the correct names written down, but we did not turn it in, and wagered zero. Not the right mix of players to know about this category.
Final Standings: Diane’s Gs, 54; Lone Wolf, 67 (way to move up from last place!).
Game Two
1. Cookies – What brand of cookie trademarked by Nabisco in 1891 was first baked by the F.A. Kennedy Steam Bakery and is named for a city in Massachusetts? Ten points.
2. Animated TV – What is the name of Doug’s best friend on the animated TV series “Doug?” Heather: “I was way too cool to watch this show, I was a ‘Ren and Stimpy’ girl all the way.” Miss for 1.
3. Video Games – Lost Caverns and the Mayan Adventure are sequels to what 1982 video game released by Atari? Miss for 2.
4. Horses – What horse holds the record for the fastest race in each of the Triple Crown races? For nerd point, what horse was the most recent horse to win the Triple Crown? Brad knew both of these for 9.
5. Music Theory – In music theory, what time signature is known as “common time?” Heather for 8 points.
6. Hormones – In humans, what hormone is produced by the pineal gland and is also used to treat sleep disorders? Had choice of two, picked the wrong one. Miss for 7. OK WE GET IT CTHULHU. Does this complete our sacrifice? Is this enough? Is it? Sheesh, it’s never enough. Like that Prince song says, Cthulhu is never satisfied. Or is he too bold? Or both? Why do we scream at each other?
7. Directors – The 1976 film “Family Plot” was the last film released by what director? FB clue, 6.
8. TV Games – What competition TV series debuting in 2009 is a spinoff of a Japanese TV series? Brad for 3 points.
9. Oceans – The three longest rivers in Asia – Ob, Yangtze and Lena – all flow into what ocean? Nope, miss for 4.
10. Government – What is the two-word term used to describe a government’s right to take private property for public use? Five points.
Visual Mystery: Missed #3, though we picked the actor who is pictured. Well then…
Standings: A-Team, 40; Lone Wolf, 42; Pods, 49; Order of the Phoenix, 53; Jordan, 56; and Diane’s Gs, 58.
Final Category: Pro Wrestling
Among the inductees into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, there are five who are not primarily known for their work in sports. Name one of them. Nope. One of them is pictured from a ’70s film that also starred Kirk Douglas. This actor played a character named “Handsome Stranger” and the film was directed by a man who shares a last name with one of our players (though he is best known for his stunt work). It’s called “The Villain” if anyone wants to look it up! The movie plays like a live action Road Runner/Coyote adventure. It is utterly ridiculous. Not recommended for sober viewing. Heather saw this in theaters as a kid, and wound up sitting with the wrong family for about 10 minutes after coming back from the bathroom. True story…
Standings – Lone Wolf, 62; Order of the Phoenix, 73.
Finished with 90 points. Not the best start for the new season! Our next Sporcle Live outing is TBD, though we will be returning to the YpsiAlehouse next Sunday. We will be visiting a couple of My Trivia Live venues next week as well as part of our spinoff operation “Generation Double X.” We have a severe case of split personality disorder, lol. Go Pods!

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