Trivia Recap – May 11, 2016 -Heidelberg

Guten tag! I visited The Heidelberg Tuesday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. with two teammates this time – my normal trivia “partner-in-crime” Mike (who thankfully became less cranky with increased applications of beer to the mouth) and John. We won two second-place prizes, scoring 158 points – losing out on first twice on tiebreaker questions. Man oh man was it SULTRY in the basement that night! Could be a combination of the rainy weather and a lot more bodies crammed into that basement than normal. Running the “gauntlet” from our booth to the host stand was a bit dicey. I’m going to suggest putting in a traffic light like they use when one lane of a road is closed for construction.
1. Sportsball (hoops edition) Stars – Prior to becoming a U.S. Senator, what sportsball team did Bill Bradley play for? 1 point miss. Narrowed down choices to two, picked wrong one.
2. ’90s Hits – What single from the rap group House of Pain hit #3 on the Billboard hot 100 charts in 1992? 10.
3. U.S. Cities – What Texas city farthest west? Waco, Austin, Dallas or San Antonio? Miss for 2.
4. Internets – Founded in 1994, what popular website was originally called Miss for 3.
5. TV siblings – what are the names of Malcolm’s two older brothers on Malcolm in the middle? Miss 4.
6. Actresses – Actress Priscilla Presley played Jane Spencer in what comedy trilogy? 9.
7. Alcohol – Absolut vodka is produced in what country? 8.
8. Unions – Walter Reuther was the founder of what labor union in the 1930s? If you have any ties to Southeast MI and miss this? You has the dumb. 7.
9. Authors – What American author wrote 1970 book “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret?” For nerd point what was her last name? 6. I prayed this question would be about something I read (thank you trivia gods, can you increase my bust while you’re at it too?). If you read this, you will get this reference …but if you didn’t read this book, I’ll tell you. The girls in that book do stupid exercises together and chant “We must…we must…we must increase our busts.” And there was a girl in the book who was more overly “developed” than the other girls, and the main characters were of course jealous of her. And I remember her first and last name was Laura Danker. Why couldn’t the nerd point have been about that big-boobed girl? Hey, not complainin’…thanks Sporcle for occasionally asking about those silly books I read when I was a kid!
10. Video Games – Marcus Phoenix was the main character in 2006 3rd person shooter video game? John steps up for 5.
Mystery – Synonyms for crazy
1. 1960 Anthony Perkins film
2. Type of German clock
3. First word in highest charting Cypress Hill single
4. Magazine featuring “Spy vs. Spy” and a fold in
Got them all.
Final Category: Presidents
Abraham Lincoln was the first president to wear a beard while president. Who was the second president to do this? Really? Every team got this correct. We were in a three-way tie for first with What the Shibboleth and a non-league team called one-off (or something to that effect) with 56. Had to list domestic box office gross for the “Psycho” remake with Vince Vaughn. I kept writing down lower and lower numbers, but we didn’t go quite low enough. We put 37 million, Shibboleth put 98 million and the team that wound up winning put 14 million, which was closest to the correct answer of 21 million. Wow, did that bomb or what? What was the budget on that? Mental note look that up later…
Game 2
1. Poetry – What humorous five-line poem shares name with an Irish city? 10.
2. Governors – What former wrestler served as governor of Minnesota? 9 points. And again I use a “Running Man” still for a game re-cap (love that movie).
3. Measurements – What is another name for a cubic decimeter? 1 point.
4. Animated Movies – What 2009 animated film based on 1979
book of same name featured character named Flint Lockwood? I thought of right book, but was talked out of the answer. Not whining, because it was just a guess. Miss for 1. This was supposed to be an audio clue, but Josh had to change this to a regular question.
5. Theater – What 1949 Arthur Miller Pulitzer prize winning play garnered a Tony win for Philip Seymour Hoffman? Had I actually heard “Tony” in the question we would not have missed this. So many people in the room (a good thing on a trivia night, I know). Miss for 2.
6. Snacks – Similar to Fruit Roll-Ups, what fruit snack has used the slogan “Three feet of fun?” Phrasing? Are we doing phrasing? FB clue. Eight points.
7. Reality TV – Dan and Laura Dotson are the husband and wife team on what reality TV series that premiered in 2005? Mike for 5.
8. Painters – French impressionist painter Paul Gaugin was best known for painting women from what French Polynesian island? Six points. And this time they listened to my suggestion for the island, woot! And the painters questions seem to be making the rounds, had a question about Degas in a MTL game Monday.
9. School Colors – Name one of the Big 10 who only have one “official” color. Name the other school for extra point. Got both (KR). I started writing down all the schools I could think of in this group and lady luck was kind to us. Bam! Four points.
10. Languages – What former programming language used a cup of coffee as its logo? An easy seven points to end the game, especially when our “computers” guy John was in attendance.
Mystery: Missed #1.
Final Category: Jobs
Please check in with to see the actual wording of this question. My abbreviated wording: Name one of the five most dangerous jobs in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And again we were in a tie for first with the “Chicken Gotye” team (absolutely no idea if this name is right or not). Had to give number of how many stolen bases Ricky Henderson had in his career. We said 575, the other people said 600, which was closer to the correct guess of 1,406. Grrr….sportsball! Until next time, which will be tonight for a GDX outing at a local watering hole. Girls only. Go GDX! Go Pods!


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