Trivia Recap – May 2, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

Generation Double X visited Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live fix Monday. No prizes…Just a (meh) 48 points for a solo “pilot.” But hell, not every trivia game re-cap can be a celebratory one, can it? Well, maybe for teams far more awesome than mine! Speaking of awesome, there was a team that logged 72 points tonight (go team Bacon!). Yeah, my team might have its fleeting moments, but they were far and between Monday. But as Tom Hanks said in “A League of Their Own,” “There is no crying in trivia!” Wait, wasn’t that movie about sportsball or something? Really, there isn’t any crying in trivia (though I’ve seen it before). Without further ado, the questions…And I hope you all notice that this is the first ever trivia re-cap written in the first person! First time for everything!
Round One
1. Food – How many varieties are listed on a bottle of Heinz ketchup? Five points.
2. Animals – What is the name of the order of animals in which kangaroos, koalas, and wombats belong? Three points. And there is a Police song called “On Any Other Day” in which you will hear the lyric “And when the wombat comes, you will find me gone.” I will let all y’all discuss what THAT might mean. Oh the trials and tribulations of being ADD, woe is me… got this for 3.
3. Acid – What acid gives vinegar its odor and sour taste? Miss for 1. Picked an acid more associated with apples.
Round Two
1. Human Body – In what part of the hand would you find the collex? Miss for 6. Trivia night not looking good so far! 😦
2. Comic Books – What comic book lawman operates in Mega City One? Yes, my nerdy husband will be happy I got this one (he did a spot-on imitation of the actor who played this guy after I read the question to him), three points.
3. Children’s Literature – What children’s author wrote the “Ramona” series of books? For extra point what was Ramona’s last name? Got both. And here is how NOT to wager, trivia people! 🙂
Round Three
1. Medical Terms – Uriticharia describes what medical condition? Miss for 1, picked a condition associated with uric acid buildup. Now why would I put that for an answer? Hmmm….
2. Companies – What major company bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009? And I felt a little ill…when I saw all of the pictures…of the jockeys that were there before me…(can’t stop with the Prince lyrics, still grieving his death, sorry), but I did see that someone turned in something different than what I had, and felt a little ill. But (woot) got it for 3!
3. Authors – Who wrote the Nobel Prize-winning book “East of Eden?” Picked the guy who wrote the raunchy books instead. Miss for 5. Ugh…
Halftime – Animals in song – Identify the artist given the release year and song title.
1. 1971, Horse With No Name
2. 2014, Anaconda
3. 1968, Blackbird
4. 1986, Brass Monkey
Missed #2. “My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon!” No, it was not “Sir Mix A Lot.” And that was not what I guessed.
Standings: Eight teams in contention. Generation Double X in fourth with 24 points, behind Glencoe with 28 points, Ham Wallets with ??? points , and Bacon/One is the Loneliest Number both tied with 34.
Round Four
1. Fast Food – Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s restaurant outside of what US city? Newsletter answer, got this for 6.
2. Races – At what age can a thoroughbred horse begin racing? Missed this by one year for 2.
3. Celebrities – Born in 1939, what musical artist’s real name is Anna Mae Bullock? Didn’t she have her legs insured or something? Miss for 4.
Round Five
1. Simpsons – What British group became all yellow in a “Simpsons” cameo and performed “La Vida Vida?” Six points.
2. Olympics – What NFL stadium located out west was the location of both the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics? I gets a stadium question right? Yes please! Two points.
3. Islands- The Spanish islands of Majorca and Ibiza are collectively known as what? Nope, miss for 4. Majorca has a football team, me thinks (probably with cute Spanish players).
Round Six
1. Same Name – The former capital city of Vietnam was formerly known as what name and is also the included in the name of a Broadway Musical? Every team got this one, I got it for 6.
2. Breeds – What type of domesticated farm animal is known as kunekune? If I got this, I would say, “That’ll do—– (fill in the blank with animal in iconic film quote),” but I did not, miss for 2.
3. Fictional Languages – Navi is a fictional language from what 2009 James Cameron film? What, it’s not “The Abyss?” Got this for 4. Not enough to salvage a crappy game!
Standings; Ten teams in contention. I was in sixth with 48 points, behind Ham Wallets with 53, Glencoe with 56, Nerd Herd with 65, One is the Loneliest Number with 68, and Bacon with 72 points. Competitive night! Almost feels like Wednesday at Wurst!
Final Category: Watches
What watch company was the first to sell a waterproof watch called “Oyster” in 1926?
Someone managed to get this correct, did not write down final standings. Until the next trivia adventure, which may be Tuesday, or maybe not. Will not know until Tuesday. So TBD. Wednesday for sure. Go Generation Double X! And Go Pods! It’s all good. Stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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