Trivia Recap – May 20, 2016 – Original Gravity

I visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. Thursday for a dose of Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC with my regular “right-hand-man” trivia partner Mike. Wow, two whole missed trivia nights in a row were nearly making me scratch destructively on my arms like a heroin junkie in a smack fit, lol! We won one first place and one second place gift card, 129 total points for the night. Had to wager zero on a final question in game two to accomplish this, but well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! And that’s all I’m going to say about that…And the questions, without further ado!
Game One
1. Animals – Which of the following animals isn’t an invertebrate? Scorpion, lobster, eel, or squid? And what a game for Mike to be wearing his lobster socks! Got this for 10.
2. TV Title Characters (before the question was announced, we talked about Mr. Belvedere, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even Mannix, but alas, this question was not about any of these people) – What actress played the title character on the ’90s TV series “Veronica’s Closet?” Nine points.
3. Pasta – The pasta called cappellini is also known by what “heavenly” name? Eight points.
4. Photos – What are the exact dimensions of a passport photo? Miss for 1.
5. ’60s Music – What British rock band with members including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck had a top 10 hit with “For Your Love” in 1965? Are your ears burning, Scott Creech? Bring back memories of our recent discussion about non-guitar players in this band, lol? Got this for 7.
6. Pixar Plots – What final merit badge does the character Russell try to get in the Pixar movie “Up?” Good guess for 2.
7. Video Games – What first-person shooter video game released in May, 2016 is a reboot of a series began in 1993? Mike nails this for 6.
8. Clothing Stores – Founded in 1976, what commonly mispronounced clothing store name is based on Shakespeare’s line “To be, or not to be?” Duh, no clue, miss for 3.
9. NFL Teams – Name one of the two NFL expansion teams that began playing in 1995? WHAT? We got a sportsball question right! Go us! No nerd point though 😦 Got this for 4.
10. Nobel Prizes – In 1945 Alexander Fleming received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of what? Damn my tired sleep deprived brain! My fault…missed this for FIVE. Boo! I am so fired!
Mystery – Double Initials – Name the persons whose first and last names begin with the same letters based on the following clues.
1. Woman who played both Elizabeth Bennett and Elizabeth Swann.
2. NBA player who was active in the late ’70s and early ’80s with both the Rockets and the ’76ers
3. TV personality known for 30 minute meals
4. Actor who played both Clark Griswold and Fletch
Missed #2. Can’t get ALL sportsball questions correct, damn it!
Standings: Scores ranged from 25 to 60 with Josh Pit in the lead spot. We were in fourth with 55, behind Blondie and the Night Shift with 58 and a solo “assassin” (sorry, that moniker is going to stick, deal with it) from More Beer Less Pants who had 59.
Final Category: Flags
The Southern Cross is a constellation that appears on flags for Australia and New Zealand. Name one other country on which you would find a flag with the Southern Cross.
Wagered 20 and got it…
Final Standings: Pods, 75, MBLP, 79.
Game Two
1. Dating – Which dating site is fake?;;; or good guess, but for only 1. So intrigued by the first choice, though!
2. Samples – Audio clue of 1982 Michael McDonald song sampled by a 1994 artist with a hit song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Miss for 2. Yikes, not off to a great start!
3. Tools – What is the name of the oblong metal tool used commonly in climbing? For extra bonus, from what language does this word derive? Missed the bonus, but got the points for 10 (we are camping gearheads).
4. Movie Pairs – What 2013 film featured both Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp and was not directed by Tim Burton? Mike and I teamed up with success here for 6.
5. Shakespeare – In Julius Caesar, what three groups does Marc Anthony ask to “lend me your ears?” Nine points.
6. Sponsors – What power tool company subsidiary of Black and Decker sponsored Nascar driver Matt Kensit? FB clue for 8.
7. Founding Fathers – Benjamin Franklin served as the first ambassador for what country? Seven points.
8. Sports Nicknames – What former New York Yankee player was known as “Iron Horse?” Picked a Yankee, but not the right one, miss for 3. Grrr…sportsball! My Kryptonite!
9. Geography – What four-letter geographic term means flat tabletop in Spanish? Got this for 6.
10. TV Finales – Within two, in what year was the series finale for “M.A.S.H.?” Nailed it dead on, (whine) some hosts give an extra point for nailing “within one, within two” questions. Jussayn! Happy to get it correct, four points.
Visual Mystery Missed #3 and #4.
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores 20 points to 57, with Question #1 with the top points. We were in second with 54 points.
Final Category: Solo Artists
Elvis had 10 albums that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts. Name one other solo artist that had at least nine albums hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Charts.
Wagered zero. Not a great category for us….
Final Standings: Question #1, 37; ‘Pods, 57.
Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse forSporcle and Shine with Emily on Sunday. Go Pods!


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