Trivia Recap – May 30, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

The largest group of ‘Pods ever assembled this current Sporcle Live trivia season converged on the YpsiAlehouse Sunday for Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Count ’em – five ‘Pods plus a “guest!” We finished in first place for the night with 139 points and $30 in gift card winnings. Representin’ players included myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, John and Geoff, and John’s “guest” Anna. Hopefully this will narrow the gap between us and the current Ypsi Alehouse top dogs “Izzy and the Peeps,” as we vainly attempt to dominate two different venues, the other of which is the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor. And we do emphasize the word “vainly.” Though we still don’t know what path we will ultimately attempt to take to the Sporcle Live Pub Champions League Championship – whether it be barhopping or winning a venue tournament? We like to keep our options open! Hedging our bets has always been our best bet, we never like to take anything for granted. Overall, we missed only two mystery round questions in game one (shakes fist…darn current music!), and missed only the “nerd” point and a two-point question in game two. Wagered “conservatively” on both final questions. Speaking of questions, let’s get on to those!
Game One
1. Commercials – Who joined Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee in a “March Madness” road trip-themed advertisement for Capital One? Brad for 10 points.
2. Animals – What is the only order of mammals who are naturally capable of sustained flight? Brad the zoologist nails this for 9 – and though we were not asked to provide the actual scientific name of the order – he insisted we put it on the slip (though I had to help out a bit with spelling). Nine points.
3. ’80s Movies- Who starred as the title character in “Desperately Seeking Susan” along with Rosanna Arquette? Eight points.
4. Food Terms – what is the term for the food preservation process where salt or sugars are added to meats or other foods to draw out moisture? I knew this, but I was not able to sell anyone well enough to go high on it. Three points.
5. Games – Name 2/3 current Monolopy tokens that represent items that can be worn? Got all three of them, thanks Mike for coming up with #3 at the last second for the “nerd” bonus! Seven points.
6. College Mascots – Which Atlantic coast conference team uses a costumed mascot named “Buzz?” Brad and Geoff teamwork for six points.
7. Quotes – What three words complete the famous quote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned…?” Five points.
8. Audio – Game shows – audio of a “Price is Right” game. Thankfully it was the only PIR game we could think of, got this for 4.
9. Countries – Which of the following countries is not located in the Caribbean? St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Vanuatu, or Grenada? Heather and Mike teamwork for 2.
10. Phrases – The term “left bank” is used to refer to the area that was the central area for fashion in what European country? One point.
Mystery: Anagrams (yay), identify the person based on the following anagrams, who had a recent hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts (no!).
1. It Bribes June
2. Ignorant Harem
3. A bitter junk smile (I giggled a bit at this one#filthymind)
4. Keep No Rims
Missed #3 and #4.
Standings: Seven teams, scores ranging from 44 to 64, with The Billy the Squid Gang in first (that’s us). Our venue rivals Izzy and the Peeps were right behind us with 63 points, tied with a soloist from Martin Van Buren Fan Club.
Final Category: Super Bowls
Three NFL teams have had more than one coach win more than one Super Bowl with that team. One of them is the San Francisco ’49ers and the the other is the Dallas Cowboys. What is the third team?
We took a huge risk and wagered zero. We figured our close competitors would get this correct, and one of them did turn out to get it right, but not both of them. We finished with our points intact in second place. MVB Fan Club finished in first with 83 points. We figured he would know the Super Bowl answer! Glad we did not wager, we did not put down the right team for this one.
Game Two
1. U.S. Cities – Niagara Square is a large public square located at the center of the downtown in what major U.S. city? Educated guess for 3.
2. Comic Strips – What comic strip’s title character serves at the Camp Swampy military base? 10 points.
3. Attractions – What U.S. National Park was home to the Wawona Tree, a giant Sequoia that could be driven through until it fell in 1969? Wow, would not want to be around when THAT tree fell…FB clue for 9.
4. Musicals – What character was played by Michael Jackson in “The Wiz?” For nerd bonus, what actor played “The Wiz?” Picked a music producer instead of the right guy. But not the music producer who also wrote the theme song for “Sanford and Son,” so missed the nerd bonus. 😦
5. Dogs – What group of dog breeds has been named “best in show” a record 46 times in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show? Brad is normally our resident “dog expert” on our team, but I wound up knowing this one, thanks to that Christopher Guest film “Best in Show.” God I love Eugene Levy…and he and Catherine O’Hara always play off each other so well! Anyone else out there watch that series “Schitt’s Creek?” They are both on that series, as well as Levy’s son, who plays his son on the series. Got this for 4.
6. Government Programs – What does WIC stand for? Seven points.
7. Competitions – What player tied Stephen Curry’s record in the 2015 NBA 3-point contest? Brad and Geoff teamwork for 6 (nice work, guys!).
8. The News – Who served as anchor of “World News Tonight” on ABC from 1983 to 2005? And Geoff attempted to “race” me for writing down our answers for Mike the fastest. He’s competitive like that, that’s why we like having him on the team! You should have seen him at the last tournament, he was on fire in both mystery rounds and made such a great effort on that tough final question!
9. Honors – Psi Chi is the international honors society for the study of what? Close but no cigar, miss for 2.
10. Debut Albums – What American Idol winner released a debut album called “Some Hearts” in 2005? Brad and I teamed up here with success for 1.
Mystery: And this prompted a conversation between Mike and Brad about which “Flintstones” wife was hotter. The brunette turned out to be the winner. Yes we have such deep discussions on trivia night, don’t we? 🙂
Standings: Seven teams, scores 22 to 63, with The Billy the Squid Gang (aka us) in the top spot again. Izzy the Peeps trailed us by 9 points.
Final Category: Award Winners
With his win of best supporting actor Academy Award in 2012, what actor, at the age of 82, became the oldest person in Oscar history to win in any acting category? I knew this one and my team decided to believe me, even though I couldn’t name the movie he won for and was essentially only able to say “No, Ian McKellen isn’t that old,” and “Christopher Lee never won an Oscar.” Thanks for believing in me, (I love you guys)! We wagered a conservative 12 points, but that was enough to keep us in our top spot, since the top three teams all wagered less than 20. Had we known it was “Academy Awards” and not just the vague “awards” category, we probably would have wagered full points.
Standings: My Trivia Partner Thinks This is a Date, 48; Izzy and the Peeps, 70, and ‘Pods, 75.
Until next time, which will be the The HeidelbergTuesday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.. Our normal Monday trivia night at Powell’s Pub is canceled for Memorial Day, so we will take Monday off! Or will we? Could we possibly hit up another Sporcle Ypsilanti trivia spot on Monday? Who knows! We’ll see where our moods take us. Maybe we will visit a trivia spot near YOU. If it’s not canceled, of course.. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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