Trivia Recap – May 4, 2016 – Heidelberg

Hi, it’s H.R. here, one of the “admins” for this page. I thought using initials instead of my name would make me sound more CEO-ish than my actual name, which I’ve always thought was kind of an ’80s bimbo name. My trivia teammate Dave even made a snide remark at a trivia tournament last fall when I mentioned having my bimbo moments in the ’80s, and he said “So how has that changed?” Uh huh…I’ve been accused of being far worse things than a bimbo, Dave! πŸ™‚ So Tuesday I visited The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M., was running a little later than usual, but my favorite booth was empty when I arrived. The one with the “Stuttgart” sign on the wall with the horse. I love pronouncing German words – it’s such a harsh, yet lovely language. So many consonants – and so many different ways to say “the.” It’s a cozy trivia scene at Heidelberg with only about 5-7 teams or fewer on an average night. Most of the players appear to be close to being young enough to be my spawn. It’s always amusing to hear these millennials agonizing over questions that are cake for the “old folks” like me. I recognized the voice of a particular game show host in an audio clue before he dropped several other hints as to his identity (none of which seemed to be helpful to this young crowd). But when questions about recent pop songs come up? They can revel in their youngness! I wound up finishing in first for the night with a mere 104 points. Yes, I know it’s not the most competitive trivia spot out there, but since it was a solo game, I’ll take it! I won one second place prize in game one, blew the game two final by basically losing a coin toss. Guess I don’t know everything about the ’80s after all! And the questions…
1. Song Titles – According to the title of a 1978 Queen single, who makes the “rockin’ world go ’round?” For extra point, name Queen’s guitarist. Got both for 10.
2. Families – In contrast to the extended family, what is the common name for a family unit including two parents and their children? Nine points.
3. Voices – Actor John C. Reilly voiced a title character from what 2012 animated film? Eight points.
4. Dancing – What word that sounds like a type of bug describes early 20th century swing dancing? Another “stumper” for the millennials, got this for 7.
5. YouTube – Tay Zonday is best known for a 2007 viral YoutTube video of what original song? Cake question for millennials? No clue, miss for 1.
6. Bones – Which of the following bones is the most commonly broken bone in the human body? Ulna, trapezium, fibula, or clavicle? Nope, miss for 2.
7. World Records – In which track and field event did Jesse Owens hold a world record? this is an abridged version of the question. Bet my teammate Geoff would know this…miss for 3.
.8. The Simpsons (yes!!!) – What regular character was born with the first name Herschel? Six points.
9. Book Series – What was the name of author Sue Grafton’s most recent book to appear on the New York Times Bestseller list? She was the one who writes the “alphabet” crime books. Miss for 4.
10. Automobiles – What now defunct car brand had models including Topaz, Villager and Mountaineer? Five points. Also Tracer, Grand Marquis, Sable….you win the “I Spy” game if you actually see a Mercury Tracer! Not the most common car out there.
Mystery – Identify the people based on the following clues. Must include first and last name. The people’s initials will make up the letters of a metal band headed by Dave Mustaine.
1. First Lady from 1953-1961
2. Former NBA point guard nicknamed Agent Zero
3. Racecar driver called Intimidator
4. Actor who played Charlie Wilson, Captain Phillips and Josh Baskin. These are not the names that were actually given, I was just too lazy to check Google for the spellings of the names that were given. But this was an easy clue that everyone got anyway…how many actors have those initials? OK, maybe that guy who played “Bane” in the “Dark Knight Rises.” Disappointing movie…Mike and Sam, two of my trivia teammates, spent nearly an entire day talking like this guy. You had to be there, but it was pretty funny…Missed #2 (darn sportsball questions…grrr!).
Standings: Seven teams, scores 38 to 59 with regular “soloist” What The Shibboleth in first. I was third behind him and Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem with 55 points.
Final Category: Populations
Among the top ten most populous cities in the United States in the year 1900, only three of them were NOT in the Eastern Time Zone. Name two of those three cities. This was an easy one, every team got it right – but it all boiled down to wagering.
Final standings: Pods, 75; WTS, 79.
Game Two
1. Gemstones – Opal and tourmaline are both birthstones of which month? What? I miss a birthstones question? This is supposed to be “chick” stuff! Dang….miss for 4.
2. NFL Draft – In 2016, five OSU players were in the NFL draft. Which team chose an OSU player first, in the third round? And for extra point, which player was the first OSU player to be chosen? I put “Team Sporcle/ Josh M.” Desperation…miss for 1. Sportsball (shakes fist)!
3. Band Names – What funk band led by George Clinton has a name that sounds like a legislative body? And the millennial group behind me agonized a bit over this one…10 points.
4. Star Wars – In “The Empire Strikes Back,” what are the last two words spoken by Han Solo before he is frozen in carbonite? Nine points.
5. Technology – What iPod model was the first to be released? Nano, shuffle, mini, or touch? Nope, miss for 3.
6. Game Show Hosts – Audio clue of guy who was the evil game show host in “Running Man.” Great movie…so much spandex. Mick Fleetwood and Dweezil Zappa share screen time. A rarity indeed… eight points.
7. Tea – What kind of tea takes its name from the Chinese word for “dragon? Seven points.
8. Forests – Tonto National Forest is located in what state that borders Mexico? Nope, miss for 2.
9. Clothing – What is the name for a sash worn with tuxedos sometimes called a “crumb catcher?” Had to wear one of these in high school marching band. It had velcro…five points.
10. Mythical Creatures – What is the name for a creature whose back half is horse and the front half is eagle? I was half right….boo, miss for 6. Ouch!
Mystery: #3 picked wrong song by this band.
Standings – Six teams, scores 10 to 50, with Drinking Team/Trivia Problem in first. I was right behind this six-person team with 49 points.
In the 1980s, U.S. Army Captain Linda Bray became the first woman in history to lead American troops into battle during the invasion of what country?
Thought about the country my husband lived in around that time, but went with another, smaller one in the same vicinity instead. Miss…
Standings: Drinking Team/Trivia Problem, 30; Puddle Paddle Battle, 38 (wise zero bet). Will be doing the “Generation Double X” gig tonight at a local watering hole/trivia spot. As always, Go Pods!


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