Trivia Recap – May 8, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Hey all y’all. H.R. (me) and two of my “homies” Mike and Brad visited YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle and Shine with Emily tonight. One first place prize, 136 points for the night. Should have wagered on that “hall of fame” final in game two. Live ‘n learn…And the questions! Representin’ ‘Pods were H.R. (that moniker just might stick!), Mike and Brad. Welcome back, Mike!
Game One
1. Wayne’s World – In the 1992 film “Wayne’s World,” what three-word phrase do Wayne and Garth initially say after meeting Alice Cooper backstage? Ten points.
2. NFL Mascots – Which NFL team uses an official mascot named Benicio del Toro? KIDDING. We meant to say “Toro?” Brad nails this for 9.
3. Audio – Identify the lead singer from the “All of My Love” clue from 1979. Me for eight.
4. Dessert – What baked dish shares its name with a traditional occupation involving shoe making? Seven points. Shoes made of this dessert are really tasty, but not so comfortable…
5. Exercise – (really, a trivia question about this posed to the most sedentary creatures imaginable)? Tony Horton is best known for advertising and creating what exercise program that has spawned several sequels? Nope, miss for 1.
6. Marine Life – the Narwhal is closely related to what other type of whale which lacks a dorsal fin and is also known as the sea canary? This is when having a zoologist on the team comes in handy, yay Brad, six points.
7. TV Jobs – What is the primary occupation of Zoe Deschanel’s “New Girl” character? And for extra point, what is her first name? Was I supposed to watch this? I watched one episode of this show because Prince appeared in the episode. Happened after the Super Bowl once. Time dragged waiting for his highness to appear…ugh so much cuteness and insipid dialogue. This show? Uh, no. Miss for 2.
8. Politics – Who was the final person to serve as British Prime Minister in the 20th century? Yay me. for knowing a politics answer, three points.
9. Websites – Founded in 2006, is a searchable database for what? Five points.
10. Populations – After Brazil, what is the most populous nation in the world starting with the letter “b?” Yay Mike for 4. Sporcle quiz guru…
Mystery: Things that contain the word “cold”
1. Ice cream chain based in Arizona
2. Term for tension between Eastern and Western bloc countries after World War 2
3. 2003 horror film starring Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone
4. 1989 single by Tone Loc that reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts
Missed #3. Every other team in contention probably missed this one too.
Standings: Umpires Strike Back, 38; Team 4, 48; Darn Piggies, 52; Wolverhogs, 56; Diane’s G’s, 59; Snow Spiders, 61; and Pods, 62.
Final Category: Fictional Places
The Iron Islands, The Stormlands, The Reach and Westerlands are four of the regions collectively known by what somewhat paradoxical numerical name? Brad all over this….
Final standings: Team Two, 79 (moved up from third), ‘Pods, 82. Yay Brad you are the game one MVP WOOT!
Game Two
1. Entertainers – What man, known for dancing and choreography, played Ben Stevenson on what short-lived ’90s sitcom bearing his name? We put “Dick Van Dyke 2: Electric Boogaloo” in a lame attempt for a “pity point.” Seriously I could not get Bob Fosse out of my head, even though he died far earlier.
2. Cards – A card game known as “Patience” in the U.K. is known as what card game in the U.S.? Miss for 4. Totally H.R.’s fault. Balls…I AM OWNING THIS, YOU ASSHOLES! SO SORRY! 🙂
3. State Capitals – At a distance of 31 miles, what state capital is closest to Washington, D.C.? Shoulda wagered higher. got this for 5.
4. Acting Resumes – What actress appeared in “Hancock,” “Men of Honor,” and “The Astronaut’s Wife” Were there any other females in that first one? Ten points.
5. Advertising – What American company has used the slogan, “When you Care Enough to Send the Very Best?” Nine.
6. Sportsball Awards – Which major sports league awards its champion the Larry O’Brien Award to which major sports team? And for nerd bonus, which team most recently won this? YAY BRAD YOU ROCK, we got both for 3.
7. Solar System – What small Saturnian moon is named after the Greek god of shepherds who is depicted with the legs and horns of a goat? Eight points.
8. Singers – What singer, who passed away in 1995 at the age of 23, was known as the queen of Tejano? Seven..
9. Kids’ Books – In the classic children’s book “Caps for Sale,” what type of animal steals caps from salesman while sleeping under a tree? Educated guess for 2.
10. Time Zones – Which U.S. time zone is also the time zone used for the majority of Mexico? Fail for 6. And we even tried re-racking (we has the dumb).
Visual Mystery: Got all of these.
Standings: Team Two, 28; Team 4, 32; Wolverhogs, 45; Snow Spiders/Darn Piggies/Pods 54; Diane’s G’s, 54; and Umpires Strike Back, 64.
Final Category: Hall of Fame
Name two of the three MLB franchises Reggie Jackson played for during his career besides the New York Yankees. We wagered zero but would have wound up knowing both of them, I knew one of them because of “The Naked Gun.” Really, is there anything these silly movies CAN’T do? They make you laugh, they teach you fun trivial facts. Oh well…
Standings – Diane’s G’s, 75; Umpires Strike Back, 76. Until next time, which as a “team” will be Original Gravity Brewing Co. As always, Go Pods!


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